Letter concerning heritable jurisdictions, 1748
Catalogue reference: SP 54/38/50, p. 275

My Lord
I have the honour to be appointed by his Majesty, Shereff Depute of the Shere of Wigton, But do not know by whose unsollicited [sic] & disinterested freindship [sic],I have been represented to his Majesty as a person worthy of this mark of his Royal favour & confidence, So am left to confine my gratitude & thankfullnes to his Majesty only, In a situation which perhaps is not common, I have presumed to give your Grace the trouble of this Letter to signify that I have the warmest sense of his Majestys goodnes And that I shall execute the office committed to me With a Suitable Zeal for his Majestys service & the good of the Subject to the utmost of my power.
At the same time I beg leave to inform your Grace, that were not this the beginning of a new aera to Jurisdictions in this part of the Island, I shou'd have had difficulty to undertake this imployment, To be for at least four months in a year confined to a County far removed from Ed[inbu]r[gh], And from my own Estate to which a retirement is exceeding agreeable, are inconveniences not to be ballanc'd by a Salary tho' much above what is annexed to this office. But as I have long been of opinion That the Abolishing the heritable Jurisdictions was a step proper to be taken in order to make the meanest subject feel and relish the influences of liberty, And from my having spent sometime in acquiring a little knowledge into these matters, was called by his Majestys Advocate to be his Assistant in the late inquiry concerning these Jurisdictions now abolishd; I should think it highly indecent now when the change is to commence, upon account of any inconveniencies, to decline taking a part in bringing so good a Law to execution and satisfying the people that this new thing is greatly for their benefit. These particulars I have taken the liberty to mention to your Grace chiefly with a view to prevent it's being thought owing to ficklenes or unconstancy if after things are Brought in to a Settled State hereafter I shou'd humbly beg leave to resign. I am with the greatest respect
My Lord
Your Graces most obedient & most humble
Alex Boswel
Ed[inbu]r[gh] March 26 1748.

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