Historical Manuscripts Commission

Summary report on estate and family papers 14th-20th century

of the


preserved at 

Houghton Hall, Norfolk

(reference: GB-2477-Cholmondeley)

Listed by A Smith, February 1994
Historical Manuscripts Commission

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Note on access


Butler's bedroom

Muniment room

Room across corridor from Muniment room

Book room


Classified summary

Butler's bedroom

Muniment room

Other rooms

Principal related collections

Appendix one

Appendix two

Appendix three

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Note on access

Enquiries about access to these papers should be addressed to The Most Hon The Marquess of Cholmondeley, Cholmondeley Estates, 10 St James's Place, London SW1A 1NP.


The Walpole family was established at Houghton (Norfolk) in the thirteenth century. By the end of the sixteenth century it had, through marriage and purchase, acquired a compact landed estate (Houghton, Great Bircham, Bircham Newton, Harpley, Syderstone and West Rudham) in north-east Norfolk. This was worth about 800 a year in the time of Colonel Robert Walpole (died 1700), a notable agricultural improver. In 1697 Walpole bought the Pell family estates of Dersingham and West Winch (Norfolk), worth about 500 a year. Walpole also acquired a Suffolk estate (Rougham and Hessett, etc) through his marriage to Mary Burwell, daughter and heir of Sir Jeffrey Burwell of Rougham. The Suffolk estate was afterwards sold c1704-6 by Colonel Walpole's son, the prime minister Sir Robert Walpole (1676-1745), created Earl of Orford 1742. It was the prime minister who built the magnificent new mansion at Houghton as his principal residence between 1722 and 1735. He also extended the Norfolk estate by purchase, at Hickling, Crostwight, Scottow, Westwick and elsewhere.

The third Earl of Orford, the first Earl's grandson, was succeeded at his death in 1791 by his uncle Horatio Walpole (1717-97), fourth Earl of Orford. In 1797, on his death, the Houghton estate passed in accordance with the third Earl's will to George Cholmondeley (1749-1827), first Marquess of Cholmondeley, whose grandfather the third Earl of Cholmondeley had married Mary, daughter of the first Earl of Orford, in 1723. The Cholmondeley family were owners of extensive estates, mainly in Cheshire (centred on Cholmondeley Castle). During the nineteenth century Cholmondeley Castle was preferred as a residence by the family and Houghton Hall was usually unoccupied. Attempts were on occasions made to sell the Norfolk estate, which in 1883 comprised 16,995 acres worth 11,960 a year (similar in extent to the Cheshire estate of 16,992 acres, which, however, was worth 29,213 a year), but no sale in fact occurred. The family has retained its Norfolk estate, although somewhat reduced by sales since the First World War. Houghton Hall was favoured as a residence by Sybil (1894-1990), Marchioness of Cholmondeley, wife of the fifth Marquess, and daughter of Sir Edward Albert Sassoon, second Bt.

A west country estate was acquired by the second Earl of Orford (died 1751), the first Earl's son, through his marriage in 1724 to Margaret, daughter and heir of Samuel Rolle of Heanton Satchville (Devon), Baroness Clinton in her own right from 1760. The estate included several Devon manors (Hartleigh, Huntshaw, Merton, etc) and property at Puddletown (Dorset). The estate, and the barony of Clinton, was inherited by the third Earl of Orford (died 1791) but thereafter the barony and a portion of the estate devolved upon the Trefusis family, Barons Clinton, of Heanton Satchville. The Puddletown property, however, was inherited by the fourth Earl of Orford. When he died in 1797 it passed to his cousin Horatio Walpole, Baron Walpole of Wolterton (Norfolk), who was created Earl of Orford in 1806.

A brief inspection of the manuscripts in the Library and Muniment Room at Houghton Hall was made by the Commission in 1949 and a short report was drawn up then for the fifth Marquess of Cholmondeley. The inspection concentrated upon the papers of the first Earl of Orford. Partly as a result of this and partly as a result of the interest shown by the historian JH Plumb a considerable quantity of papers was deposited in Cambridge University Library in 1951. Besides the first Earl of Orford's own papers, this group included deeds, estate records for the eighteenth century and before, and family and miscellaneous papers. These were purchased by Cambridge University Library from the sixth Marquess of Cholmondeley in 1984. Some miscellaneous items have been returned to Houghton Hall (see Appendix three).

The present report describes the deeds, estate records and family papers which remain at Houghton Hall. These are kept principally in the Butler's Bedroom, where many historical papers from the Estate Office have been placed, and the Muniment Room. The Estate Office itself contains very recent or current papers only.

The Commission is most grateful to the Marquess of Cholmondeley for allowing the compiler of this report to visit Houghton Hall on 24-25 February 1994 and for his hospitality on that occasion. The compiler of this report is also obliged to David Yaxley, honorary archivist at Houghton Hall, for his invaluable assistance during the inspection and in connection with the completion of this report.

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Butler's bedroom

Beginning with the cupboard to the left of the door and proceeding clockwise around the room.

First cupboard

Dealing first with the volumes of Norfolk manorial records and then taking the other records in order from the top shelf down.

Manor court books (2) for Well Hall in Gayton 1558-1839, 1840-1919.

Manor court books (5) for Great Massingham 1670-1721, 1737-86, 1788-1814, 1817-60, 1861-1930.

Manor court book for Gurneys in Harpley 1700-1851; manor court book for Gurneys in Harpley and Calthorpes in Harpley 1851-1925.

Manor court books (2) for West Rudham Ferrers 1688-1807, 1819-1911.

Manor court book for Islington 1823.

Manor court books (6) for Grimston 1702-36, 1739-80, 1781-1805, 1807-73, 1874-1921, 1921-35.

Syderstone manor court books (5) 1631-3 and 1693-1727, 1737-55, 1757-1811, 1814-90, 1890-1947 and minute books (2) 1807-14, 1859-1923.

Manor court books (2) for Congham Rustens and Reedhalls 1673-1823, 1835-1919.

Manor court books (4) for West Winch 1689-1741, 1745-94, 1795-1881, 1882-1933.

Manor court books (3) for Finchams in West Winch 1659-1729, 1730-1817, 1817-1927.

Minute book for the manors of West Winch, Finchams in West Winch and Grimston 1807-14.

Anmer Hall, Castle Hall and Barefoots manor court book 1732-78.

Manor court books (5) for West Rudham Northhall 1695-1726, 1727-38, 1741-88, 1792-1882, 1883-1934.

West Rudham Ferrers and Northhall manorial minute book 1859-1925.

Bircham Newton alias Newton next Great Bircham court book 1660-1829 and minute book 1816-29.

Ingoldisthorpe Hall in Snettisham manor court book 1893-1906 and minute books (2) 1786-1856, 1872-1905.

Minute book for the manors of Shouldhams in Dersingham, Brookhall in Dersingham, West Rudham Ferrers and Northhall, Gurneys and Calthorpes in Harpley, Great Massingham and Bircham Newton 1807-30.

Quit rental book for West Winch, Grimston, Shouldhams and Brookhall in Dersingham, West Rudham Ferrers and Northhall, Gurneys and Calthorpes in Harpley, Great Massingham, Syderstone and Bircham Newton 1806.

Grimston manor court rolls (7) 1634-42, 1646-59, 1659-72, 1672-8, 1679-96, 1696-1708, 1708-20; Grimston manor rental 1650 (in cardboard box).

Plan of West Rudham from 25" OS map early 20th century.

Survey of Manor Farm, Harpley, early 20th century.

Survey of Grove and Hall Farms, West Rudham, early 20th century.

Survey of Town and Heath Farms, Great Bircham, early 20th century.

Survey of Moor and King's Head Farms, Great Bircham, early 20th century.

Survey of Bircham Church Farm and Pond Farm, Bircham Tofts, early 20th century.

Survey of Rectory Farm, Great Massingham, and Village and Hall Farms, Houghton early 20th century.

Houghton estate woods and waste book early 20th century.

Houghton estate tree felling and planting book 1923.

West Rudham gamekeeper's beat book 1939.

Houghton mansion repairs account book c1939.

Houghton and West Winch rental book 1833-51.

Crostwight estate survey book 1807.

Tracings (2) from OS map to show Houghton tenancies 1944, 1945.

Account of trees felled in Houghton woods and plantations 1874-83, 1876-96, 1883-1900 (3 volumes).

Printed index to OS map no date.

Notes for a diary of repairs to Houghton mansion 1916-68 (one folder).

List of tenancies on the Houghton estate mid-20th century.

Papers relating to improvements to cottages at Bunkers Hill 1976-8 (one folder)

Papers relating to electrical works, boilers, water supply, etc, at Houghton mansion 1907 (one folder).

Inventories (for the works department) of building and maintenance at Houghton mansion c1955-72.

Tenancy papers (Home Farm, Houghton) 1953-5, 1957; misc estate office papers relating to insurance, etc c1950-70; insurance papers 1970s (in a box file).

Houghton timber sales book 1877.

Form of tenancy agreement 1913.

Houghton timber valuation book 1954-8.

Bills of quantities for Houghton mansion staircase building, etc, 1972 (one volume).

Dissected reference (survey of acreages) for the Houghton estate for the resettlement of 1904 (one volume).

General reference for the Houghton estate for the resettlement of 1904 (one volume).

Papers relating to a schedule of tenancies on the Houghton estate 1954 (one file).

West Rudham tithe award and map 1831 (modern copy).

Coloured maps (2) of the Houghton estate c1804.

Harpley tithe award, with related papers, 1838 (one volume).

Harpley draft tithe apportionment 1838 (one volume).

Bircham Newton draft tithe apportionment, with related papers, 1838 (one volume).

Great Bircham draft tithe apportionment, with related papers, 1838 (one volume).

Bircham Tofts draft tithe apportionment, with related papers, 1838 (one volume).

Plan and particulars of the Grimston estate 20th century (one volume).

Calculation of tithe redemption annuities c1936 (one folder).

Receipt books (2) for Norfolk manorial payments 1892-1925, 1914-23.

Grimston enclosure award 1780 (one folder).

Houghton Holly Hill cottage building fund account book 1869-70.

Deeds, leases and papers relating mainly to the Harpley estate 17th-18th century, including deeds 1681 (by Francis Franklin), 1694, and 1741, bundle of Harpley conveyances (c12) 1721-3, leases 1650, 1721, will of John Wacey of Harpley 1691, and a packet of bills and papers relating to Mr Hook of Harpley 1720, with a letter of Agnes Porter of Harpley about these papers c1918 (one bundle, one packet and c30 loose items in a cardboard box).

West Winch verdict 1909; map of estates for sale 1886; copy of Grimston enclosure award 1780 (one packet).

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Second cupboard

Houghton opening publicity material, miscellaneous modern printed books, etc (no historical manuscripts found).

Shelves beside the second cupboard

The shelves run to the corner of the room and continue a short way along the next wall. Beginning with the top shelf of four.

Houghton game books c1874-1953 (22 volumes).

Account books (2) of game distributed 1927-30, 1938-41.

Volume recording gifts of game 1920-1.

Forester's labour account books (7) 1936-61, 1966-75.

Home Farm, Houghton, cash books (2) 1916-22.

Home Farm, Houghton, ledgers (5) 1917-28.

Home Farm, Houghton, cash books (2) 1922-34.

Home Farm, Houghton, ledger 1933-7.

Home Farm, Houghton, cash book 1934-42.

Home Farm, Houghton, ledger 1937-41.

Home Farm, Houghton, labour and wages account books (2) 1932-44.

Heath Farm, Great Bircham, cash book 1937-41.

Heath Farm, Great Bircham, ledgers (3) 1936-42.

Heath Farm, Great Bircham, labour account books (3) 1941-4.

Home Farm, Houghton, labour account book 1941-2.

Church Farm, Great Bircham, labour account book 1941-2.

Heath Farm, Great Bircham, labour account books (6) 1937-43.

Bircham Newton Farms labour account books (4) 1932-6.

Bircham Farms labour account books (5) 1936-42.

Farm account book (?Houghton) 1886.

Home Farm, Houghton, and Church and Heath Farms, Great Bircham, general account book 1940-2.

Bircham Newton Farms cash book 1927-34.

Bircham Newton Farms ledger 1927-35.

Bircham Newton Farms cash book 1934-42.

Bircham Farms ledgers (2) 1935-42.

Park Farm, Houghton, ledger 1944-56.

Farm ledger (?Park Farm, Houghton) 1958-64.

London household account book (Marquess of Cholmondeley) 1921-2.

Cholmondeley Estates Company Houghton estate cash book 1966-7.

Earl of Rocksavage's timber account book 1956-64.

London household account book (Marquess of Cholmondeley) 1919.

Cholmondeley Estates Company Houghton estate cash book 1973-5.

Bircham Farms labour account book 1937-8.

Account book for materials supplied from the estate 1947-59.

Cholmondeley Estates Company number 1 account book 1968-74.

Houghton Social Club account book 1948-53.

Cholmondeley Estates Company petty cash book 1975-6.

Farm rental book (all farms) 1940-50.

Rent account book (Marquess of Cholmondeley's East Anglican estate) 1836-69.

Houghton Holly Hill cottage building fund account book 1857-71.

Houghton wine cellar books (3) 1914-19, 1916-29, 1935-66.

Unused volume.

Houghton estate account book 1973-6.

Cholmondeley Estates Company general ledger 1976-8.

Rental book (estate farms) c1919-20.

Houghton Social Club minute book 1947-59.

Cash book (unused).

Rate valuations book 1928-33.

Houghton Social Club bar takings 1928-58 (one volume) and ledgers (2) 1944-8, 1936-44.

Houghton estate petty cash book 1916-18.

Houghton estate tree book 1948-59.

Houghton estate tree planting book c1939-42.

Houghton household furniture inventory book 20th century.

Houghton cottage gardens tree inventory book 20th century.

Inventory of Town plantation (trees) 1932 (one volume).

Bircham gamekeeper's beat account book c1940-1.

Unused volume.

Bircham gamekeeper's beat account book c1939-41.

Docket books (2) for travel permits on the estate 1920s.

Timber valuation book 1941-51.

Printed ready reckoner (Hoppus's Measurer) no date (one volume).

Great Bircham cottages memorandum book c1912.

Houghton cottages memorandum book c1912.

Printed copy of Tithe Act 1936 (one volume).

Printed tithe conversion tables (6) 1909-33.

Bircham Newton, Bircham Tofts, Harpley and West Rudham cottages memorandum book c1912.

Houghton timber sales books (3) 1912-13, 1945-50, 1947-8.

Allotment book 1921.

Cottage gardens competition judge's marks book 1919.

Houghton Social Club Rules and Byelaws 1905 (printed volume).

Cholmondeley Working Men's Club Rule Book no date (printed volume).

Sealed packet endorsed 'Lord Cholmondeley and Houghton Social Club 1928'

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Next shelf down

Houghton estate (including West Winch from 1873) rental, income and expenditure books 1853-1917, that for 1870-1 including executors' accounts of the Marquess of Cholmondeley (133 volumes).

Next shelf down

Houghton estate 'general ledger' and cash books 1917-45 (84 volumes).

Bottom shelf

Houghton estate 'general ledger' and cash books 1946-54 (27 volumes).

Series of rentals and account books for the Houghton estate (36 volumes), comprising:

Rental 1834;

Payments 1836;

Rental 1836;

Expenditure 1836;

Receipts 1836;

Rental 1837;

Expenditure 1837;

Rental 1838;

Expenditure 1838;

Receipts 1838-9;

Rental 1839;

Expenditure 1839;

Receipts 1840;

Expenditure 1840;

Rental 1840;

Expenditure 1840;

Rental 1841;

Expenditure 1841;

Rental 1841;

Rental 1842;

Rental 1843;

Expenditure 1843;

Rental 1844;

Receipts 1844;

Rental 1845;

Expenditure 1845;

Rental 1846;

Rental and expenditure 1847;

Rental and expenditure 1849;

Payments 1844-8;

Receipts 1842-4;

Expenditure 1842-4;

Rental and expenditure 1848;

Rental and expenditure 1850;

Rental and expenditure 1851.

Farm rental books (10) 1915-19, 1920-40.

Cottages, etc, rental books (18) 1915-61, that for 1919-20 including farm rentals.

Account book of quarterly statements (Marquess of Cholmondeley's account) 1877-83.

Account book for 'material supplied from departments' 1934-40.

Houghton general estate receipts and payments ledger 1919-20.

Burnham Norton, Overy, Heacham, Snettisham and Dersingham drainage charges (payments) ledger (Earl of Orford) 1917-18.

West Winch rentals, cash books and ledgers (2) 1916-18, 1919-22.

Houghton estate receipts ledger 1919-21.

Houghton estate receipts and expenditure book 1920-1.

Houghton estate woods journal 1913-15.

Houghton estate saw mill journal 1913-15.

Houghton estate hall office minute book 1898-1906.

Winch cottages memorandum book c1925.

Inventory of the movement of household effects between Houghton and London 1951-65 (one volume).

Executorship accounts (William Jones in account with the Marquess of Cholmondeley) 1840-2 (2 volumes), including Cheshire estate accounts.

Houghton tenancy agreements (11) 1905-40.

Houghton estate letter books (9) c1911-19.

Houghton estate income and expenditure account book mainly 1953-5, but with some entries for 1975.

Houghton Social Club bar receipts book 1946-50.

Account books (2) of produce and materials supplied 1920-33, 1940-7.

Estate journal 1920-1 (barely used).

Park Farm, Houghton, ledger 1956-64.

Farms rental book 1950-77.

Houghton poultry book 1956-8.

Houghton estate cash book 1961-5.

Houghton estate hall office minute book 1888-94.

Cottages account book (mainly repairs) 1930-8.

Farms account book (mainly expenses) c1941-52.

Cottages account book 1939-52.

Farms account books (2) c1931-7, c1937-9.

Home Farm and farms in hand ledger 1941-4.

Houghton estate cottages rental 1961-75.

