Corporate Details

Ruston & Hornsby Ltd, agricultural and general engineers, engine builders and boilermakers

Ruston Bucyrus Ltd (Later known as)
Ruston Proctor (Formerly known as)

GB/NNAF/C99601   (Former ISAAR ref: GB/NNAF/B6545)

Location of Related Collections
Scope1854-1963: registers, financial and production records, letter books, catalogues, test and engineering data and corresp; drawings
RepositoryLincolnshire Archives
NRA catalogue referenceNRA 11143 Ruston
Other referenceseeLincs Archivists' Report 21, 1969-70, pp11-14
Scope1890-1966: annual reports, general meeting minutes and agreements
RepositoryNational Museums Liverpool: Maritime Archives and Library
Record ReferenceB/VF
NRA catalogue referenceNRA 29901 Vulcan Foundry
Other referenceseeHMC Records of British business and industry 1760-1914 metal processing and engineering, 1994
Scope1919-1974: articles of association, order book, drawings, publications
RepositoryMuseum of English Rural Life
Other referenceseeLA Ritchie, The Shipbuilding Industry, 1992
Scope1930-1960: drawing office register, report book, contract book, labour costs book
RepositoryLincolnshire Archives
Record ReferenceRUSTON
Other referenceseeGuide to Accessions 1984-97 (Business Records)
RepositoryNational Railway Museum Research Centre
Record Reference1996-7233
Other referenceseeAnnual Return 1996
Scope1923-1962: records incl product catalogues, specification sheets and records rel to the Ruston car
RepositoryLincolnshire Archives
Record ReferenceMISC DON 1467
Other referenceseeAnnual Return 2008
Scopec1920-59: promotional material, catalogues, newsletters, plans of works, photographs and records rel to company events
RepositoryLincolnshire Archives
Record ReferenceMISC DON 1518
Scopec1900-2000: photographs, scrap books, receipts, certificates
RepositoryLincolnshire Archives
Record ReferenceMISC DON 1642
Scope1936-1980: memorabilia
RepositoryLincolnshire Archives
Record ReferenceMISC DON 1722/1/13-15, 21-23

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