The Birmingham family lose their manor
Catalogue reference: C 65/146, no. 23

An Act concerning the Assurance of the Maner of Byrmingham to the King's Highnes and his heirs.

Where Edward Byrmingham late of Byrmingeham in the County of Warwyke, Esquyer otherwise called Edward Byrmingeham squire is and stondeth lawfully endetted to our sovereign lorde the King in dyverse greate sommes of money and also stondeth at the mercye of his Highnes for that the same Edward is and stondeth at this present time convicted of ffelony.

Our said sovereign lorde the King ys contentyd and pleased that for and in recompense and satisfaction to his grace of the sayde sommes of money to accept and take of the said Edward the maner and lordshyp of Byrmingham otherwise called Byrmingeham with the appurtenances lyeing and being in the county of Warwyke and all and syngular landes tenements pencions, rents, servicys and heredytaments of the sayde Edward Brymingeham. Be it therefore ordeyned and enacted by th'aucthoryte of this present Parliament that our sovereign lorde the King shall have holde and enjoye to hym his heyres and assigns for ever the sayde maner and lordship of Byrmingeham.

And moreover our seyde sovereign lord the Kyng of his most habundant grace and charytable disposition ys contented and pleased that it be ordeyned and enacted by th'aucthoryte of this present Parliament that the said Edward Birmingham be, shall be, and stand from henceforth pardoned remitted released and discharged against our said sovereign lord of all and singular murders, manslaughters robberies rapes and ffelonies by him before this present time committed or done.

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