Account book, mainly farms but including mansion repairs, c1953-64.

Houghton rental and estate expenditures account book 1971-3.

Houghton estate rental book 1919-20.

Cottages account book 1953-64.

General ledger (mansion, game, dairy, supplies for the household, etc) 1930-55.

Home Farm, Houghton, ledger 1928-33.

Houghton estate hall office minute books (3) 1895-8, 1906-19.

General estate and household account book 1969-74.

Farms cash book (Heath and Park Farms and farms in hand) 1941-58.

Deer book 1916-43.

Houghton estate rental books (12) 1836-40, 1842-4, 1846-7, 1849, 1851.

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In the corner beneath the shelves

Insurance policies and papers c1975 (one bundle).

Papers relating to Houghton Shop 1987-9 (one box file).

Houghton game book 1953-64.

Recent publicity material for Houghton mansion opening to the public.

Third cupboard

This contains no historical papers.

Fourth cupboard

This is nailed up and presumed to be empty.

Fifth cupboard (on wall opposite the door)

The cupboard is divided into an upper and lower level, the lower level containing a plans cabinet. Access to the records in the upper level was very difficult to achieve in the time available and the following description of them is no more than a rough outline. Beginning with the upper level.

Houghton estate vouchers c1940-60 (c50 binder files).

Home Farm and farms in hand vouchers c1936-46 (c12 binder files).

Statements and reports, papers relating to timber sales, land sales, woods, the East Anglia Electricity Company, the Marquess of Cholmondeley's finances, etc, 20th century (15 blue box files to left hand side of cupboard; further boxes and packets behind these apparently contain similar material).

Legal and miscellaneous papers 19th-20th century (5 packets, lying on top of the blue box files), comprising legal papers relating to Harpley (Marquess of Cholmondeley versus Norman) 1886, etc (one packet), Syderstone Warren prosecution papers 1914, with Syderstone farm lease 1839 (one large packet), estate correspondence 1955-66 (2 packets) and papers relating to the Marquess of Cholmondeley's studio at Kensington Palace Gardens ?mid 20th century (one packet).

Estate office files and papers 20th century, including tenancy papers from early 20th century, Syderstone, Grimston and Great Massingham sales papers 1921, tithe apportionment account and papers relating to West Winch early 20th century, estate correspondence 1916, and papers relating to valuations and sales 1912, Bircham Newton sales 1932 and sales to the Crown 1945, etc (c36 files and several packets in 3 cardboard boxes towards the front and middle of the cupboard).

Estate office papers 19th-20th century, including papers relating to taxation, Houghton church, tithes, insurance policies, financial affairs, tenancy agreements, Bircham Newton sales c1930-50, and the lease of the estate to the Earl of Rocksavage (c15 blue and brown box files to right hand side of the cupboard).

Plans cabinet comprising two drawers at the top with six shelves underneath, and some items lying loose on top. Beginning with the upper drawer.

Miscellaneous drawings and plans (19 rolls) for Houghton mansion and estate from c1950, including Village Farm House (?Houghton) 1963, Grove Farm House (West Rudham) 1956, Number 30 Houghton 1964, Harpley Cottages (Numbers 1, 2, 11) ?1960s, Number 28 Houghton 1963, Bunkers Hill Cattle Farm extension 1975, Estate Office and Home Farm (Houghton) 1957, Number 13 Houghton 1963, Forester's Lodge 1966, North Lodge 1956, 23 and 24 The Street (Houghton) ?1960s, Houghton mansion ?1960s, Houghton mansion bathroom wall tiling no date, North colonnade 1953, North Tower sundial no date, mansion floor plans, School House 1957, etc (upper drawer).

Plans, drawings and elevations largely for Houghton mansion and estate office mainly 20th century, including Houghton school no date, Houghton Estate Office 1915-16, Number 2 (West Rudham) no date, West Rudham allotments 1912, Village Farm (Houghton?) 1914 and plans by Sir Edwin Lutyens 1929, AH Munro, WHG Ansell, Ransomes of Ipswich, William Adams, architect, King's Lynn, etc, mainly for the mansion, of which many are by WA Leach, clerk of works at Houghton late 1920s (large quantity, in lower drawer).

OS maps marked to show the Cholmondeley estate in Norfolk c1886-20th century (on the six remaining shelves of the plans cabinet).

OS maps for the Norfolk estate and drawings and plans for estate buildings, etc 19th-20th century, including Harpley plan and survey 1871, Harpley Lands 1888, college lands at Harpley (2) ?mid 19th century, Syderstone churchyard 1880, Houghton tithe award and plan 1839 (copy), Houghton mansion plan 1929, roof trusses over stone hall saloon no date, main entrance of Bylaugh Hall (Norfolk) no date and proposed gates and fencing for Professor Nikolaus Pevsner (Cliffe Pypard churchyard, Wiltshire) 1968, with a rolled, linen backed Harpley estate plan in very poor condition c1720 (loose on top of the plans cabinet).

Estate office files (c12) probably 1950s and plan of tree plantations 20th century (out of reach at the back of the cupboard to the right of the plans cabinet).

Estate office papers (invoices, bills, receipts, etc) late 1970s-early 1980s (cardboard box in front of the plans cabinet).

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Sixth cupboard

The upper cupboard is empty; the lower is locked and said to be empty.

Standing to right of sixth cupboard in the corner of the room

OS map 1st edition for Bircham Newton, etc (large rolled plan).

OS map for West Rudham, etc (large rolled plan).

OS map for Norfolk estate (large rolled plan).

Three boxes on floor in middle of room, near to the table

Large quantity of general and estate bills and receipts 1940s (first metal box).

Plans and papers 19th-20th century, including drawings, plans and estimates for Great Newton Rectory 1870-1, for Park Farm 1970s and for Number 1 West Rudham 1959, 'old beat maps' (not inspected), beat maps 1953, etc, planning applications and plans for estate farms 1960s, plans of properties sold 20th century, and recent plans and papers relating to Number 36 Houghton, Anmer Road sheds, Bunkers Hill and proposed studio at West Rudham for Mr Raymond Leppard (c15 bundles in second metal box).

Miscellanous papers relating to Houghton shop, miscellaneous financial papers, etc, 1970s-80s (in a cardboard box).

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Muniment room

Cupboard to right hand of door (first cupboard)

Beginning with the papers which have been classified in the M (manorial and estate) series.


(a) Survey of Dersingham manors 1804.

(b) Rough map, unidentified estate, no date.

(c) Tracing of part of a map of Great Bircham no date.

(d) Tracing of part of a map of Harpley no date.

(e) Catalogues (not found February 1994).

(f) Additions to Houghton insurance book (lists of pewter) 1904.

(g) Houghton estate map ?19th century (not found February 1994).


(a) Map of drainage in Wormegay, Shouldham, Runcton, etc, no date.

(b) Now M26.

(c) Castle Rising burgages book 1714.


(a) Rough field plans (5), including one of Great Bircham, no date.

(b) Tracings (6) of Great Bircham maps no date.

(c) Tracing of West Rudham map no date.

(d) Tracing of Bircham Newton map no date.

(e) Tracing of Bircham Tofts map no date.

(f) Tracing of Great Massingham map no date.

(g) Letter relating to the building of Docking Union Poor House 1835.

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Rental book for East Ruston 1742-5, 1747-9, 1750-3 and manors in Crostwight, Walcot, Honing, Worstead, Sloley, Brunstead and Stalham 1742-53.


(a) Plans (c14) of farms on Houghton estate 19th-20th century.

(b) Survey and valuation of land in Dersingham and Great Bircham early 19th century.

(c) Now K23.


(a) Crostwight estate accounts 1724-5.

(b) Great Massingham valuation 19th century.

(c) Norfolk estate audit 1834.

(d) Bircham Newton field book 1720.

(e) Miscellaneous estate letters 1836.

(f) Plan of Great Massingham glebe lands no date.

(g) Houghton, Great Bircham, Bircham Newton, Bircham Tofts and Brunsthorpe valuation early 19th century.

(h) Estate accounts and balance sheets early 19th century.

(i) Not allocated.

(j) Table of reference for Bircham Tofts 1720.

(k) Further table of reference for Bircham Tofts 1720.

(l) Table of reference for Houghton 1720.

(m) Houghton field book 1720.

(n) Schedule of Harpley glebe lands no date.

(o) Farm accounts 1834-5.

(p) Houghton estate rental book 1833-5.

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(a) Letter from E Chadwick about workhouse 1835.

(b) Bircham Tofts field book 1720, 1735.

(c) Estate letters 1835 (one bundle).

(d) Receipts 1798 (one bundle) (not found February 1994).

(e) Papers (4) relating to tithe and glebe lands in Bircham Tofts, Bircham Newton, Great Bircham and Great Massingham c1838.

(f) Labour account book 1836.

(g) Audit papers 1833.

(h) Bircham Newton field book 1720, 1753.

(i) Not allocated.

(j) Houghton estate rental 1834.

(k) Bircham Tofts rental 1626 (not found February 1994).

(l) Estate letters and accounts c1830-9 (one envelope).

(m) Houghton estate field book c1835.

(n) Survey and valuation of Dersingham and Great Bircham ?early 19th century.

(o) Rough map of Norfolk (Cholmondely) estate no date (not found February 1994).

(p) Book of estimates of repairs necessary to cottages 1829.

(q) Houghton estate field book c1835.

(r) Houghton estate rental book 1816-21.

(s) Indenture of agreement, West Rudham 1715.

(t) Indenture, advowson of Grimston rectory 1720.

(u) Estate account 1800.

(v) Printed rules of Smithdon and Brothercross Friendly Society 1838.

(w) Printed volume relating to an emigration society 1838.

(x) Printed volume of proposals for the preservation of the colonies by J Bennett 1736.

(y) Massingham rent receipt 1801.

(z) Paper relating to cottages given up by Mr Abbing no date.

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Rentals c1800-35 (one bundle).


Personal and family accounts, vouchers, bills and receipts late 18th-early 19th century, 4 packets).


(a) Rent agreements 19th century (one bundle).

(b) Agreements 19th century (one bundle).

(c) Syderstone tithe award ?1838 (fragment).

(d) Book of bills for estate repairs 1843.

(e) Book of bills for estate repairs 1846.

(f) Cottage rents accounts 1846.

(g) Books (2) of bills (?estate repairs) c1845.

(h) Letter by J Dugmore about Houghton estate plans 1836.

(i) Not allocated.

(j) Syderstone Farm building bill 1851.

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(a) Rough estate account book 1834.

(b) Houghton Farm account book 1797-8.

(c) Houghton estate rental 1833.

(d) Great Bircham field book 1740.

(e) Houghton estate rental 1833.

(f) Account book for plantation labour, etc, 1852.

(g) Houghton estate rental and account book, including Houghton household accounts, 1797-1820.

(h) Rental book for Lord Cholmondeley's Norfolk manors c1797-1815.


Norfolk tenancy agreements mainly 19th century (8 bundles).


Norfolk sporting agreements 1893-20th century (one bundle).


Miscellaneous papers 18th-19th century, including will 1770, Bircham Newton lease 1834 and papers relating to enclosures and tithes (one bundle).


Miscellaneous Norfolk bills and agreements, etc, 19th century, including census of

Houghton population 1820 (c12 items).

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(a) Plan of Houghton village 1841 (not found February 1994).

(b) Norfolk receipts, agreements and related papers late 19th century (one large bundle).

(c) Syderstone plan 1838.

(d) Houghton estate sale catalogue 1886 (printed volume).


Estate and general vouchers and bills 1836-53, 1911-13 (19 parcels).


(a) Dersingham lease 1832.

(b) West Rudham lease 1840.


Insurance papers mainly 1840s (in a drawer).


Papers relating to cottages on the Houghton estate 19th century, including agreements, rent books and memorandum books (23 booklets and several bundles and loose items, in a drawer).


Miscellaneous tithe papers 19th century (in a drawer).

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Estate building accounts 19th century.


Record of wine at Houghton Hall 1750.


(a) Houghton game book 1833-4, 1857.

(b) Journal of work done by masons at Houghton 1732-5 (one volume).

(c) Houghton household inventory book 1792.

(d-f) Houghton Hall visitors' books (3) 1826-1888 (not found February 1994).

(g) Great Bircham field book 1753.

(h) Houghton household inventory book 1745.

(i) Not allocated.

(j) Dersingham survey 18th century (one volume).

(k) Account of books bought 1726-7.

(l) Record of books brought to Houghton 1727.

(m) Inventory of pictures at Houghton Hall 1752 (one volume).

(n) Diary of travel to St Petersburg by Lady Emily Kingscote 1874 (one volume).

(o) Survey of timber in Houghton Park 1816 (one volume).

(p) Survey of timber in Houghton Park 1816 (one volume).

(q) Survey and valuation of the Houghton estate 1816 (one volume).

(r) Description of buildings on the Houghton estate 1832 (one volume).

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(a) Houghton Hall household inventory 1888.

(b-d) Houghton Hall household inventories (3) 1910.

(e) Houghton Hall household inventory 1910-11.


Lists (7) of books bought 1726-33 and catalogue of books in town no date.


(a) Great Bircham rental 1647.

(b) Bircham Newton court roll 1660.

(c) Bircham Newton court roll 1648.


Volume of genealogical collections relating to the Cholmondeley family 17th century.

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Related papers also found, apparently unclassified:

Estate and general bills early 1830s (28 small bundles);

Personal bills (Lord Henry Cholmondeley) c1835 (one volume);

'Records of the parish of Great Massingham' (a MS volume of antiquarian collections, containing a note that it was acquired 1858) (?18th century).


Continuing with the contents of 15 small brown boxes towards the bottom right hand side of the cupboard (the Brown Box series, BB1-15).


1. Legal case paper (Richard Baldry of Creeting, husbandman, and John Coke of Coddenham, husbandman, at the suit of John Bradwey) 1454-5.

2. Memorandum of acquittance for 58-8-0 (Susan Crane, widow, to Edmond Bullock of Great Waldingfield) 4 August 1670.

3. Acknowledgement of debt of 177-5-10 (Edward Hale of Little Waldingfield to Susan Crane, widow, of Little Waldingfield) 21 December 1661.

4. Bond for 50 (Ambrose Candler of Edwardston to Susan Crane) 28 October 1677.

5. Will of Ann Cob of Great Houghton 17 June 1689.

6. Letter of Henry Walpole about electoral politics of King's Lynn early 18th century.

7. Account of legal fees (Edward Walpole, gentleman) no date.

8. Discharge (Dorothy Melsopp of London to Susan Crane) 5 July 1669.

9. Bond for 20 (John Wright to Susan Crane) 18 October 1672.

10. Letter of administration for Robert Walpole, esquire, principal creditor of Osbert Anger of Houghton (dec'd) 30 September 1689.

11. Letter of Henry Walpole to Robert Walpole, esquire 4 September 1712.

12. Bond for 600 (Mathew Cracherode, gentleman, of Cavendish and William Griggs, clerk, of Cavendish to Isaac Appleton, esquire, of Little Waldingfield) 22 June 1655.

13. Obligation for 30 (Robert Appleton to Lady Crane) 17 July 1666.

14. Bond for 800 (Isaac Appleton, esquire, of Little Waldingfield to Alexander How, merchant, London) June 1655.

15. Obligation for 5 (Mathew Cracherode to Susan Crane) 11 July 1668.

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1. Appointment of High Sheriff of Norfolk (John Pell of Dersingham) 12 November 1670.

2-3. Copies of 1.

4. Indenture of John Pell and Henry Carter, gentleman, of Hempnall relating to the appointment of Carter as under-sheriff 26 November 1670.

5-7. Bonds (3) for 50 each (John Pell and Henry Carter, Augustine Messenger of Hackford, John Lambert of Norwich and John Anguish, esquire, of Melton) 26 November 1675.


1. Letter of Thomas Pell to Nathaniell Carmarden at Moorgate no date, ? early 17th century.

2. Letter of Thomas Cockett to Thomas Pell no date, ? early 17th century.

3. Letter of Thomas Pell to Nathaniell Carmarden at Finsbury 4 November 1609.

4. Letter of Thomas Pell to Nathaniell Carmarden no date, ?1609.

5. Letter of Thomas Pell to Nathaniell Carmarden no date, ?1609.

6. Letter of Thomas Cockett to Thomas Pell no date, ?early 17th century.

7. Letter of Thomas Cockett to Thomas Pell 21 November 1609.

8. Letter of Thomas Cockett to Thomas Pell 9 January 1610.

9. Letter of Thomas Cockett to Mr Daltons no date, ? early 17th century.

10. Draft of letters by Thomas Pell to ?Froxemer Cockett, gentleman, of Brunsthorpe, gentleman, and to Thomas Cockett no date, ?early 17th century.

11. Bond for 50 (Froxemer Cockett, gentleman, of Brunsthorpe and Thomas Pell of Ringstead to John Pell, gentleman, of West Winch) 20 January 1610.

12. Letter of Thomas Cockett to Thomas Pell ?12 January 1616.

13. Letter of Thomas Pell to Thomas Cockett 12 January 1616.

14. Letter of Nathaniell Carmarden to Thomas Pell 22 September 1612.

15. Note by Thomas Pell about Cockett's debt no date, ?early 17th century.

16. Letter of Thomas Cockett to Thomas Pell 25 January 1610.

17. Letter of Nathaniell Carmarden to Thomas Pell no date, ?early 17th century.

18. Letter of Thomas Cockett to Thomas Pell no date, ?early 17th century.

19. Letter of Thomas Cockett to Thomas Pell 27 December 1612.

20. Letter of Nathaniell Carmarden to Thomas Cockett 8 January 1610.

21. Letter of Froxemer Cockett, gentleman, of Brunsthorpe to Thomas Pell 25 December 1612.

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1. Charter by John Pell of Dersingham and Margaret Pell, his wife, confirming four messuages, 38 acres and half a rood of land in Harpley to Thomas, rector of Harpley, and others 4 July 1535.


