Corporate Details

Consett Iron Co Ltd, colliery , iron and steel manufacturers

GB/NNAF/C102564   (Former ISAAR ref: GB/NNAF/B9584)

Location of Related Collections
Scope1839-1967: corporate, accounting, production, staff, property and misc records
RepositoryCorus Northern Regional Records Centre
NRA catalogue referenceNRA 35688 Consett
Other referenceseeHMC Records of British business and industry 1760-1914 metal processing and engineering, 1994
Scope1879-1947: agreements rel to working conditions, wages book, registers rel to employment, personal injury reports & accident report books, annual and half yearly reports, misc letter, plans and papers
RepositoryDurham County Record Office
Record ReferenceNCB 2/5, 3/16-18, 13/19-56, 15/264-6, 19/2/4
NRA catalogue referenceNRA 19490 NCB Durham
Scope1864-1978: financial and legal records
RepositoryDurham County Record Office
Record ReferenceD/Co link to online catalogueexternal link - opens in a new window
Other referenceseeAnnual Return 2002
Scope1957-68: staff magazines
RepositoryDurham County Record Office
Record ReferenceAcc No 7834
Other referenceseeAnnual Return 2011

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