Washington Talks.


Gave summary of talks.
U.S. in v. confused state. W.S.C. came to see before I left : reminded me how he went over after Pearl Harbour & said sputnik had created same sort of atmosphere.    Also stressed need to recover posn. of Quebec Agreement.
Eis. is quicker & stronger than at B'muda.  Dulles in better posn. since Humphry went.
At our 1st. conversation with D. alone, I said we must move twds. world government & to my surprise he agreed.
Tho' we agreed tht. Anglo-U.S. alliance must be the core, we both recognised that we must work thro' existg. organisation & individual friendly Govts.
They know they have only 3 yrs. more to go.  They were impressed by fact that Eis. & P.M. have basis of close co-opn. which their successors may not have.
U.S. realise now they can't deal with R. on their own.
Declaration - Keynotes are interdependence : trusteeship of the nuclear (on which they are groping for some means of institutionalism) :  new stimulus for existg. organisation (to overcome risk of distinction which is emerging betwn. nations who have nuclear & those who can only field p.b.i.).  Hence suggn. of N.A. Council mtg in Dec. at  Head/Govt. level.
Must m'tain momentum of Anglo-U.S. co-operation.
Outlined agreements for bi-lateral co-opn. : in countering Soviet threat; and for applying principle of pooled resources in weapon developmt.
Have agreed on apptmt. of joint w. party on future defence of H.Kong.  In return for all this, I have promised tht. this Govt. will not press for seating red China in U.N.
They are not fully conscious of significance of U.S. economic policy in all this.  Dulles, if he had his way, wd. favour deliberalisation.
In Canada, all were satisfied with results.  We made some sentimental remarks, ate a lot and drank v. little.


Have now achieved "special relationship" with U.S.  Due to H.M.'s special relation with Eis.  Must now see that it is m'tained - spirit at top must percolate thro' machine.

Taken from C.C. 76(57) - Meeting held on 28 October 1957.