1. Note of sums remaining in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy 1726.

2. Indenture of sale by Thomas Reade, gentleman, of Great Ringstead for sale of copyhold tenements in Dersingham to John Pell, gentleman, of King's Lynn 31 December 1572.

3. Indenture between William Pell and Valentine Pell of Dersingham, esquires, and Christopher Calthorpe, esquire, and Henry Calthorpe, esquire, of the Middle Temple for the performance of the marriage settlement between Valentine Pell and Barbara Calthorpe, with survey of lands, 7 April 1617.

4. Mortgage touching property in Dersingham (Geoffrey and Elizabeth Banks of King's Lynn and the Mayor and Burgesses of King's Lynn) 1 April 1637.

5. Indenture between Christopher Hirne, gentleman, of Wramplingham, executor of the will of William Guybon of Watlington, and William Pell, gentleman, of Dersingham for the full settlement of an annuity in Guybon's will 31 March 1620.

6. Acquittance by Elizabeth Banks touching land in Dersingham 8 March 1637.

7. Bond and obligation of Geoffrey Banks, husbandman, of Dersingham to William Nevett, husbandman, of Dersingham 7 March 1637.

8. Obligation of Thomas Read to John Pell, gentleman, no date, c1600.

9. Copy deed of feoffment by John Pell to Thomas Might and Edward Russell 20 March 1598.

10. Indenture by John, Prior of Binham Abbey, granting the farm of Dersingham tithes to Robert Schortyng and John Elwode of Dersingham for ten years 26 September 1522.

11. Final concord between William Nevett and William Pallett on one part and Geoffrey Banks and his wife Elizabeth on the other 24 March 1639.

12. Indenture of agreement between William Palmer, yeoman, of Dersingham and John Creamer, yeoman, of Snettisham concerning land in Dersingham recently purchased from William Cobb, esquire, 10 January 1604.

13. Confirmation of grant of land by Geoffrey Banks to William Nevett 7 March 1637.

14. Conveyance by Geoffrey Banks, husbandman, of King's Lynn of land in Dersingham to William Nevett, husbandman, of Dersingham 12 October 1637.

15. Confirmation of Hugh Taylor of a grant of land to William Pell 2 December 1596.

16. Indenture of sale of land in Dersingham between Richard Nevett, tailor, of Dersingham and John Pell, esquire, of Dersingham 26 December 1660.

17. Indenture of sale of land in Dersingham between Thomas Read, gentleman, of Great Ringstead and John Pell, merchant, of King's Lynn 20 January 1572.

18. Indenture by which John Pell, gentleman, of Dersingham conveys to Thomas Read, gentleman, of Great Ringstead the manor of West Hall in Dersingham, which he had recently farmed from Thomas Read for 5 a year, 22 June 1557.

19. Surrender and regrant in favour of Richard Nevett of land in Dersingham held of the manor of Shouldhams in Dersingham 22 October 1635.

20. Bond for 60 (Geoffrey Banks, husbandman, of King's Lynn and William Nevett of Dersingham) 12 October 1637.

21. Deed of confirmation by John Creamer, yeoman, of Snettisham to William Palmer of Dersingham concerning land in Dersingham 2 January 1604.

22. Appointment of arbitrators (Christopher Walpole, Henry Valenger and Thomas Wright, gentlemen) in a dispute between Geoffrey Cobbe of Sandringham and John Pell of King's Lynn 8 April 1572.

23. Deed of confirmation by John Pell, merchant, of Lynn to John Ivery of King's Lynn concerning land in Dersingham and Sandringham 1 January 1572.

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1. Deed touching land in Walsoken 14th century, ?1324-5 (fragile).

2. Indenture of demise between Thomas Pell, gentleman, of Ingoldisthorpe and Robert Nevett, tailor, of Dersingham concerning land in Dersingham called Little Park 29 September 1616.

3. Copy of number 2.

4. Release by John Hatton, joiner, of Burnham Market to Robert Nevett, tailor, of Dersingham touching the land called Little Park in Dersingham no date, ?early 17th century.

5. Indenture of confirmation by John Creamer of Snettisham to John Hatton of Dersingham concerning land in Dersingham 3 February 1597.

6. Bond for 30 (Thomas Pell, Valentine Pell and Robert Nevett) 16 September 1616.


1. Sloley cum membris manor court book 1578-85.

2. Legal paper of John Pell concerning the manor of West Winch no date.

3. Account book of John Neale, carpenter, 1662-81, with enclosed papers relating to his farm at Harpley.

4. Syderstone manor court book 1606-19.

5. Draft marriage settlement for John Pell and Elizabeth Pert no date.

6. Legal paper concerning a suit between Katherine Pell, widow, and Edmond Richers c1628-30.

7. Sloley cum membris manor court book 1553-4.

8. Counterpart bond for 30 (Thomas Pell, gentleman, of Ingoldisthorpe, Valentine Pell, esquire, of Grays Inn and Robert Nevett, tailor, of Dersingham) 16 September 1616.

9. Summary of will of Edward Barndale relating to lands in Bircham Tofts 10 September 1657.

10. Indenture of lease of property in Great Bircham by Francis Bacon, sergeant at law, Roger Pepys, esquire, Nicholas Carre, gentleman, Adrian Parmenter, esquire and alderman of Norwich, and John Parmenter to Samuel Booty, clerk, of Great Bircham 25 October 1650.

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1. Lease of the parsonage of Littleport (Cambridgeshire) by Thomas Paske, Master of Clare College, Cambridge, to Sir Robert Crane 4 April 1636, with papers (10 items) relating to Littleport tithes, etc, 1615-50.

2. Extracts of Littleport manor court rolls 16th-17th century (6 items).

3. Note of the delivery of a terrier of Littleport glebe 22 May 1635.

4. Receipts of rent (manor of Maisters in Freston, Suffolk) 21 October 1639 (2 items).

5. Indentury of lease of property in Littleport by Henry Melsopp, gentleman, of Little Waldingfield and Sir Robert Crane of Chilton to Richard Ward 23 December 1637, with receipts and a letter of 26 December 1637, (15 items in all).

6. Assignment of chattels by John Harvey, gentleman, of London to Sir John Powlett and Fulke Buttrie 4 May 1611.

7. Discharge (Sir John Powlett to Sir Robert Crane) 9 February 1622.

8. Receipt of rent for lands in Littleport 30 October 1645.

9. Receipt of rent for Littleport parsonage 1 April 1637.

10. Assignment of chattels of John Harvey by Sir John Powlett and Fulke Buttrie to Sir Robert Crane and others 20 November 1615.

11. Indenture for the farm of Littleport parsonage by Henry Melsopp of Little Waldingfield, Samuel Plombe of Yeldham (Essex) and Richard Ward of Littleport 10 July 1634.

12. Receipt of rents (Henry Melsopp) 23 April 1646.

13. Receipt by Henry Melsopp of 140 in satisfaction of 1140 for Littleport parsonage 1 April 1636.

14. Memorandum of agreement between Richard Ward, yeoman, of Littleport and Henry Melsopp about Littleport rents 6 June 1637.

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1. Obligation for 100 marks (Geoffrey Cobbe of Sandringham and John Pell) 16 January 1566.

2. Final concord between William Pell, gentleman, on one part and William Cobbe, esquire, and Mary his wife on the other part for land in Dersingham Michaelmas 1595.

3. Indenture of agreement between William Pell, gentleman, of Dersingham and William Cobbe, esquire, of Sandringham concerning land in Dersingham conveyed on 10 October preceding by Cobbe to Pell 20 December 1595.

4. Legal charges of William Screven on account of Valentine Pell's manors of Shouldhams and Bagthorpe no date, ?early 17th century.

5. Summons to attend the Court of Wards and Liveries 15 February 1609.

6. Final concord between William Pell, gentleman, on one part and William Cobbe, esquire, and Mary his wife on the other part for land in Dersingham Michaelmas 1595.

7. Final concord between Valentine Pell, esquire, Geoffrey Cobbe, esquire, and William Pell, esquire, for messages, cottages and land (? in Dersingham) Easter 1618.

8. Copy of number 7.

9. Two largely illegible documents 1632-3.


1. Bircham Tofts rental and extent 1689.

2. Rental (?Syderstone or Bircham Tofts) 1662.

3. Syderstone rentals 1681, 1682.

4. Miscellaneous Suffolk deeds (Coddenham, Creeting and Mickfield) 1375-1519 (11 items).

5. Indenture between Henry Shuger, gentleman, of Great Waldingfield and Richard Day, husbandman, of Great Waldingfield confirming a lease at farm to Richard Day 6 October 1626.

6. Receipt by Joseph Robinson for 3 pairs of stockings costing 16 shillings 6 October 1654.

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BB11 (labelled 'old writings of no use to Callibut Walpole 1621 and 1640')

1. Receipt by John Bacon for 50 received from Callibut Walpole, esquire, bailiff of the Duchy of Lancaster 31 January 1605.

2. Obligation for 100 (Thomas Cornwaleys of Putney to Callibut Walpole) 7 February 1597.

3. Letter of Anne Caesar to Callibut Walpole, esquire, 20 March 1636.

4. Receipt by Dorothy Plumstead, daughter of Thomas Plumstead, gentleman, of Hingham Barroe to Callibut Walpole, sole agent to the will of Henry Shernborne, esquire, of Shernborne, for 10 12 May 1630.

5. Memorandum of a half year's farm of the rectory of Shernborne 22 April 1616.

6. Acquittance by Alice Bullocke, widow, of Grimston to Callibut Walpole for all bonds, bills, etc, ?early 17th century.

7. Receipt for 4 by Vere Godfrey for use of Margaret Grigby by hand of Anthony Reeve, servant to Robert Walpole of Houghton, 22 February 1647; receipt by Mrs Abigail Grigby for 60 paid her in full of a legacy from her sister Margaret Grigby 6 March 1647; receipt by Mr Walpole for 2 interest money 6 March 1647.

8. Final concord temp Elizabeth I (very poor condition).

9. Computation of the farm of the rectory of Shernborne due from Henry Shernborne to the Bishop of Ely 1611.

10. Memorandum of rent paid to the Bishop of Ely for the rectory of Shernborne 27 October 1626.

11. Receipt by Henry Isaacson from Henry Shernborne of half a year's rent for the rectory of Shernborne 22 October 1612.

12. Receipt by John Lewis from Henry Shernborne of half a year's rent for the rectory of Shernborne 19 October 1619.

13. Acquittance in full (John Dix, clerk, of King's Lynn and Alice his wife to Callibut Walpole) 16 April 1634.

14. Receipt of half a year's rent for the rectory of Shernborne 10 April 1618.

15. Receipt of year's rent (5) due to Christ's College, Cambridge, for Harpley 9 October 1620.

16. Receipt of year's rent (6-10-0) due to Christ's College, Cambridge, for Harpley 27 October 1641.

17. Bond for 95 (William Yalloup, wool comber, of Hindolveston, Edward Farrow, wool comber, of Wood Dalling and Thomas Ayers, wool comber, of Corpusty to Callibut Walpole) 17 May 1641.

18. Receipt of Callibut Walpole for 80 due to Edward Symonds of Sloley, executor of Sir Roger Townshend, by William Stanhawe, bailiff, 3 July 1646.

19. Receipt of half a year's rent for the rectory of Shernborne 1615.

20. Receipt for 12-12-0 for work at Syderstone warren by Robert Fishpole 9 April 1633.

21. Receipt of half a year's rent for the rectory of Shernborne 18 October 1624.

22. Receipt by Edmond Cobbe from Callibut Walpole for 8 year's leet fee and 'shreeveshet' of his manor of Bircham to the manor of Snettisham and hundred of Smithdon (3-12-0) 26 June 1640.

23. Copy of court roll of manor of Houghton Coxford for land in Houghton belonging to Richard Walpole, gentleman, 15 July 1625.

24. Note of money owed and paid to Calibut Walpole 1635-6.

25. Recipt of a half year's rent for the rectory of Shernborne 27 October 1610.

26. Receipt of 6/8 due by Henry Shernborne for rent of Shernborne rectory 1612.

27. Receipt by Edward Symonds from Callibut Walpole of 5 due to Sir Roger Townshend for half a year's rent of Syderstone 18 October 1622.

28. Sale by Thomas Bromwell, yeoman, of Geyton Thorp of all sheep pasture in Shernborne foldcourse 30 September 1616.

29. Indenture of lease of land in Harpley by Callibut Walpole, esquire, of Holton to Anthony Mabstone, yeoman, of Dersingham 13 April 1618.

30. Receipt of Harpley rent (7-17-0) no date, ?mid 17th century.

31. Receipt by Vere Godfrey, widow, executrix of the will of Margaret Grigsby, of money due to Margaret Grigsby from Robert Walpole, esquire, 22 February 1646.

32. Receipt of Harpley rent (8-2-0) 30 October 1635.

33. Receipt of Harpley rent (6-19-4) 3 November 1640.

34. Discharge of account of rents paid (?to Callibut Walpole) no date, ?mid 17th century.

35. Demand and acquittance for 12 owed by Callibut Walpole to John Richers no date, ?mid 17th century.

36. Receipt of Harpley rent (7-18-0) 6 October 1638.

37. Letter of John Walpole to his brother Robert Walpole at Houghton no date, ?mid 17th century.

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1. Indenture of sale of property called Rusts Croft by Callibut Walpole to John Yonge, husbandman, of Great Bircham, Margaret, his wife, and Robert, his son, 13 November 1608.

2. Acquittance for 100 (James Mott, yeoman, of Norwich to Richard Walpole, gentleman, of Houghton) repecting messuages and land in Bircham Newton and Great Bircham 8 September 1604.

3. Enfeoffment by James Mott, yeoman, of London to John Yonge of Great Bircham of messuages and lands in Bircham Newton and Great Bircham 29 September 1600.

4. Deed of confirmation by John Watts, yeoman, of Mattishall to James Mott, yeoman, of London of messuages and lands in Bircham Newton and Great Bircham 28 September 1600.

5. Copy of court roll of Bircham Newton manor by which Geoffrey Thixton and his wife Margaret surrender a messuage to the use of James Mott 20 March 1581.

6. Copy of court roll of Bircham Newton manor 5 October 1579.

7. Deed of conveyance of an acre of land in Bircham Newton by Thomas Yonge, blacksmith, of Bircham Newton to James Mott, yeoman, of Bircham Newton 21 June 1580.

8. Bond in 5 (Thomas Yonge, blacksmith, of Bircham Newton and James Mott of Bircham Newton) ?1580.

9. Deed of feoffment by Richard Walpole, gentleman, of Houghton respecting messuages and land in Bircham Newton and Great Bircham 1 June 1609.

10. Deed of feoffment by James Mott, yeoman, of London to John Yonge, yeoman, of Great Bircham respecting property in Bircham Newton and Great Bircham 29 September 1600.

11. Deed of feoffment by James Mott, yeoman, of London to Geoffrey Watts of Mattishall respecting property in Bircham Newton and Great Bircham 20 September 1599.

12. Licence from the Bishop of Norwich for Valentine Pell, esquire, of Dersingham to build a pew in Dersingham church 11 February 1636.

13. Release by Edmond Mott, yeoman, of Mattishall to Richard Walpole, gentleman, of Houghton respecting property in Bircham Newton and Great Bircham 9 April 1606.

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1. Articles of agreement between William Pell of Dersingham and Jonas Pitts, gentleman, of ?Wicklewood for Elizabeth Guybon, widow, relict of William Guybon of Watlington and the intended wife of Pell 6 October 1613.

2. Release by Sir William de Grey to William Pell of property held through the wardship of Elizabeth Guybon, widow, 18 December 1618.

3. Release by Jonas Pitts to Elizabeth Guybon, now wife of William Pell, of all rights in her wardship 6 January 1614.

4. Summons by Valentine Pell by authority of an order of the Quarter Sessions for George and Margaret Carter to appear before him at Dersingham 15 July 1641.

5. Undertaking by Christopher Hirne, executor of the late William Guybon, to deliver to Elizabeth Guybon all her household goods at Fincham and King's Lynn 7 January 1613.

6. Statement by commissioners of bankruptcy (including Valentine Pell) for John Creamer, merchant, of Snettisham that Creamer's lands and possessions have been sold for the relief of his creditors 9 January 1635.

7. John Creamer's bill of mourning for his father's funeral the previous year 31 August 1633.

8. Bundle of receipts for manor of Shouldhams in Dersingham 1579-1615.

9. Bundle of receipts for manor of Shouldhams in Dersingham 1617-42; receipt for 36/4 owed to ?Valentine Pell by Mr Mordaunt 3 June 1639; receipt by Hamon Le Strange for 12 in composition for knighthood from William Pell of Dersingham 22 April 1631.

10. Bundle of receipts for feudal rent of the manor of Dersingham 1585-1611.

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1. Receipt for 16 in payment of one year's rent for Dersingham rectory 7 October 1616.

2. Acknowledgement by John Pell of payment of 100 by his father John Pell the elder 1592.

3-7. Receipts (5) of 16 in payment for one year's rent for Dersingham rectory 9 October 1579, 19 October 1599, 2 October 1585, 12 October 1624 and 3 October 1604.

8. Note of recommendation by Thomas Partrick to Valentine Pell respecting John Warne 18 November 1644.

9. Petition by William Barnes of East Winch to Sir Valentine Pell (High Sheriff), Sir Thomas Hogan and John Spelman, esquire, 28 January 1644.

10. Obligation for 20 (William Simpson, shepherd, of Dersingham to John Pell of South Lynn) 21 May 1583.

11. Obligation for 200 (Francis Rolfe, gentleman, of Grimston, William Horsenell of Chenies Inn, London, and Valentine Pell) 21 November 1648.

12. Account of legal fees due from Thomas and Andrew Pell 1615-6.

13. Obligation for 5 (Nicholas Stockdale, mason, of Hitcham and John Pell) 31 July 1561.

14. Acknowledgement by John Pell of payment of 100 by his father John Pell the elder 1594.

15. Petition by George Masterson, rector of West Winch, and others complaining about two unlicensed alehouses 20 April 1644.

