Bringing 'these authors of sedition' to justice, 1646
HLRO Main Papers (13 August 1646)

To the right ho[noura]ble Edward Earle of Manchester, Speaker of the right Hono[ura]ble ye House of Peers

The humble petic[i]on of Robert Eles

That yo[u]r pet[itione]r being by yo[u]r hono[ur] & a Com[mit]tee of Lords imployed for ye Suppressing of Seditious bookes having not w[i]th out much danger & great charges taken a Presse and lettres that printed London's Last Warning, A Remonstrance to ye House of Com[m]ons & an Alarum to ye House of Lords etc and all or most of Lilburne's booke, wherein your Hono[u]rs deceased father, and many other Ho[noura]ble Lordes have beene vilified, scandalized & abused, and ye people incenst & animated to Rebell ag[ains]t their lawfull Magistrates; And having taken one Overton an Anabaptist ye Printer, Publisher and dispenser of these Libells, and ye Author of divers other Seditious bookes, written against Church governm[en]t & in derision of ye Synod of Divines, Calling him selfe Martin Marr-Preist the Metropolitan, lately Committed by yo[u]r Hono[u]rs to Newgate; yo[u]r pet[itione]r having since undergone much damage by this Factious Rout, being sett uppon in ye open street, drag[ge]d along to a Justice being of ye same Faction, and in contempt of yo[u]r Hono[u]rs warrant, uniustly imprisoned, & bound over to ye Sessions, having large Fees exacted from him, yo[u]r pet[itione]r being Scoffd & derided for his faithfull service to yo[u]r Hono[u]rs, and since by ye Company of Stationers envyed for doing that service, w[hi]ch (had they beene honest men) should have beene done by themselves, And since by some of them in a flouting manner hath beene told, That, now yo[u]r pet[itione]rs great friend (meaning ye ever Honoured Earle of Essex) was gone, And they would shortly order yo[u]r pet[itione]r well enough. Yet for all this, yo[u]r pet[itione]r being noe wayes discouraged from doing his dutie w[i]th all faithfullnes, according to your Hono[u]rs Commaunds, is resolved till death to prosecute ye same in vindication of your Hono[u]rs, and bringing these Authors of Sedition to deserved Justice, as ere long shall appeare to yo[u]r Hono[u]rs

Humbly beseeching yo[u]r hono[u]r to dispatch ye Gratuity, w[hi]ch it shall please your Hono[u]rs to Conferre upon yo[u]r unworthie servant, being necessitated to desire ye same, aswell as for ye incouragem[en]t of ye poore man that is still imployed by yo[u]r Hono[u]rs Command, as for ye Supplying of yo[u]r pet[itione]rs present necessities

And hee shall ever pray etc

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