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Transcript - Document 4

The answer of Nicholas Porter and others in Star Chamber.

(Catalogue reference: STAC 2/14 folio 10)

  1. The Ansuer of Nycholas Porter Clerk Wyllyam Nayler and Wyllyam
  2. Wheler to the byll of Compleynt brought in the names of John Ed & Edythe hys wyf
  3. The seyd Nycholas Porter Wyllyam Nayler and Wyllyam Wheler sayn and ev[er]y of them sayth that
  4. the seyd byll of Compleynt ys inc[er]ten and insuffycyent in the lawe and that theseyd John Ed
  5. at the tyme of exhybytyng of theseyd byll of Compleynt had not nor yet hath any wyf
  6. called Edythe Wherfore they prayen that theseyd byll of Compleynt may abate and theseyd
  7. defendantes further sayen and ev[er]y of them sayth that they be not nor any of them ys gylty
  8. of theseyd ryout or ryotouse demeano[u]r especyfyed in theseyd byll of Compleynt nether of any
  9. Iniury or Wrong supposed by theseyd byll to be comytted agenst theseyd John Ed and Edythe
  10. nor of any part therof nor of any act don agenst the peace of oure sov[er]eign Lord the kyng
  11. in man[er] and fourm as in theseyd byll of Compleynt ys surmytted Whyche matters theseyd
  12. defendantes shall averr as thys Court shall award and prayen to be dysmyssed out of
  13. the same wyth their resonable cost[es] and damage[es] in thys behalf susteyned etc
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