16. Acknowledgement by John Pell of payment of 100 by his father John Pell the elder 1593.

17. Obligation for 80 (Robert Nevett, tailor, of Dersingham and Thomas Pell, gentleman, of Ingoldisthorpe) 15 September 1616.

18. Printed demand for assistance against the Scots in the sum of 3 addressed to Hugh Lancaster at Flitcham 5 August 1644.

19. Bond for 6 (Robert Dalle, warrener, of Babbingley and John Pell) 13 April 1599.

20. Bond for 8 (Edward Spratt, gentleman, of Ingoldisthorpe and Thomas Pell) 11 April 1616.

21. Certificate of the estate of Robert Pepper of Sotherie no date, ?mid 17th century.

22-25. Receipts (4) for 16 in payment of one year's rent for Dersingham rectory Michaelmas 1614, 21 October 1591, 1 October 1609, 6 October 1597.

26. Receipt by Valentine Pell of 30 for his half year's annuity by gift of his father John Pell the elder 29 September 1598.

27. Receipt for 16 in payment of one year's rent for Dersingham rectory 7 October 1605.

28. Obligation for 60 (William Williamson, oatmeal maker, of King's Lynn, Simon Thacker, oatmeal maker, of King's Lynn and Thomas Pell, gentleman, of Ingoldisthorpe) 1 May 1607.

29. Obligation for 40 (Edward House, husbandman, ? of Exby, Lincolnshire, and John Baster of ? Foston, Lincolnshire) 10 February 1595.

30. Receipt by Mary Read, widow, of Peterborough for 40 from Thomas Pell, gentleman, of Great Ringstead, being half a year's farm of her property in Ringstead 29 September 1608.

31. Obligation for 20 (Clement Burway, weaver, of Aylsham, John Bettes of Norwich, Thomas Trulle, callender, of Norwich and John Pell of Dersingham) 17 August 1596.

32. Obligation for 50 (Edward Glover, yeoman, of King's Lynn and Thomas Pell of King's Lynn) 11 June 1595.

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1. Bill of Thomas Gryne, Thomas Willy of Houghton and others in respect of property in Houghton and Harpley 4 January 1487, with will of John Wade of Houghton 8 May 1484.

2. Grant by Callibut Walpole, esquire, to Henry Hobart, esquire, of Hales Hall and Edward Yelverton of Grimston of an annual rent charge of 20 from Houghton during the joint lives of Edward Walpole, his brother, and Katherine Walpole, his mother, 7 November 1602.

3. Articles of agreement between William Covell, deputy of Robert Walpole, esquire, and Robert Johnson, wheelwright, of Bury St Edmunds for the sale of ash and elm trees in Hessett for 80 14 January 1654.

4. Release by Henry Hobart and Edward Yelverton to Callibut Walpole of an annuity of 50 charged on Syderstone and Bircham Newton manors granted to them by Edward Walpole on 30 June 1590, Callibut Walpole having paid them 20, 2 November 1602.

5. Grant by Edward Walpole, gentleman, to Henry Hobart and Edward Yelverton of an annuity of 50 charged on Bircham Newton and Syderstone in consideration of a loan for 50 years, redeemable by payment of an annuity of 20 by Callibut Walpole during the joint lives of Edward and Katherine Walpole or by 200 on demand 30 June 1590.

6. Deed of sale by John Walpole, gentleman, executor of the will of Henry Walpole, gentleman, of Harpley, to Christopher Walpole, gentleman, of property in Houghton and Harpley 4 April 1554.

7. Confirmation by Henry Walpole, gentleman, of Harpley to John Walpole, his son, of all his property in Harpley, Houghton, Bircham and Rudham for life 16 September 1538.

8. Grant by Henry Walpole, gentleman, of Harpley to Geoffrey Cobbe of Sandringham and others of land in Harpley, Houghton and West Rudham to the use of his will 28 October 1525.

9. Conveyance by Philip Atte Lane, carpenter, of Walpole to Thomas Atte Lane, his son, and others, of land in Walpole 1 May 1421.

10. Conveyance by John Pyper of Houghton, his wife Margaret and others to John Courtman of Houghton and Richard Day of East Rudham of a message and enclosure in Houghton 10 December 1500.

11. Fragile and illegible.

12. Conveyance by Henry Abraham, clerk, and Thomas Davy of Gunthorpe to John Howes of Bircham and others of a messuage and land in Houghton formerly Robert Dryton's 21 October 1480.

13. Conveyance by Robert Roper alias Fermor, formerly of Grimston, to Thomas Walpole, esquire, Geoffrey Cobbe and others of land at Houghton 1 October 1488.

14. Conveyance by William Aylmer of Houghton to Clement Dannock and Richard Garner of a message in Houghton 11 January 1341.

15. Not used.

16. Quitclaim of all actions by John Clerk, clerk, to Robert Franklyn, husbandman, of Syderstone 1 February 1544.

17. Obligation for 22 (Thomas Pell, gentleman, of Dersingham, Valentine Pell, esquire, of Dersingham and Robert Nevett, tailor, of Dersingham) 4 October 1607.

18. Agreement by Thomas Walpole, gentleman, of King's Lynn for the sale to Henry Walpole, gentleman, of Houghton of all his fee simple and purchased lands in Houghton, Harpley, West Rudham and Great Bircham 1 January 1513.

19. Survey of Fremnalls Park in Downham (Essex) 1629.

20. Too fragile to open.

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Cupboard on the wall opposite the muniment room window (second cupboard)

In a brief inspection, the following were noted.

Grimston manor index book 1650-1780.

Correspondence and papers relating to Norfolk manors c1944-50 (one file).

Dersingham survey book c1834.

Houghton estate rental book 1797-1820.

Miscellaneous architectural drawings 20th century (one file).

Inventories of historical papers at Houghton before the transfer of papers to Cambridge University Library in 1951 (one file).

Houghton Hall visitors book 1901-15.

Houghton parish overseers' books (2) 1745-1835.

Appointment of the Earl of Cholmondeley as Vice Admiral of Cheshire 1708 (in Brown Box 16).

'Earl of Rocksavage's Coming of Age and Marriage' 1879 (one packet).

'Presentation to Sir Philip Sassoon, 3rd Bt, by his constituents on the twenty-first anniversary of his election for the borough of Hythe (one box).

Papers relating to King George V's pictures (2 packets) early 20th century.

Engraved maps (40) 18th-19th century (the EM series; for a complete list of these see Appendix One).

Acts of Parliament, printed pamphlets, etc, 16th-19th century (88 items) (the PP series; for a complete list of these see Appendix Two).

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Boxes on the floor to the left hand side of the second cupboard

There are seven small red boxes, which comprise the Red Box series (RB1-6).


1. Covering letter to account of cash received by Edmond Cobbe 12 August 1726.

2. List of leases 1762-1810.

3. Calculation of velvet for bedchamber, drawing room and dressing room at Houghton no date, ? mid 18th century.

4. Account of cash received at audit 21 July 1756.

5. Letter of Sir Robert Walpole recording the appointment of Robert Hardy as clerk of works 29 October 1721.

6. Letter of H Cholmley to Jonas Rolfe 10 July 1721.

7-8. Accounts (2) of masons' work at house and stables 1 November 1732-Christmas 1733.

9-28. Invoices of loading of stone by Robert Linskill, agent at Whitby 18 May-28 October 1723, with covering letters to Jonas Rolfe (nos 12-13, 21-4, 26) and letter of Sir Robert Walpole to Jonas Rolfe 27 June 1721 (no 18).

29. Petition from commoners of East Ruston to the Earl of Orford complaining that his steward has cut and sold timber against custom no date, mid 18th century.

30. Trust accounts (Lady Maria Walpole) 1743-4.

31. Account of Thomas Badeslade for surveys and maps of Houghton, Bircham Tofts, Bircham Newton, Syderstone, Chiplow Closes and Dersingham 19 April 1720.

32. Letter from Thomas Ripley to Sir Robert Walpole about Whitby stone 25 June 1721.

33. Letter of H Cholmley, with invoice of stone shipped, 11 August 1721.

34-36. Invoices (3) of loading of stone by Robert Linskill, agent at Whitby 7 and 10 August 1723, 10 June 1724.

37. Account for medicine (Earl of Cholmondeley) 1797-8.

38. Letter of Robert Linskill about Whitby stone 10 August 1721.

39. Letter of Henry Bland to Sir Robert Walpole 17 June 1709.

40. Letter of Lord Townshend to Colonel Robert Walpole no date, late 17th century.

41. Bill for masons' work at Houghton 1 November 1732-4 December 1733.

42. List of tapestries at Gobelins 17 May 1727.

43. List of pictures brought from Rome by George Abell no date, ? mid 18th century.

44. Letter from art dealer in Rome to Sir Robert Walpole 6 December 1737.

45. Account for hanging pictures ? at Houghton 1729.

46. Letter by J Bateman about paintings at his house in Hatton Garden no date, ? mid 18th century.

47. List of branches, girandoles, etc, delivered to Lord Walpole by William Hubert 8 May 1730.

48. Fragment of a letter about works by Murillo purchased at Seville no date, ? mid 18th century.

49. Accounts of pictures and plate sold 28 April, 9 May and 4 September 1748.

50. List of paintings and hanging plans no date, ? mid 18th century.

51. Inventory of goods of Robert Walpole, esquire, of Heighteanton (dec'd) 1 May 1663.

52. Letter of Jonas Rolfe to Sir Robert Walpole 22 July 1721.

53. Letter from Maria Skerrett to Lady Walpole no date, ? mid 18th century.

54. Note of the fortune of Maria Skerrett 4 July 1730.

55. Note of timber (? for stables) c1721.

56. List of tapestries at Gobelins 17 May 1727.

57. Note about hangings (? for Houghton) no date, ? mid 18th century.

58. Statement by G Sewell that Mr Brookes attempted to bribe him to give information against Mr Walpole no date, ? early-mid 18th century.

59-60. Shorter versions of no. 58.

61. Drafts of letters (3) by Jonas Rolfe c1722.

62. Memorandum of levels at various distances from Houghton mansion no date, 18th century.

63. Bill for furniture 18 May 1724.

64. Bill book for fabric furnishings, Houghton and London 1729.

65. Memorandum of proposed alterations to picture gallery, bathroom and circular passage no date.

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First bundle (bundle A)

1. Bill of legal costs due to Edmond Rolfe from Robert Walpole 1720-4.

2. Castle Rising rent accounts 1718, with notes of rents from 1703.

3. Names of Castle Rising burgesses 1708.

4. Bill of Thomas Griffin to Robert Walpole for an engine 1725.

5. Particulars of fines and fees due to Robert Walpole for properties belonging to the honour of Clare 1723.

6. Receipts for a dinner at Harpley 1721.

7. Letter of William Rolfe relating to the Massingham manor court book 12 November 1722.

8. Receipt of Robert Walpole's bill for two quarterly payments 1708.

9. Rents received at Castle Rising 1704-7.

10. Receipt of rents paid by Robert Walpole in West Winch 1724.

11. Undertaking by Edmond Rolfe to pay 40 due to Henry Bowker for his sister's mortgage of lands in West Winch to the trustees of Sir Robert Walpole 1726.

12. Further Castle Rising rent accounts 1718, with account of Castle Rising farm rents 1703.

Second bundle (bundle B)

1. Houghton parish constables' accounts 1744-5.

2. Account of disbursements to the poor of Houghton parish 1738-9.

3. Houghton parish rate asessment 1738.

4-5. Houghton parish constables' accounts 1738-9, 1741-2.

6-10. Houghton parish accounts 1743-4, 1738-9, 1739-40, 1740-1, 1742-3.

11. Houghton cellar account 1749.

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Third bundle (bundle C)

1. Draft of a lease of a house, buildings and grounds no date, ? mid 18th century.

2. Note of rents received for Bircham Newton and Bircham Tofts 1685, 1692.

3. Memorandum of surrender of copyhold stable and two acres by William Manning in Houghton Coxford manor 1682.

4. Particulars of Nicholas Wilton's estate in Holbrooke and Kirton (Suffolk) 16 June 1684.

5. Obligation for 5000 (Nicholas Wilton of Wilby to Robert Walpole of Houghton) 1681.

6. Particulars of Nicholas Wilton's rents in Holbrooke and Kirton no date, c1684.

7. Memorandum that Nicholas Wilton owes Robert Walpole 1,018 and that his lands are to be delivered to Walpole until the debt is paid 11 December 1684.

8. Acknowledgement by Nicholas Wilton that he has had 2,500 from Robert Walpole 1681.

9. Acknowledgement of payment of Nicholas Wilton's debt of 5,000 1684.

10. Account of interest at 5% (Nicholas Wilton) 1682.

11. Schedule of lands of Nicholas Benwell in Great Bircham no date ? 17th-18th century.

12. Abstract of nine legal documents no date, ? 17th-18th century.

13. Bill of William Cooper, ironmonger, of Lynn to Lord Orford 15 July 1786.

14. Estate of damage to Mr Barr's barn belonging to the Earl of Orford 6 April 1780.

15. Note of quantities of material for roofing, etc, no date, ? 18th century.

16. Letter of F Godbold about 5 roods of enclosed land growing turnips 13 November 1684.

17. Memorandum of lease of closes in Rougham by Robert Walpole 26 September 1685.

18. Note of rent and repairs no date, ? 17th-18th century.

19. Account of interest paid on loan (Mr Wilton) 1681-2.

20. Appointment of gamekeeper (West Ferrers in Rudham manor) 28 May 1719.

21. Great Bircham rental 1661.

22. Letter of Edward Barber to Robert Walpole about Littleport parsonage rent 23 September 1673.

23. Paper relating to the resignation of Robert Betts, view of Houghton 20 February 1718.

24. Agreement by Jonas Rolfe about hay at Ruston no date ? early 18th century.

25. Agreement between Thomas Bayfield, yeoman, of Gunton for Sir Robert Walpole and John Bond, yeoman, of Hickling for a three year lease of property in Hickling 7 July 1730.

26. Note of Hickling rent arrears Michaelmas 1730.

27. Agreement between William Turner of Crostwight for Sir Robert Walpole and Samuel Barker, carpenter, of Stalham for a lease of property in Scottow and Westwick 20 October 1731.

28. Draft agreement between Thomas Bayfield for Sir Robert Walpole and John Throrey of Hickling for a seven year lease of property in Hickling 18 February 1726.

29. Draft agreement between Henry Sidney and Edward Wortley, esquire, and Robert Woodroff, husbandman, of Ceswick alias Bacton for lease of property in Palling, with the tithes of Palling, 13 February 1730.

30. Agreement between William Turner, gentleman, of Crostwight for Sir Robert Walpole and Thomas Mack, yeoman, of Sloley for an eleven year lease of lands in Sloley and Scottow 24 September 1720.

31. Draft agreeement between Thomas Bayfield for Mr Wortley Montagu and Samuel Flaxman of East Ruston for a fourteen year lease of property in East Ruston 14 November 1716.

32. Deed of demise for six years of land in Estfield, etc, from Martin Calthorpe, esquire, to Roger Sumers 31 August 1708.

33. Memorandum of lease of Hall Farm, Hickling, between Sir James Montagu and Charles Thaxter of Hickling 1 October 1714.

34. Memorandum of a seven year lease of property (? in Hickling) as a blacksmith's shop to Samuel Green for 3-10-0 a year 15 October 1714.

35. Fragment of Syderstone (?) lease no date ? early 18th century.

36. Memorandum of a nine year lease of Syderstone farm to be held by John Sherwood and his son for 140 a year 10 March 1712.

37. Syderstone particulars 1684.

38. List of Syderstone lands in occupation of Thomas Savory and Nicholas Allen 11 December 1689.

39. Draft agreement between Robert Walpole, esquire, and Thomas Savory of Burnham Market for lease of a farm and fold course in Syderstone 2 November 1702.

40. Memorandum of the surrender of property in Syderstone by Richard Godsell 14 October 1699.

41. Particulars of Chiplow Breck 1687-9.

42. Obligation for 40 (Thomas Savory, yeoman, of Syderstone and Thomas Brown, clerk, of Syderstone) 28 September 1689.

43. Memorandum of a lease of an enclosure in Syderstone by Robert Walpole to John Sherwood, shepherd, of Syderstone 20 September 1692.

44. Syderstone particulars Michaelmas 1700.

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Fourth bundle (bundle D)

1. Memorandum of trees, fish, wood, etc, to be sent from Houghton no date, ? mid 18th century.

2. Note of a deal case to be sent to London 8 August 1750.

3. Memorandum no date, ? mid 18th century.

4. Memorandum about Daniel Taylor 17 July 1750.

5. Memorandum about wages of Houghton parish clerk, etc, 1750.

6-7. Memoranda (2) about rents 1744, no date, ? c1750.

8. Blacksmith's bill (Lord Orford) 1748-9.

9. Mason's account (Ambrose Paine) 1748-9.

10. Bill for land tax, etc, Michaelmas 1744.

11. Bill for work on malt and oatmeal mills 29 October 1752.

12. Bill of expenses at court of sewers 1747-8.

13. Account of grain in Lord Orford's granary, etc, 10 August 1752.

14. Miscellaneous estate accounts 1745 (3 items).

15. Memoranda of Sir John D'Oyley relating to the lease of the manor of Ewelme (Oxfordshire) 1722-3.

16. Letter from Henry Green to Serjeant Skinner about cost of repairs at Wolvercote (Oxfordshire) 11 June 1743.

17. Request by Samuel Howchin for a lease of lands, with account of rents, 30 June and 16 July 1691.

18. Bill for boxes and hampers (Sir Robert Walpole) 1733.

19. Window tax assessment, Toftrees 1746.

20. Account of disbursements (William Cozins) for land tax, farm labour, etc, 1746.

21. Houghton estate farm rentals 9 January 1750.

22. Case of Watkin Williams Wynne, Esq., returned as MP for Beaumaris 1709 (printed).

23. Receipt by Duke of Norfolk for reserved rent out of Houghton rectory 20 October 1749.

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Fifth bundle (bundle E)

Bills, receipts, etc, for estate and miscellaneous expenditure 1749 (poor condition),

including North Runcton buildings and Setchey drains repairs, Bircham Tofts poor

rate and West Winch court baron expenses.


1. Account of Edmund Cobb July 1726.

2. Farms rental 1730-43.

3. Memoranda of rents and arrears 1728-40.

4. Memorandum of work to be done by Hogan and Harold no date, ? mid 18th century.

5-8. Mathematical and financial calculations no date, ? mid 18th century (4 items).

9. Notes of the coinage in which tenants pay their rents no date, ? mid 18th century.

10. Inventory of fish in ponds (? at Houghton) 18 November 1744.

11. As no 9.

12. Note of shifts in Bircham field no date, ? mid 18th century.

13. Account of turnips, hay and wool at Houghton 1725-9.

14. As no 12.

15. Great Bircham and Bircham Newton rental no date, ? mid 18th century.

16. 'Acreage of fields in Great Bircham' no date, ? mid 18th century.

17. Account of 'purchase money' of five married couples, etc, no date, ? mid 18th century.

18-20. Miscellaneous memoranda (3) about horses, sea kale, etc, no date, ? mid 18th century.

21. Terrier of enclosed lands no date, ? mid 18th century.

22. List of crops in fields no date, c1725-42.

23. Proposal by John Clarke for taking a lease of his farm for twenty-one years 28 July 1719.

24. Note of extraordinary expenses improving a farm no date, ? mid 18th century.

25-27. Miscellaneous memoranda (3) no date, ? mid 18th century.

28. List of wagons of straw received 18 January 1749.

29. Sketch plan of closes no date, ? mid 18th century.

30. Rental, with memorandum about trees, no date, ? mid 18th century.

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First bundle (bundle A)

Gallow hundred window tax assessments 1746.

Second bundle (bundle B)

1. Letter from Colonel Jonyn seeking permission for a cow to graze in Hyde Park 14 August 1770.

2. Coachmaker's bill for Sir Robert Walpole 1718-20.

3. Agreement between Robert Discipline of Burnham Overy and Sir Robert Walpole for lease of a farm in Stanhoe, Barwick, Barmer and Docking 15 August 1720.

4. Bill for cloth 1725-6.

5. The Case concerning Sir Thomas Hare's Will, & Provision for the Young Children (printed, c1688).

6. Letter of A Langford to John Ellis 6 August 1747.

7. Bill for cloth 1731-2.

8. Henry Crewys's bill for legal fees 1738-9.

9. Coachmaker's bill for Earl of Orford 1744-6.

10. Bill on being called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn (Edward Walpole) 1727.

11. Bill for horses, coaches, boats, porters, etc (Lord Walpole at Eton) 1747-8.

12. Recipt of annual rent (Robert Walpole to Philip Tubbing) 11 January 1676.

13. Bill for cloth (Lady Walpole) 1730.

14. Bill for mason's work at Chelsea for Sir Robert Walpole 1724.

15. Bill for waistcoats (Lord Orford) 1757.

16. Bill for wine (Sir Robert Walpole) 1730.

17. Bill for cloth, buttons, etc, 1718.

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Third bundle (bundle C)

1. Greengrocer's bill (Sir Robert Walpole at Hampton Court) August-October 1733.

2. Greengrocer's bill (Sir Robert Walpole) July-September 1733.

3. Greengrocer's bill (Sir Robert Walpole) October 1733.

4-5. Bill and receipt (freight of goods from London for Sir Robert Walpole) 1715.

6. Receipts (6) for bricks, etc, 1715.

7. Coachmaker's bills (3) 1747.

8-9. Notes (2) of rents 1711-12.

10. Arithmetical calculations no date, ? mid 18th century.

11. Memorandum of Mr Shorter's loans to Sir Robert Walpole 1702-9.

12. Arithmetical calculations 1710.

13. Colonel Walpole's expenses 11 July 1691.

14-15. Butcher's bills (Sir Robert Walpole) August-September 1733 (2 items)

16. Grocer's bills (4) 1733.

17. Note of Suffolk rents due (Hessett, Rougham) 1678.

18. Fragment of a letter by John Ellis 18 September 1755.

19. Estimate for glazing cellar windows and skylights 17 October 1737.

20. Edward Walpole's bill at Cambridge Midsummer 1688.

21. Recommendation of Sir Robert Walpole for posts under the Treasury no date, ? early-mid 18th century.

22. Rental 1697.

23. Note of rents due 1 October 1708.

24. Note of rents due by John Potter to Callibut Walpole 1615-26.

25. Bill for beer (Sir Robert Walpole at Hampton Court) 1733.

26. Letter of Edward Barkham to Robert Walpole about Littleport parsonage 9 December 1672.

27. Wharfage receipt (forty-one bundles of trees, etc) 1 November 1715.

28-29. Acknowledgements (2) of receipt of bills by William Moone 25 March 1758, 2 October 1759.

30. Letter by William Moone about missing sum of 500 17 March 1757.

31. Receipt (Edward Garret to Sir Robert Walpole) of year's interest on 100 3 March 1708.

32. Receipt by Christ's College, Cambridge, for 6-12-4 rent from lands in Harpley and Massingham 20 October 1670.

33. Receipt by Richard Hamond for 3 rent from Colonel Walpole (Burwell's lands) 12 November 1693.

34. Bill and receipt for oats 21 January 1721.

35. Receipt by John Allison for sum of 34-2-6 received from Sir Robert Walpole 3 April 1721.

36-41. Receipts (5) for sums of money received by the Earl of Orford 1757-8, with letter of William Moone acknowledging receipt of bills 27 January 1757 (no 40).

42. Account of money received by Edmond Cobb November 1720-March 1721.

43. Receipt (Lord Orford) 8 September 1759.

44. Bill of lading for timber shipped on the William for King's Lynn 30 September 1721.

45. Receipt for 40 (Robert Walpole) 4 April 1721.

46. Blacksmith's bill 1 April 1721.

47. Rent receipt for 2-10-0 (Robert Walpole) 1 April 1721.

48. Receipt (Lord Orford) for 500 and 10-10-0 1 February 1758.

49. Receipt for a grey mare (Lord Orford) 23 July 1756.

50. Letter of Charles Churchill enclosing copy of a draught by Lord Orford 28 December 1759.

51. Receipt (Lord Orford) for 36-15-0 and 31-10-0 4 March 1757.

52-53. Copies of bills for 301-5-0 and 315 sent to London by William Moone 14 January and 22 March 1758.

54. Letter of William Moone about bill of 300 29 July 1758.

55. Acknowledgement by William Moone of bills for 300 23 July 1757.

56. Letter of Lord Orford to John Balders asking for 200 9 April 1756.

57-58. Receipts (Lord Orford) for 51 and 280 16 July 1737 and 26 September 1758.

59. Instruction from Lord Orford for payment of 1,000 to Charles Churchill from rents 15 November 1759.

60. Order by Lord Orford for payment of 4-4-0 to Richard Hamond no date, c1759.

61-62. Lists (2) of sums received from tenants totalling respectively 1,303-15-1 and 672-7-0 20 and 21 January 1757.

63-71. Receipts (Lord Orford from John Balders) for 10-10-0, 21, 420, 10-10-0, 21, 100, 142, 200, 200 and 150 dated 8 and 10 September 1756, 22 January and 19 and 25 February 1759, and February-October 1757, except for receipt by Mr Hayes 10 September 1757 (no 64).

72. Advice of receipt by William Moone of bills for 301-5-0 19 January 1758.

73. Receipt (Lord Orford from John Balders) for 70 27 May 1758.

74. Acknowledgement of receipt by William Moone of bills for 300 14 April 1759.

75. Receipt for 25 for a brown gelding for Lord Orford 23 January 1757.

76. Receipt (Lord Orford) for 21 9 June 1756.

77. Letter of Charles Churchill acknowledging receipt of bills 21 February 1760.

78. Acknowledgement by William Moone of receipt of bills for 300 28 July 1759.

79. Bill of miscellaneous items (Lord Orford) 25 November 1771.

80. Bill (Mr Rogers to Robert Walpole) 1708-9.

81. Receipt for coal for Robert Walpole 30 May 1711.

82. Particular of Robert Walpole's manor of Hessett (Suffolk) no date, c1700.

83. Draft of letter about the will of Sir Thomas Hare no date.

84. Receipt (for part of Robert Walpole's purchase money of 1,500) 30 June 1681.

85. Receipt (for balance of Robert Walpole's purchase money, totalling 4,285-5-1) 13 July 1681.

86. Note of rents due no date, ?17th-18th century.

87. Account of payments to estate workers 1747.

88. Bill (Robert Walpole) 1707.

89-90. Bills (2) for pies, etc, at Hampton Court (Sir Robert Walpole) 1733.

91. Bill (Robert Walpole) 1711.

92. Bill for half year's tax (Robert Walpole) 1714-16.

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Fourth bundle (bundle D)

1-9. Miscellaneous bills and notes of expenses (9) 1680 and no date, ? late 17th century.

10. Account of wood at Hessett and Rougham (Suffolk) 18 July 1675.

11. Letter to Robert Walpole containing account for 283-10-0 19 November 1681.

12. Bill for medicine (Robert Walpole) July 1680.

13. Account of expenses and receipts in Suffolk 5 August 1681.

14. Release (Joseph Cook, yeoman, of Newton, Suffolk, to Robert Walpole) of errors, writs, etc, concerning a case in the Court of Common Pleas for 22 debt and 3 costs 1677.

15. Bill for shirts, etc, no date, ? late 17th century.

16. Copy of acquittance for taxes, etc (Daniel Cook) 1669.

17. Hessett and Rougham (Suffolk) rental 1678.

18. Letter of John Hoste to Robert Walpole 3 November 1691.

19. Letter to Robert Walpole from William Ruding, enclosing bills and rental 1677-80 for Wolne Hall 12 March 1677.

20-21. Rentals (2) for Hessett and Rougham 1679.

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Fifth bundle (bundle E)

1. Letter to Robert Walpole from Richard Ruding 6 October 1681.

2. Draft agreement for marriage settlement of Robert Walpole and Mary Burwell October 1678.

3. Note of trees set out at Hessett 17 January 1683.

4. Note of money lent and paid at London (11,105-2-2) 1681 (endorsed 'Rougham monys').

5. Note of trees at Hessett and Rougham no date, ? c1683.

6. Note of money expended in Suffolk and Thetford 1680.

7. Memorandum of agreement between Robert Walpole and Thomas Groome for the removal by Groome of timber at Wolne Hall 19 January 1684.

8. Wood account (Suffolk) 10 September 1676.

9. Account of expenses at Rougham and Hessett 1676.

10. Miscellaneous Suffolk bills and papers c1674-82 (one bundle), including Creeting expenses 1675 and manor court paper no date and letter of Richard Ruding 10 April 1681.

11. Letter of Matthew Kendall to Sir Charles Turner or Colonel Walpole about debts of Major Briggs 30 November 1699.

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First bundle (bundle A)

1. Answer of the Borough of Lynn to a petition of the Countess of Huntingdon no date, ? c1695 (printed).

2. Case of owners of lands adjoining the Bedford Level for the removal of a dam and sluice on the River Ouse no date, ? c1695 (printed).

3. Case of the Borough of King's Lynn as to navigation no date, ? c1695 (printed).

4. Answer of the Borough of King's Lynn to the Petition of the Countess of Huntingdon no date, ? c1695 (printed).

5. Map of Bedford Level no date, ? c1695 (printed).

Second bundle (bundle B)

1. Inventory of goods and chattels of John Dolman, yeoman, of Leizett distrained for rent arrears of 272-15-4 25 December 1747.

2. Letter to Ambrose Paine about a gift of trees by Lord Orford 6 February 1749.

3. Appraisement of goods and chattels of John Dolman after seizure 1 March 1747.

4. Settlement of account of John Dolman 21 January 1748.

5. Appraisement of goods of William Cousins, yeoman, of Dersingham seized for rent arrears 2 October 1746.

6. Account of sale of distrained stock of William Cousins 2 and 8 October 1746.

7. Inventory of goods of William Cousins, distrained for debt of 289-14-7 20 September 1746.

8. Letters of William Nixson to Ambrose Paine about estate matters 20 December 1748.

9. Account of sale of part of stock distrained from William Cousins 2 and 8 October 1746.

10. Valuation of goods of John Dolman 8 June 1747.

11. Appraisment of goods of Thomas Groome, innholder, of Great Massingham for rent arrears of 178-15-0 19 October 1742.

12. Bill of sale (Richard Parsons, shepherd, of Dersingham to Sir Robert Walpole) 1 January 1741.

13. Memorandum of sale of goods of John Dolman 24 March 1749.

14. Inventory of goods of Francis Turner, yeoman, of Bircham Tofts distrained for rent arrears of 206-15-8 12 November 1743.

15. Letter to Ambrose Paine about wool prices 20 May 1750.

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Third bundle (bundle C)

Executorship accounts and papers for Geoffrey Walpole, esquire, of Broomsthorpe (died 1726), including a copy of his will.

Fourth bundle (bundle D)

Executorship papers for the 1st Earl of Orford (1676-1745), including papers relating to the removal and sale of pictures and goods from Richmond and the Exchequer.

Fifth bundle (bundle E)

1-32. Miscellaneous letters received by Lord Orford 1770-2 (30 items), including some relating to estate and local political affairs, with letters of John Jews to Isaac Acton 23 January 1770 and Samuel Tenchet to Lord Elibank 3 April 1770 (nos 16, 31).

33. Letter from Lord Walpole to Lord Orford 8 March 1761.

34. Letter to Lord Orford about Norfolk militia 27 May 1761.

35. Letter to Thomas Walpole about Lady Orford's borough interest 18 Mary 1761.

36. Copy of letter from Lord Barrington to Major General Holmes relating to Norfolk militia 24 June 1759.

37-45. Miscellaneous letters received by Lord Orford 1756-9 (9 items).

46. Letter from Robert Mann to Lord Orford 9 Marach 1748.

47. Letter from Nathaniel Chambers to John Ellis 20 June 1746.

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First bundle (bundle A)

1. Agreement between Robert Walpole and Susan Packe, widow, of Creeting St Olaves for the farm of property (? in Creeting) 30 July 1682.

2. Copy court roll of manor of Tattersett (admitting Robert Walpole, son and heir of Sir Edward Walpole) 25 October 1670.

3. Disposition of Suffolk lands of Henry Colte 1 March 1633.

4. Copy of indenture relating to lands of Elizabeth Burwell, wife of Jeffrey Burwell 3 July 1638.

5. Note of expenses incurred in passing the privy seal for the Earl of Cholmondeley's allowance December 1743.

6. Articles of agreement for the sale of trees in Creeting St Mary (Robert Walpole, John Ratry, cooper, of Boxford and Simon Killbourne, cooper) 25 March 1680.

7. Obligation for 106 and release against errors after judgement (Marmaduke Macro and Robert Walpole) 1679.

8. Acknowledgement by Robert Walpole of bonds for sale of High Wood and Hickett Wood and Hickett Wood in Newton (Suffolk) to Edmund Alston of Newton 14 March 1670.

9. Obligation for 180 (Edmund Alston and Edward Walpole) 1658.

10. Articles of agreement for sale of trees for 200 (Robert Walpole and John Ratry, cooper, of Boxford) 17 January 1680.

11. Articles of agreement for sale of trees in Hessett for 200 (Robert Walpole and Thomas Sturgion, timber master, of Bury St Edmunds) 27 March 1683.

12. Articles of agreement for lease of land called South Down in Milbrook, Cornwall (Sir Robert Walpole and the Commissioners Victualling for His Majesty's Navy) 28 July 1729.

13. Draft additional jointure (John Shorter, esquire, of St Clement Danes and Elizabeth, his wife) 1687.

14. Account of bonds and notes due to Robert Walpole 3 July 1726.

15. Depositions in a cause between Samuel Rolle, esquire, complainant, and Hugh Fortescue, esquire, and others, defendants 18 August 1714.

16. Statement of obligations of Sir Thomas Hare of Stowe Bardolph to Ralph Hare in connection with the will of George Dashwood 19 April 1683.

17. Draft articles of agreement between Sir Jeffrey Burwell of Rougham (Suffolk) and Sir Edward Barkham, baronet, of Westacre, Sir Thomas Woodhouse of Kimberley and Edward Chamberlayne, esquire, of Little Massingham for the marriage of Robert Walpole, esquire, and Mary Burwell 1670.

18. Articles of agreement concerning goods and chattels (Sir Jeffrey Burwell and Elizabeth, his wife, and Robert Walpole and his wife, Mary) 1 October 1670.

19. Grant of 300 a year pension to Sophia Buckley, spinster, 1661-2.

20. Particulars of land in Harpley 1713.

21. Memorandum by Callibut Walpole of the sale of land in Weybread (Suffolk) to his son Robert Walpole by the Neeche and Danford families no date, 17th century.

22. Letter of attorney by Robert Coulty, yeoman, of Heacham appointing Charles Turner his agent for lands in the manor of Kirkhall in Rockland 4 November 1693.

23. Account of quit rents received for manors of West Winch and Finchams to Michaelmas 1716 24 October 1717.

24. Rate assessment (Great Bircham) 20 June 1702.

25. Draft articles of agreement for a lease of property in Bircham Newton no date, ? 17th-18th century.

26. Valuation of Great Bircham no date, ? 17th-18th century.

27. Obligation for 24 (Thomas Bone, glazier, of Castle Rising and Edmund Hamond of South Wootton) 28 September 1691.

28. Articles of agreement for a lease of property in Harpley for seven years at 6 a year from Robert Walpole to William Frankling, baker, of Harpley 20 November 1704.

29. Obligation for 8,000 (Robert Walpole and Michael Richards of Charlton, Kent) 29 July 1713.

30. Copy of no 18.

31. Direction by Geoffrey Walpole that Robert Parsons, who holds the office of Comptroller General of Customs on his behalf, shall if he outlives him pay 600 annually to his widow, with reversion of Sir Robert Walpole on her death or remarriage 19 May 1726.

32. Memorandum of Norfolk and Suffolk lands for Mrs Pelham's jointure no date, c1698.

33. Particulars of Lord Townshend's manor of Abbotts Lesning 24 June 1697, with attached letter from Henry Sorrell to Robert Walpole, esquire, MP 5 April 1698.

34. Letter of Nicholas Jacob about a mortgage 5 May 1684.

35. Letter from Robert Walpole to Mr Britiffe about Crostwight estate purchase 31 May ? 1720.

36. Abstract of the title of the estate of Charles Harman alias Le Gross, esquire, no date, ? c1720.

37. Copy of no 36.

38. Memorandum of agreement between Robert Walpole and John Codingham, brickmaker, for delivery of 300,000 bricks 4 June 1717.

39. Deposition of Edmund Rolfe concerning debts of William Allen of King's Lynn, receiver general of the land tax, 27 July 1730.

40. Final agreement concerning manor of Waldingfield Hall between Michael Arymyne, esquire, and Robert Appleton, esquire, and William Arymyne and Anne, his wife, Sir Ralph Hare, baronet, and Mary, his wife, Edmund Bacon, esquire, and Elizabeth, his wife, and Edward Walpole, esquire, and Susan, his wife, 1652.

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Second bundle (bundle B)

1. Tailor's bill (Lord Orford) 1747-8.

2. Bill for wine, etc (Lord Orford) 1746.

3. Bill to Lord Orford for Lord Walpole's expenses at Eton 22 March 1748.

4. Receipt in connection with the annuity paid by Robert Parsons to the widow of Geoffrey Walpole 25 June 1742.

5. Bill for Lord Walpole's expenses at Eton 28 March 1747.

6. Bill for wine, etc (Lord Orford) 18 February 1748.

7. Abstract of tradesmen's bills 26 March 1746.

8. Receipt of Lord Chief Justice Willis and Mrs Le Neve to Lord Orford for 6,000 annuities held under the late Lord Orford's will in trust for Lady Maria Walpole 19 June 1745.

Third bundle (bundle C)

Miscellaneous receipts 1745-50.


1. Account between Lord Orford and George Oswald 1742-4.

2. Rentals (6) of Devon manors no date, ? 18th century.

3-4. Crostwight estate accounts (2) 1727-8, 1728-9.

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Table in centre of the muniment room

Maps, plans and drawings are kept in large portfolios according to type (A-K series). Predominantly these are of eighteenth century date, and include many, unsigned, by Thomas Ripley.

A series (architectural drawings and plans of Houghton Hall):

A/1. Plan and elevation of the main exterior staircase.

A/2. Elevation of rusticated basement and feet of four columns. 'Mary Heacham the 1 May 1778'.

A/3. Plan and elevation (Picture Gallery).

A/4. Ceiling and cove for a long room, doorcase (Picture Gallery).

A/5. Elevations of three interior walls.

A/6. Plan and elevation of interior wall of three bays, door in centre bay, decoration of ceiling, fireplace, etc (Marble Parlour).

A/7. Plan and elevation of three bay end of room (Marble Parlour).

A/8. Further plan and elevation (Marble Parlour).

A/9. Ceiling plan (Marble Parlour).

A/10. Plan and elevation of four walls, with doorcases and niches (Ante-Room).

A/12. Working plan of 'Area of the Great Stairs' (Grand Staircase well).

A/13. Elevation of 'Side next the Arcade' (north side of Grand Staircase well).

A/14. 'Ceiling and cove for the Room Next the N East Corner Bedchamber' (Embroidered Bedroom).

A/15. Ceiling of dressing room next the north-west corner bedchamber (Tapestry Dressing Room).

A/16. Ceiling of north-west corner bedchamber with cornice (Green Velvet State Bedroom).

A/17. 'Ceiling of ye drawing room' (White Drawing Room).

A/18. Plan and elevation of fireplace.

A/19. Plan and elevation of room with shelves on three walls.

A/20. Elevation of one wall of room with central fireplace, doors on either side, interspersed book cases.

A/21. Elevation of doorcases (Ante-Room entrance from North Circular Passage).

A/22. Elevation of interior wall, pilasters and Corinthian capitals.

A/23 Plan and elevations of a three room block.

A/24. Section of a bay with lights above.

A/25. Plan and elevations of a kitchen with ranges, shelves, etc.

A/26. Plan and section of a long room with ceiling, stair at end outside room.

A/27. Plan of ceiling with decoration.

A/28. Plan of three bay ceiling in great detail.

A/29. Hanging plan for pictures.

A/30. Working plan of arcades connecting Main block and Subsidiary blocks.

A/31. Plan of House, Arcade, Subsidiary block.

A/32. Plan of Arcade block, etc.

A/33. Part of plan including Picture Gallery, Vestibule, Colonnade, Chapel.

A/34. Plan of Colonnade block.

A/34a. Plan of Colonnade block, Main block (part) and Subsidiary block (part).

A/35. Plan of House, Colonnade, Subsidiary block.

A/36. 'First plan of ye stables and 2d of Do' with 'Memd ordered 28 thousand Long Brick for ye Groins 1 foot 1' Long Width and thickness ye same ...'

A/37. Working plan of three sided Stable Courtyard block.

A/38. Working plan of long narrow range of building.

A/39. Working plan of three sided Stable Courtyard block.

A/40. Elevation of Stable block (? north front).

A/41. Elevation of Stable block (? north front).

A/42. Elevation of Stable block ( ? east front).

A/43. Elevation and plan of Stable block.

A/44. Elevation of Stable block.

A/45. Elevation of Stable block.

A/46. Elevation of Stable block.

A/47. Plan of Stable block with offices (incomplete), double avenue by farmyard wall.

A/48. Entablature for a room. 'To Mr Ambrose Pain at The Right Honourable Sir Robert Walpole's seat Houghton'.

A/49. Elevation of building with lantern, joints and struts, stone casing.

A/50. Plan of pump and waterworks.

A/51. Plan of horse wheel and pumping engine.

A/52. Map of new house and park, including closes and waterworks.

A/53. Plan and section of wedge shaped piece of ground descending in four shallow steps. 24 March 1738.

A/54. Another version of A/53, with house drawn in.

A/55. Outline plan of Houghton Hall and Stables, etc, with Terrace and Park.

A/56. Rough outline of Stable and offices, with the Oval.

A/57. Plan of Houghton with the Stables and South Avenue showing the sink holes and cracks than have appeared in the ground.

A/58. Map of part of Houghton Park, showing the Serpentine Lake and woods.

A/59. Plan of Servants' Hall, Kitchen, Yard, and ancillary rooms (Houghton South Wing).

A/60. Plan of Servants' Hall, Kitchen and Yard (Houghton South Wing).

A/61. Plan of principal floor at Houghton Hall.

A/62. Plan of basement at Houghton Hall.

A/63. Plan of first floor at Houghton Hall.

A/64. Further Houghton Hall plan.

A/65. Plan of Houghton Common Parlour.

A/66-67 Two further Houghton Hall plans.

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B series (architectural plans and drawings of Houghton Church):

B/1. Plan of Church, with attached estimate for paving, timber, roofing, plaster, etc.

B/2. Plan of Church porch.

B/3. Elevation of Church tower and part of nave, with measurements.

B/4. Elevation of Church tower and part of nave.

B/5. Elevation of Church tower.

B/6. Elevation of Church tower, door on ground floor, two light window on first floor, quatrefoil opening, pinnacles.

B/7. Elevation of west end of Church.

B/8. Elevation of small building with gothic arches in large central bay and one smaller bay either side.

B/9. Elevation of bay with arch.

B/10. Elevation of Church tower and part of nave, pinnacles.

B/11. Plan and elevation of Church aisle, with panelling of pews.

B/12. Plan and elevation of interior of Church, with arches, stalls and pulpit.

B/13. Elevation of commandments board for rear of communion table.

B/14. Plan and elevation of Houghton Church font.

C series (architectural plans for large houses other than Houghton):

C/1. Plan of large house (about 170 feet long), with stables at one end.

C/2. Plan of square house block (about sixty feet square).

C/3. Plan and elevations of a west gallery and a south gallery (not Houghton Hall).

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D series (architectural plans for Downing Street house, etc):

D/1. Plan of large house, one block on courtyard plan but the main block rectangular.

D/2. Plan of large courtyard house, with frontage onto a park.

D/3. Plan of Downing Street house, with Stable Yard, Terrace and Garden.

D/4. House plan (house about ninety feet long), with 'one pair of Stairs as it is propos'd to be'.

D/5. Plan of base storey of 'House in the Park'.

D/6. Plan of house, principal storey, with one pair of stairs.

D/7. Plan of formal garden, with canal, orangeries, 'Gate next Colledge', long pond, etc, with estimates for gravel, turf and other items.

D/8. Plan of piece of garden, near winding road next Paradise Row, with 'the summerhouse next the Thames', 'The Colledge Creek contiguous to the Rt Honourable Robert Walpole Esquire's Gardens', fountains and iron rails.

E series (architectural plans for cottages on the Norfolk estate):

E/1. Plans and elevations of the houses at New Houghton c1729.

E/2. Plan of a cottage, one room down and two up.

E/3. Plan of cottages at Great Bircham 1847.

E/4-5. Plans (2) of cottages.

E/6. Plan and elevation of schoolmaster's house at Great Massingham.

E/7. Plan and elevation of pair of cottages with section of roof and walls.

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F series (architectural plans and drawings for Home Farm, Houghton, c1730s):

F/1. Plans, elevations and sections of farmhouse (three bays, central door, two storeys, and attic), with semi-detached cottage or service block (two storeys), aisled barn and farm buildings.

F/2. Plan and elevation (similar to F/1).

F/3. Plan of farmhouse, aisled barn, stables and stalls (similar to F/1).

F/4. Plan and elevation of farmhouse of two and a half storeys with through passage, two and a half storey wing at back and lean-to at side.

F/5. Plan and elevation of farmhouse (three bays, central door, two storeys and attic).

F/6. Plan, elevation and section of farmhouse (central door, two bays either side, end stacks, outshot at back).

F/7. Plan of ground and first floor of farmhouse (ground entrance hall and three rooms, first landing and five rooms).

F/8. Plan of house (central door, two bays either side, one octagonal room, one round room, back rooms, back courtyard, service rooms beyond court and on either side).

F/9. Plan of house as in F/8.

F/10. Plan and elevation of farmhouse for four bays.

F/11. Plan and elevation of farmhouse (almost central door, three windows one side, three and one blocked on other side, four stacks, two storeys and attic, seventy-four feet in length).

F/12. Plan of a very large house (similar to C/1).

F/13. Plan of four rooms and stair.

F/14. Plan of four rooms and stair. 'Mr Brown'.

F/15. As F/13.

F/16. Plan, section and elevation of service block (steward's parlour, servants' hall, dairy, chicken yard, etc).

F/17. Rough plan of farmhouse and farmyards.

F/18. Plan and elevation of large house in courtyard form (main block of five bays, central door, two storeys and attic, gatehouse, side-wings divided).

F/19. Plan of unidentified rooms and corridor.

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G series (architectural plans for farm buildings, etc):

G/1. Plan of barn, ninety-five feet long.

G/2. Outline plan of building 100 feet long ('Houghton').

G/3. Plan and section of aisled barn ('Stanor-Barn').

G/4. Plan, elevation and section of carthouse, with room above.

G/5. Plan of barn at Dersingham 1836.

G/6. Plan of presumed barn sixty feet long, enclosed in a large yard, with plan of house superimposed at outside corner of yard.

G/7. Plan of extensive kennels, with named rooms, yards, measurements.

G/8. Plan of service courtyard, with granary, barn, huntsmen's stable, etc.

G/9. Plan and section of 'Mr Pigg's Barn'.

G/10. Plan and elevation of a building (? cartshed).

G/11. Plan and section of large cistern or water tank.

G/12. Plan of a portion of a garden.

H series (miscellaneous plans and elevations). Not seen February 1994, but understood to be framed and hanging in the Estate Office:

H/1-4. Plans, elevations and sections for a lodge (4 items).

H/5-6. Plans and elevations for an octagonal building with four radial wings and dome or weathervane (2 items).

H/7. Plan and two elevations for proposed Swaffham market cross, with covering letter by Samuel Fleming and William Sidle.

H/8- Plan and elevations for Swaffham market cross by William Wilkins, junior,

10 1782 (3 items).

H/11-12 Plans and elevations for a triangular building with cupola and pillars (? Swaffham market cross) (2 items).

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I series (miscellaneous items):

I/1. Coat of arms with crest and decoration.

I/2. Fragment of grid like plan.

I/3. Estimate of lengths in rods and feet.

I/4. Rough drawings of leaf motifs.

I/5. Elevation of flat vase and flowers.

I/6. Elevation and section of mouldings.

J series (Panoramas, etc):

J/1-3 Unidentified landscape, with many churches, in three parts.

J/4. Panorama of Heanton Satchville (Devon), probably by Thomas Badeslade c1720.

J/5. Panorama, apparently also of Heanton Satchville, c1720.

J/6. View of large house and gardens, with landscape in background.

J/7-8 Plan of Heanton Satchville house and gardens (in 2 pieces)

J/9-10 Plans of Heanton Satchville house, gardens and park (2 items)

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K series (miscellaneous maps of Norfolk estate):

K/1-2 Map of the Closes (in 2 pieces).

K/3. Map of Houghton new village ? late 18th century.

K/4. 'Houghton survey' 17th century.

K/5-13 Maps of Houghton closes 17th century (9 items).

K/14. Map of four closes adjacent to the Nursery and Kitchen Garden (Houghton) no date, ? 17th-18th century.

K/15. Map of farmstead and closes at Crostwight 17th century.

K/16-22 Maps of Bircham fields and closes 19th century (7 items).

K/23. Map of Bircham Moor 18th century.

Other maps, not in the classified series:

1. 'Houghton manor previous to the Buildinge the New Town' 1720.

2. Houghton manor 1720 (apparently a rough draft of the preceding map).

3. Houghton no date, ? c1800.

4. Houghton Hall (new house with park) no date, ? c1720.

5. Old Houghton houses and environs, with village and avenues, no date, ? c1700.

6-7. Great Bircham (by John Madison) c1600 (in 2 pieces).

8. Bircham Newton manor 1720 (apparently a rough draft for the following map).

9. Bircham Newton manor (by Thomas Badeslade) 1720.

10. Bircham Tofts 1720 (apparently a rough draft for the following map).

11. Bircham Tofts (by Thomas Badeslade) 1720.

12. Field map of Dersingham parish with the manors of Brooke Hall and Shouldhams no date, ? early 18th century.

13. Ling House Farm, Dersingham, drawn for Robert Britiffe (by Robert Nicholson) 1693 (4 small pieces).

14. Great Massingham (by Thomas Badeslade) no date, ? 1720.

15. Great Massingham (by Thomas Badeslade) 1720 (apparently a rough draft of the preceding map).

16. Syderstone (by Thomas Badeslade) 1720.

17. Survey of the two estates of Mr Thomas Phillips in Westwick and Scottow (by Philip Wissiter) no date, ? 17th century.

18. Witton (Norfolk) no date, ? late 18th century.

19. Electoral map of Castle Rising borough (by H Englestown) no date, ? 18th century.

20. Map of Cholmondeley estates in West Winch, North Runcton and Setchey 1817, with East Winch survey 1817.

21. Houghton, Great Bircham, Bircham Newton, Bircham Tofts, West Rudham and Harpley (by John Hill) 1836.

22. Houghton and the Birchams no date, ? early 19th century.

23. Proposed plan for new Houghton Hall and Park (? by Charles Bridgeman) no date, ? early 18th century.

Great Bircham map 1753 (number not allocated).

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Room across corridor from muniment room

Extensive papers of Sybil (1894-1990), Marchioness of Cholmondeley, including business papers, personal papers, papers and photographs relating to pictures, household contents and household management at Houghton and Kensington Gardens, and family correspondence and papers; correspondence of Sir Philip AGD Sassoon (1888-1939), 3rd Bt, including letters from Reginald Baliol Brett (1852-1930), 2nd Viscount Esher, and Alfred CW Harmsworth (1856-1922), 1st Viscount Northcliffe (2 filing cabinets and over 20 archive boxes).

Book room (adjoining muniment room)

Patents and appointments (Cholmondely family) from 1689; petition from Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth, Baroness Willoughby de Eresby, to the 1st Marquess of Cholmondeley about the Hereditary Great Chamberlainship of England c1820 (8 boxes and one loose item in cupboard to right of the further door from the muniment room).

Houghton visitors book, book of drawings, photograph albums and printed map (on table near middle of the room).

Numerous family photograph albums (on bookshelf to left of the further door from the muniment room).

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Houghton Library catalogues no date (17th century), no date (18th century), 1793 (3 volumes, on table).

Houghton estate survey by Joseph Hill 1800 (one volume, on table).

Classified summary

Butler's bedroom

Executorship accounts (Marquess of Cholmondeley) 1840-2, 1870-1 and papers relating to family financial affairs 19th-20th century.

Norfolk manorial court rolls and books 1558-1947, minute books 1787-1925, receipt account books 1892-1925 and quit rental book 1806; Grimston manor rental 1650.

Norfolk tenancy papers 20th century, including agreements 1905-40 and list of tenancies mid 20th century, including agreements 1905-40 and list of tenancies mid 20th century.

Norfolk maps, plans and surveys 18th-20th century, including Houghton map c1804, map of estates for sale 1886, Crostwight survey book 1807 and reference books for a family settlement 1904.

Norfolk rental and account books 1834-1976 and vouchers c1940-80; accounts of materials and produce supplied 1920-59; Cholmondeley Estates Company account books 1966-78; game books c1874-1964 and beat books 1939-41.

General Norfolk estate papers 19th-20th century, including minute books 1888-1919 and letter books c1911-19, rates valuation books 1928-33, docket books 1920s and extensive papers relating to legal cases, taxation, sales and valuations of property, etc.

Norfolk estate farms surveys early 20th century, rental books 1915-77, account books 1886-1964 and vouchers c1936-46.

Norfolk estate cottages rental books 1915-75, account books 1930-64, memoranda books c1912 and c1925, allotments book 1921 and competition marks book 1919.

Records of Norfolk woods, timber and sawmill 1874-1975.

Norfolk tithe awards and papers 1831-9, early 20th century.

Deeds, leases, accounts and papers relating to the Harpley (Norfolk) estate 17th-18th century.

Burnham Norton, Overy, Heacham, Snettisham and Dersingham drainage charges ledger 1917-18.

Houghton mansion plans 19th-20th century; miscellaneous papers relating to mansion repairs c1907-68, including accounts c1939, c1953-64; miscellaneous household inventories and papers 20th century, including wine cellar books 1914-66 and papers relating to Houghton shop c1970-89; London household account book 1919; papers relating to the Marquess of Cholmondeley's Kensington flat mid 20th century.

Houghton Holly Hill Cottage Building Fund account books 1857-71; Houghton Social Club rule book 1905, account books 1928-58 and minute book 1947-59.

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Muniment room

Deeds, evidences of title and related papers 14th-18th century, mainly Norfolk, but including some for Suffolk 14th-17th century.

Executorship accounts and papers, Geoffrey Walpole of Broomsthorpe (died 1726) and the first Earl of Orford (1676-1745); trust accounts (Lady Maria Walpole) 1743-4; marriage articles and related papers (Mary Burwell and Robert Walpole) 1670-1; inventory of goods of Robert Walpole of Heighteanton 1663; will of Ann Cob 1689.

Miscellaneous legal papers 15th-18th century, including abstract of title to the estate of Charles Harman c1720 and legal accounts (first Earl of Orford) 1720-4.

Manor court books for Sloley 1553-4, 1578-85 and for Syderstone 1609-19; Bircham Newton manor court rolls 1648, 1660; Grimston manor index book 1650-1780; West Winch quit rent accounts 1717; papers relating to Norfolk manors c1944-50.

Leases and tenancy and sporting agreements 17th-20th century, including list of leases 1762-1810, with miscellaneous leases for Suffolk 17th century and one for Milbrook (Cornwall) 1729.

Norfolk maps, surveys, particulars and valuations 17th-19th century, including Great Bircham map c1600, Crostwight map 17th century, Houghton survey 17th century, Syderstone and Chiplow particulars 1684-1700 and field books, maps and books of reference for Houghton, Bircham Newton and Bircham Tofts 1720, etc.

Norfolk rentals 17th-19th century, including Bircham Tofts 1626, 1689 (with extent), Great Bircham 1647, 1661 and Syderstone 1681-2.

Miscellaneous Norfolk estate accounts 18th-mid 19th century, including Castle Rising rent accounts 1703-18, and vouchers and receipts late 17th century-1913 (mainly c1830-53, 1911-13); game books 1833-4, 1857.

Miscellaneous general Norfolk estate correspondence and papers 17th-19th century, including memoranda, tax assessments and papers relating to prosecutions of tenants for arrears mid-18th century.

Norfolk farm and cottage plans 18th-20th century, rent and memorandum books 19th century and miscellaneous accounts and bills 19th century.

Houghton timber survey 1816.

Syderstone tithe award c1838.

Miscellaneous papers relating to the Harpley estate 17th century, including an account book of John Neale, carpenter, 1662-81.

Hessett and Rougham (Suffolk) estate accounts and papers c1674-1700, including rental 1678-9.

Miscellaneous receipts and papers for Littleport parsonage estate (Cambridgeshire) 16th-17th century.

Devonshire rentals (6) 18th century; survey of Fremnells in Downham (Essex) 1629.

Houghton mansion building records c1717-49, including masons' accounts 1732-3, 1748-9 and journal of work done 1732-5; architectural plans and drawings 18th-20th century, mainly 18th century; accounts and inventories of books, pictures and plate 1726-33, 1748, 1752 and household inventories 1792, 1888-1911; miscellaneous household accounts c1797-1820; cellar accounts 1749 and inventory 1750; visitors' books 1826-88, 1901-15, insurance papers 1840s and miscellaneous papers 20th century.

Architectural drawings for London houses 18th century and miscellaneous Heanton Satchville (Devon) plans 18th century.

Miscellaneous household expenses of the first Earl of Orford (1676-1745), including Chelsea house 1724 and Hampton Court 1733.

Houghton church drawings and plans 18th century; Houghton parish constables' and overseers' records 1738-1835; Castle Rising burgages book 1714 and electoral map 18th century.

Personal and family accounts, vouchers, bills, receipts and financial papers (Walpole

family) 17th-18th century, mainly for the second Earl of Orford c1756-60, but including Colonel Robert Walpole (died 1700) and the first Earl of Orford; financial and business papers of Callibut Walpole late 16th-17th century; family letters 17th-18th century, including correspondence of the third Earl of Orford c1756-72; diary of Lady Emily Kingscote 1874; accounts of Thomas Badeslade for his estate maps and surveys 1720.

Appointment (Earl of Cholmondeley) 1708; expenses in passing the Privy Seal 1743 (Earl of Cholmondeley); medicine accounts (Earl of Cholmondeley) 1797-8 and personal bills of Lord Henry Cholmondeley c1835; MS genealogical volume for the Cholmondeley family 17th century.

Pell papers 16th-17th century, incuding Dersingham deeds and agreements 16th-17th century, legal papers 17th century (with marriage articles 1613), Dersingham receipts 1579-1642, appointment of High Sheriff 1670 (John Pell) and correspondence and miscellaneous papers 17th century.

Acts of Parliament and printed pamphlets and books 16th-19th century and engraved maps 18th-19th century; miscellaneous papers 18th-20th century, including MS antiquarian volume for Great Massingham parish (? 18th century).

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Other locations

Houghton estate survey (Joseph Hill) 1800.

Houghton library catalogues (3) 17th century, 18th century, 1793; Houghton visitors' book ? late 19th or 20th century.

Patents and appointments (Cholmondeley family) from 1689; petition by the Baroness Willoughby de Eresby c1820.

Correspondence and papers of Sybil (1894-1990), Marchioness of Cholmondeley; correspondence of Sir Philip AGD Sassoon (1888-1939), third Baronet.

Photograph albums and miscellaneous items, including drawings for Swaffham market cross 1782.

Principal related collections

Cambridge University Library

Deeds 14th-19th century, mainly Norfolk; miscellaneous legal papers, mainly 16th-18th century, including some of the Pell family of Dersingham; manorial records for Norfolk 14th-18th century; Norfolk leases, surveys, valuations and rentals 16th-18th century and estate accounts, vouchers and papers 1508-1866, including bailiff's accounts 1508-32, tithe account book 1644-69, and timber, granary and farm accounts 18th century; household accounts 17th-18th century, with inventory of plate 1756; stables' building accounts 1727-38; Civil War rate assessments 1645-9; family correspondence and papers 17th-early 19th century, mainly Treasury and other papers of Sir Robert Walpole (1676-1745), first Earl of Orford; papers of the Pell family 1586-1662, including Civil War and other papers of Sir Valentine Pell; miscellaneous MS volumes 16th-18th century, including copy-letter book of Sir Francis Walsingham 1570-3 and legal notebook of Jeffrey Burwell 17th century.

Deposited by the fifth Marquess of Cholmondeley 1951 and purchased 1984. GA Chinnery, A Handlist of the Cholmondeley (Houghton) MSS (1953); NRA 7114.

Norfolk Record Office

Court books and miscellaneous records of Norfolk manors (Crostwight, etc) 1657-19th century.

CF/EB. Deposited by Standley & Co, solicitors, Norwich 1964. NRA 34852.

Norfolk Record Office

Norfolk manor court minutes (Great Massingham, etc) and miscellaneous estate papers 18th-20th century, including rentals for Grimston 1819-28 and the Norfolk estate 1766-7, 1834.

PR/JP. Deposited by Pounder, Brown & Gethin, solicitors, King's Lynn 1971. NRA 34853.

Norfolk Record Office

Walpole papers 13th-19th century, collected by HL Bradfer-Lawrence, including miscellaneous deeds (Bedfordshire, Devon, Norfolk and Somerset) 13th-18th century, table of reference to a Dersingham estate map 1720, rentals for Dersingham c1300, 16th century and Houghton 1773, Crostwight estate accounts 1751-4 and letters of James Christie about the valuation of pictures at Houghton 1778.

Presented 1967 by Lt Colonel PL Bradfer-Lawrence and Mrs BE Grey. NRA 27666.

Cheshire Record Office

Deeds for Cheshire 12th-19th century and Denbighshire, Flintshire, London, Lancashire, and Shropshire, etc, 13th-18th century; wills, settlements, executorship and legal papers 16th-19th century; Cheshire manorial records 15th-19th century, including manor and hundred of Nantwich 1547-1840; miscellaneous manorial records for other counties 14th-18th century; Cheshire estate records 16th-20th century, including Leftwich salt-making accounts 1623-1726; papers relating to estates in London, Kent, Suffolk and Surrey 1741-1816 and Carmarthenshire rentals 1813-27; Rocksavage household accounts 1627; Cholmondeley Castle building records and inventories 18th-19th century; papers relating to Cheshire local affairs 17th-20th century; patents and commissions 16th-19th century; Cholmondeley family correspondence and papers 16th-20th century; miscellaneous papers from 14th century, including cartulary of Scrope family of Bolton (Yorkshire) late 14th century, accounts for Huntingdonshire manors of Sir John Paynell 1399-1410, and letters patent 1398 and accounts 1522-3, 1542-3 for Arundel College, with Arundel rental 1558.

DCH. Deposited by the fifth and sixth Marquesses of Cholmondeley 1952-78.

Other related collections include deeds, family and estate papers 13th-20th century of the Walpole family, Barons Walpole of Wolterton (British Library, Dep 9201, and Norfolk Record Office, NRS 27328; NRA 27664), Puddletown (Dorset) deeds, manorial records and estate papers 16th-19th century (Dorset Record Office, D/Pud; NRA 7916), and deeds and estate records 13th-20th century of the Cholmondeley family, Barons Delamere (Cheshire Record Office, DBC).

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Appendix one

The following is a list of the engraved maps (EM series) kept in the second cupboard in the Muniment Room.

1. Chart of Hudson's Bay, Baffin's Bay, Labrador Coast, etc. C Middleton, 1743.

2. Chart of Coast of Brittany and Normandy, 1758.

3. Plan of St. Malo. Jno Rocque, London, 1758.

4. Sketch of the Action between the British Forces and the American Provincials on the Heights of the Peninsula of Charlestown on the 17th June 1775. Jefferys & Faden, London, 1775.

5. Map of the River Po and surrounding country. J Covens & C. Mortier, Amsterdam, 1735.

6. Plan of City and Fortifications of Louisburg from a survey by Richard Gridley 1745. Thomas Jefferys, Charing Cross, 1757.

7. Map of the English Channel. Dedicated to Lord Anson by P Lea. Printed for Thomas Bowles in St Paul's churchyard & John Bowles & Son at the Black Horse in Cornhill. No date.

8. Plan of City and Harbour of Rochefort, published by E Oakley, 1757, with Plan of City of St Martins in the Island of Re. Jno Rocque, Strand, 1757.

9. Map of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland 18th century.

10. A New and Exact Map of France, with plans of towns, cities and fortifications. Sold by Thomas Jefferys. No date.

11. Plan of the City, Port, and Fortifications of Brest and Recourrance. Published by E Oakley, 1757.

12. Germaniae. L'Empire D'Allemagne. J Covens & C Mortier, Amsterdam. No date. 18th century.

13. Map of the eastern seaboard of America from Long Island to the St Lawrence. No date. 18th century.

14. MS map of the Action gained by the English on the Heights of Abraham September 1759. With key. No date. 18th century.

15. An Accurate Map of the County of Essex ... by Eman Bowen. Printed for John Bowles and Robert Sayer. No date.

16. Map of the Gouvernement General de Bretagne ... par le Sr Robert. 1751.

17. Plan of the City of Hanover and the Country Adjacent. By Ernst Eberhard Braun Ing, 1750. Engraved and published by T Jefferys, 1757.

18. A Plan of Harwich Camp by B Saxton of the East Norfolk Regiment. Engraved by Ashby & Neele, Russell Court, Covent Garden, 1781.

19. The Province of New York, New Jersey, with Part of Pensilvania and the Province of Quebec. Drawn by Major Holland, Surveyor General, of the Northern District in America. Corrected and improved, from the original, by Governor Pownall, Member of Parliament, 1776. Printed for Robert Sayer & John Bennett, London, 1776.

20. MS Plan of Charles Fort, Gosport. Copied in Mr Rivett's school by Robert Beevor, May 1782.

21. Map of the Country round Prague showing the Junction and March of the Prussian Army to the Field of Battle ... May 6 1757. With a Plan of the City of Prague with the Prussian Camp and Batteries 1757. Published by Thomas Jefferys, 1757.

22. The Theatre of War in the Kingdom of Bohemia. Drawn from the Survey of JC Muller ... by Thomas Jefferys, 1757.

23. MS Plan of Fort Louis, with the new Fortifications. J Sheldrake, Royal Artillery, 28 August 1780.

24. Map of Indian tribes round Mississippi with inset A New Map of Hudson's Bay and Labrador. No date. 18th century.

25. Carte des Possessions Angloises et Francoises du Continent de L'Amerique Septentrionale. I Palairet, Londres 1756.

26. MS Plan of Redoubt for Defence of the Mouth of Senegal River. Projected by JP Dermurch, August 30th 1758. Coloured. Copied in Mr Rivett's School by Robert Beevor, June 1782.

27. Estats de la Couronne de Boheme.. Par Le Sr Sanson, Paris. No date. 18th century.

28. Plan of the City of Norwich. Surveyed by Anthony Hochstetten. Engraved by Samuel John Neele, London, 1789.

29. Another copy of 28.

30. A Map of the British and French Dominions in North America ... by Jno Mitchell. Printed for Jefferys & Faden, 1755.

31. Africa. Engraved by James Wallis. No date.

32. Plan of the Battle of Maxen, 20-21 June 1759. No date.

33. Plan of Minorca. With insets of Western Mediterranean and plan of fortifications of St Philips, etc. Francis Aegidius Assiotti. 1780.

34. South-East England, the Channel, and North-West France. No date. French.

35. Plan of Encampment of First or Western Battalion of the Norfolk Regiment Militia, near Aldborough in Suffolk. Drawn by Mostyn Jno Armstrong, Ensign, 26 August 1779. Published 1779.

36. Theatre de la Guerre en Austriche, Baviere, Souabe, Le Tirol et le Pays aux Environs. J Covens & C. Mortier, Amsterdam. No date. 18th century.

37. Asia. No date. ? 19th century.

38. Historical Map of the Roman Empire and the Neighbouring Barbarous Nations. By Monsieur William Del Isle. London, 1709. Printed for H Moll, Thomas Bowles, John Bowles, & Phillip Overton.

39. Map of Palestine Exhibiting its Scriptural Divisions. W Hughes. No date.

40. The Navy League map, illustrating British Naval History. W & AK Johnston, June 1898.

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Appendix two

The following is a list of the Acts of Parliament, printed pamphlets, etc (the PP series) kept in the second cupboard in the Muniment Room.

1. Mr Claude's Answer to Monsieur de Meaux's Book, intituled A Conference with Mr Claude, with his letter to a Friend, Wherein He Answers a Discourse of M de Condon, now Bishop of Meaux, concerning the Church. Guil. Needham, London, 1687.

2. Observations on the Manufacture, Trade, and Present State of Ireland. By John Lord Sheffield. London, 1785.

3. Les Loisirs du Chevalier D'Eon de Beaumont ... pendant son sejour en Angleterre. Tome quatrieme. Amsterdam, 1774.

4. The Necessity of Lowering Interest and Continuing Taxes, demonstrated. In a Letter to GB. London, 1786.

5. The Present Necessity of distinguishing Publick Spirit from Party. London, 1786.

6. The Soveraigne Power of Parliament & Kingdomes or Second Part of the Treachery and Disloialty of Papists to their Soveraignes ... Printed by Order of the Committee of the House of Commons concerning Printing, 28 March 1643. London, 1643.

7. Spanish Merchant's Address to all Candid and Impartial Englishmen...occasioned by a Pamphlet, entitled, An Address to the Electors, and other free Subjects of Great Britain; occasioned by the late secession, etc. London, 1789.

8. A Bill Intituled, An Act to limit the Time Killing the Game within this Kingdom, for the better Preservation of the Breed thereof. No date.

9. A Proposal and Scheme For Raising by Subscription Five Millions of Money, To pay off a like Sum, etc. 26 March 1737. (4 copies).

10. A Letter to the Right Honourable The Lords Commissioners of Trade & Plantations or, A short Essay on the Principal Branches of the Trade of New England. London, 1715.

11. Case, Between T-D- and W-T-. London, 30 January 1748. With MS foreword by Thomas Dicey, March 1747.

12. A Journall of all Proceedings Between the Jansenists, and the Jesuits . Publish'd by a Well-Wisher, to the distressed Church of England. London, 1659.

13. A Sermon of Publicke Thanks-giving for the happy recovery of his Maiesty from his late dangerous Sicknesse; Preached at Pauls-Crosse the 11 of Aprill, 1619. By the Bishop of London. London, 1619.

14. Calypse, ou Les Babillards. Par une Societe de Gens du Monde & de Gens de Lettres. Tome Premier. Paris, 1784.

15. Directions Concerning Preachers with preamble to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. 5 March 1685. Printed by His Majesty's Command.

16. The Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inspect the Accounts of the Masters in Chancery... London, 1725.

17. The Ende of Nero and Beginninge of Galba. Fower Bookes of the Histories of Cornelius Tacitus. The Life of Agricola. Translated by Henry Savile. Bound with Annotations upon the first Booke of Tacitus. Oxford, 1691.

18. Isaaci Casauboni ad Frontonem Ducaeum S.J. Theologum Epistola. London, 1611. With Isaaci Casauboni ad Epistolam Illustr. et Reverendiss. Cardinalis Perronij, Responsio. London, 1612.

19. Rerum Anglicorum Henrico VIII, Edwarde VI et Maria Regnantibus, Annales. London, 1628.

20. Roberti Coenalis, Divina Clementia Episcopi Arboricensis, Doctoris Theologi ordine & origino Parisiensis, Gallica Historia, in Duos dissecta tomos. Paris, 1557.

21. Historiae Francorum ab Anno Christi DCCCC ad Ann. MCCLXXXV...ex Bibliotheca P Pithoei. Frankfurt, 1596.

22. De Germanorum Prima Origine, Moribus, Institutis, Legibus & Memorabilibus Pace & Bello Gestis. Basle, 1539.

23. Chronia Slavorum seu Annales Helmoldi, Presbyteri Buzoviensis in Agro Lubecensi. Frankfurt, 1581.

24. Hippocrates Operum, quae exstant, omnium, Secundum Leges Artis Medicae Dispositorum. London, 1727.

25. His Majesty's Most Gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament. 17 January 1733. London, 1733.

26. Extracts from the Daily Courants for 16 December, 19 and 25 January, 5, 8, 12 and 14 February 1724-5.

27. The Daily Courant. Number 7569, Wednesday 19 January 1726.

28. The Daily Courant. November 7574, 25 January 1726.

29. His Majesty's Most Gracious Speech to Both Houses of Parliament on Wednesday the Thirteenth Day of June, 1733. London 1733.

30. Another version of 29.

31. A View of the Present Condition of the Three Kingdomes of England, Scotland, and Ireland. London, 1642.

32. Reasons Humbly Offered to the Consideration of the Parliament of Great Britain for Lessening the Present Heavy National Debts and Taxes. London, 25 March 1730.

33. In the House of Lords. Sir Thomas Harrison, Knight, Chamberlain of the City of London. Plaintiff in Error. Allen Evans, Esq., Defendant in Error. No date.

34. A Memorial Presented to the King of Great Britain by M de Palm, the Emperour's Resident, on the 2d Day of March, 1726-7.

35. Gods Eye on His Israel: or, A Passage of Balaam, out of Numbers 23-21. By Tho Gataker, BD and Pastor of Rotherhithe. London, 1645.

36. A Proposal for Reducing the Interest of the National Debt. No date.

37. The Whitehall Evening Post. No 3135. From Tuesday March 22 to Thursday March 24 1736-7.

38. A State of the National Debt as it stood December the 24th 1716...compared with the Debt at Michaelmas 1725. London 1727. Including A View of the Revenues, Taxes, and Duties which were subsisting the 5th of November 1688.

39. A Proposal for Printing in English the Select Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero...Translated by Henry Eelbeck. London, 1720.

40. Observations on the Advantages of Emigration to New South Wales. London, 1836.

41. Memoire Abrege de ce qui e'est passe au Siege de Cassel En 1761. 1762.

42. The Whole Proceedings on the Trial...against John Stockdale for a Libel on the House of Commons. To which is subjoined, An Argument in Support of the Rights of Juries. London, 1790.

43. The British Hero; or, the Vision. A Poem Sacred to the Immortal Memory of John late Duke of Marlborough. London, 1733.

44. A Poem on the Marriage of His Grace the Duke of Newcastle To the Right Honourable The Lady Henrietta Godolphin. By Mr Eusden. London, 1717.

45. The Universal Passion. Satire the Last. To the Right Honourable Sir Robert Walpole. London, 1726.

46. Mr Hutcheson's Answer to Mr Crookshank's Seasonable Remarks. London, 1719.

47. The State Dunces inscribed to Mr Pope. London, 1733.

48. Salamanca, A Poem. By Hamilton Rocke Esq. London, 1812.

49. The Case of Norborne Berkeley, Esq In relation to the Barony of Botetourt. No date.

50. The Case of the Third Auditor, as Stated by Mr Lownds. The Third Edition Corrected. London, 1715.

51. William Ferguson, and others, Appellants; James Crie Provost of Perth...Respondents. The Respondents Case. To be heard at the Bar of the House of Lords 3 April 1744.

52. The State of S Buckley's Case, with respect to the new Edition of Thuanus. No date.

53. Reasons Humbly offered to the Consideration of the Parliament of Great Britain. For lessening the present heavy National Debts and Taxes. London, 25 March 1730.

54. The Heroes: a new Ballad. To the tune of Sally in our Alley. London, 1745.

55. An answer, Paragraph by Paragraph, to A Report of the Present State of the Great Level of the Fens, called Bedford Level, and of the Port of Lynn, and the River Ouse etc. And also to a Scheme, proposed by Mr Charles Bridgman, for the Effectual Draining those Fens, and reinstating that Harbour or Port. Drawn from Authentick Testimonies...and from a Survey made in the Years 1723, 1724. No date.

56. The State of the Negotiation with Details of its Progress and Causes of its Termination in the Recall of the Earl of Lauderdale. London, 1806.

57. Reply to A Pamphlet intituled, The State of the Negotiation. London, 1806.

58. Nuova Raccolta Rappresentante I Costumi Religiosi Civili, & Militari degli Antichi Egiziani, Etruschi, Greci, e Romani. Da Domenico Pronti. Rome, No date.

59. An Account At Large of the...Earl of Danby's Arguments at the Court of King's Bench at Westminster upon his Lordship's Motion for Bail. London, 1682

60. A Narrative of the Wicked Plots carried on by Seignior Gondamore for Advancing the Popish Religion and Spanish Faction. By Richard Dugdale, gentleman. London, 1679.

61. The Proceedings at the Sessions House in the Old-Baily, London, on Thursday the 24th day of November, 1681...upon the Bill of Indictment for High Treason against Anthony Earl of Shaftesbury. London, 1681.

62. A New Order of His Majesty in Council 12 Jan 1749 for repealing the Order made on the Fourteenth of December last, to prohibit the Removal of Horned Cattle...London, 1749. 4 pp. Folded.

63. Order in Council 12 March 1746 relating to Distempered Cattle. London, 1746.

64. Ditto 22 March 1747. London, 1747.

65. Act of 14 Charles II for paying commissioned officers. London, 1662. Act of 14 Charles II for relief of poor and maimed soldiers. London, 1662.

66. Act of 13 George II. (Land Tax Act). London, 1739.

67. Act of 5 William & Mary for levying an aid of 4s in the pound. London, 1693.

68. Act of 16 and 17 Charles II for levying an aid of 2,477,500. London, 1664.

69. The Tryal of Laurence Braddon and Hugh Speke, gentleman, Upon an Information of High Misdemeanor...before the Right Honourable Sir George Jeffreys. London, 1684.

70. The Tryal of Henry Baron Delamere for High Treason. London, 1686.

71. An Exact and True Narrative of the late Popish Intrigue to form a Plot. By Colonel Roderick Mansell. London, 1680.

72. A Complete Table of the Duties upon Wines and Vinegar. 1721.

73. An Abstract of the Penal Laws of the Customs, and Excise for Goods Imported and Exported. No dat

74. The Present State and Life of the Children of his late Majesty King Charles II. His new Royal Foundation in Christ's Hospital. London, 1 January 1722.

75. Act of 6 and 7 William III for taxing marriages, births and burials. London, 1695.

76. Act of 9 and 10 William III. (Poll Tax). London, 1698.

77. A Poem humbly inscribed to...Robert Walpole Esq. Occasioned by his Return to Town. By John Markland, gentleman. London, 1723.

78. Act of 1 Anne. (Subsidies and Land Tax). London, 1702

79. Act of 6 William III. (Taxation). London, 1694.

80. Act of 6 and 7 William III for taxing births, marriages and deaths. London, 1695.

81. Act of 9 and 10 William III. (Tunnage and Poundage). London, 1698.

82. Epieti Enchiridion, hoc est, Puglio sive ars humanae vitae correctrix. Antwerp, 1585.

83. Amatus Fornacius Amator Ineptus. Palladii, 1633.

84. Balthasaris Castilionis Comitis de Curiali sive Anlico Libri Quatuor, ex Italico sermone in Latinum conversi. Bartolomaeo Clerke Anglo Cantabrigiensi Interprete. London, 1603.

85. The Court Gamester in two Parts. London, 1732.

86. God and the King: or A Dialogue shewing that our Soveraigne Lord King James being immediate under God within his Dominions, doth rightfully claim whatsoever is required by the Oath of Allegiance. No date.

87. The History of the Absorbent System. Part the First. By John Sheldon, surgeon, FRS. London, 1784.

88. Reference book of Robert Hardy (clerk of works at Houghton), 1720

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Appendix three

The following is a list of the contents of a box labelled 'Manuscripts and Printed Material to be Returned to Houghton'. These items were not seen in February 1994.

1. Navigation prejudiced by the Fenn Drainers. No date.

2. The Case of King's Lynn as to Navigation. No date (13 copies).

3. The Case of Lands Damaged by Sluices and Works of Bedford-Level. No date (10 copies).

4. MS list of salaries of drainage officers, etc, and queries about drainage operations. No date.

5. Case of the Middle (Bedford) Level of the Fenns. No date. (3 copies).

6. Map of the Bedford Level. No date (4 copies).

7. The Reasonableness of Applying for the Appeal of the Corporation and Test Acts. London, 1736.

8. Plea for Sacramental Test; as a Just Security to the Church Established. London, 1736.

9. The History of the Test Act. London, 1736.

10. The Corporation and Test Acts Shown to be of No Importance to the Church of England. London, 1736.

11. The Occasional Paper Upon the Subject of Religion, and the Church Establishment. By CB. London, 1735.

12. Letter to Sir W- W- Upon the intended Application to Parliament For Repealing the Corporation and Test Acts. By a modern Tory. London, 1736.

13. Calculation of the New Scheme. No date. (Relates to the South Sea Company.)

14. A Speech Proper to be spoken at the next General Court of the South-Sea Company Truly stating the Bank's Contract. London, 1722.

15. A Preamble to the Books for taking a Subscription. No date. (Relates to the South Sea Company.)

16. Some Computations Relating to the Proposed Transferring of Eighteen Millions of the Fund of the South Sea Company to the Bank, and East India Company. By Archibald Hutcheson. London, 1720.

17. Reports on finances of South Sea Company 1732-3. London, 1733 (2 copies).

18. Printed blank form authorising agent to buy into South Sea Company in subscriber's name. 1720.

19. Estimate of the Intrinsick Value of South-Sea Stock at Midsummer 1720.

20. Observations made upon Examining the Books of Sawbridge & Company (South Sea dealers). No date but evidently 1720.

21. Specification of the Deed between the Bank of England, and Trustees, relating to the making of loans upon Bank stock. No date.

22. Form of Promissary Note relating to Loans upon Bank stock. No date.

23. Mercator; or, Commerce Retrieved, being Considerations on the State of the British Trade. Nos 1-9, May-June 1713. London, 1713.

24. Pax, Pax, Pax; or, A Pacifick Post Boy. No 2807 (Tuesday 5 May to Thursday 7 May 1713) and No 2808 (Thursday 7 May to Saturday 9 May 1713). London, 1713.

25. The Flying-Post: or, Post-master. No 428. From Thursday April 7 to Saturday April 9 1710. London, 1710.

26. The Daily Courant, no 7172, Saturday 10 October 1724. London, 1724.

27. The True Briton. Friday 18 October 1723.

28. Cutting from newspaper 19 October 1723.

29. The Country Journal: or, the Craftsman. By Caleb D'Anvers, of Gray's-Inn, Esq. Dated 11, 18 and 25 October 1725.

30. Bundle of newspaper clippings, one dated 1778.

31. The London Journal. No 839. Saturday 2 August 1735. London, 1735.

32. Remarques sur les Motifs des Resolutions du Roy TC a la Haye, 1733.

33. Ditto. Vienna, 1733.

33. Reponse a L'Ecrit Qui a pour titre: Motifs de Resolution du Roy. Vienna, 1733.

35. Treaty of Seville 1729. London, 1729.

36. Treaty of Utrecht 1713. London, 1713.

37. The Tarif Settled by the French King, September 18 1664. London, 1713.

38. Petition to the Lords Commissioners for the Treaty of Commerce with France by English Merchants. 29 November 1674.

39. The Trade with France, Italy, Spain and Portugal Considered, with Some Observations on the Treaty of Commerce Between Great Britain and France. No date (2 copies).

40. The Course of Exchange Between London and Paris before the Revolution. No date (2 copies).

41. Some Further Observations on the Treaty of Navigation and Commerce Between Great Britain and France. No date.

42. An Account of the Woollen Manufacture made in the Province of Languedoc, and at Abbeville, in Picardy. No date.

43. Two Letters, wherein the Sovereignty of the British Seas, and Sole Right of Fishing in them is asserted. By William Doyle, Hidrographer. London, 1739. MS recommendation by the author to Sir Robert Walpole.

44. WS Esq. A Speech against Sir RW's Proposal for increasing the Civil List Revenue, 3 July 1727. London. No date, presumably 1727.

45. A Letter to the Author of Considerations on Several Proposals For the Better Maintenance of the Poor. London, 1752.

46. A Letter to Mr St John, late Lord B, in which The False Reasonings and Evasions, in a Pamphlet Called A Final Answer to the Remarks on the Craftsman's Vindication, etc, are Plainly Detected. London, 1732.

47. An Answer to a Book Entituled Reason and Authority: or, the Motives of a Late Protestant's Reconciliation to the Catholick Church. London, 1687.

48. Articles of Impeachment of High Treason, and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors, against Robert Earl of Oxford and Mortimer. London, 1715.

49. The Answer of Robert Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer, to the Articles of Impeachment. London, 1715.

50. Letters, in the Original, with Translations, and Messages, That passed between the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess of Wales; on the Occasion of the Birth of the Young Princess. London, 1737.

51. The Articles of Impeachment against Robert, Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer: together with His Lordship's Answer; and the Commons Replication. London, 1715.

52. Tickets in the Lottery for the Year 1736. Bought and sold by Richard Shergold, Broker, 1736.

53. The Case of the Trustees and Province of Georgia. To be heard before the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, for hearing Plantation Affairs, on Wednesday the 25th January 1737.

54. The Craftsman: A Sermon intended to be Preached by Daniel Burgess in the High Times, but prevented by the burning of his Meeting House. London, 1720.

55. The Case of the Inhabitants of London, Westminster, and Middlesex, relating to Jobbers of Cattle, etc. No date.

56. An Act for Repairing the Roads leading from Stump-Cross in the Parish of Chesterford in the County of Essex, to New-Market-Heath and the town of Cambridge, in the County of Cambridge 1723/4.

57. Translation of the Memorial presented in Latin to the King of Great Britain by Monsieur de Palm. 1727.

58. A Letter from the Count Sinzendorf, Chancellor of the Court to his Imperial and Catholic Majesty, sent to Monsieur de Palm. 1727.

59. A Memorial presented to the King of Great Britain by M de Palm 2 March 1727.

60. The Humble Address of the Lords 2 March 1738, with His Majesty's Most Gracious Answer. London, 1738.

61. A General List of the Lieutenants of His Majesty's Fleet 26 January 1715.

62. A General List of the Captains of His Majesty's Fleet 25 December 1714.

63. Some Necessary Notes and Animadversions upon An Affidavit lately made by George Collcott, and Robert Jones, mariners, concerning the Affair of Dunkirk. London, 1730.

64. Carta Libertatem Anglicie, sive Magna Carta regis Johannis: ex Autographo Cottoniano. No date.

64. A Proposal for the Employment of the Poor; and the Amendment of their Morals. No date.

66. The Report of the Gentlemen Appointed by the General Court of the Charitable Corporation January 12 1732. By Dr Mowbray, Chairman. London, 1732.

67. Petition on Behalf of John Dunton, author of Neck or Nothing. No date.

68. The Convention Vindicated from the Misrepresentations of the Enemies of our Peace. London, 1736.

69. Texts of Treaties between Charles VI and Philip V (Vienna, 1725); and George I and King of Prussia (Hanover, 1725). London, 1725.

70. Proposals for Printing by Subscription Travels from St Petersburg in Russia into Diverse Parts of Asia. By John Bell of Autermony. Glasgow, 1 October 1726.

71. Observations upon a Memorial sent from London to Scotland, To Procure Petitions against the Bill for Manning the Royal Navy. London, 1741.

72. The Votes of the House of Commons. 23 March 1716. London, 1716.

73. Advertisement (Election enquiry). York, 6 June 1734.

74. Royal Order to John Drummond to pay 13,000 to Earl of Oxford. 14 December 1713.

75. His Majesty's Most Gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament 17 January 1726. London, 1726.

76. Comptations Relating to the Publick Debts, taken from the Abstract Deliver'd to Parliament the 14th of March 1716. London, 1717.

77. A Further Report from the Committee of Secresy Appointed to Enquire into the Conduct of Robert Earl of Orford during the last Ten years of his being First Commissioner of the Treasury. London, 1742.

78. The Case of Richard Score, who detected the Great Abuse relating to the Duties on Unrated East-India Goods. No date, c1717.

79. Rules and Regulations for the West Norfolk Regiment; the Right Honourable the Earl of Orford, Colonel. 1782.

80. Six English Cantatas After the Italian Manner Compos'd by Mr Galliard. London, no date.

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