Bianca Margaret MYNATT (KV 2/3364 - KV 2/3366) 25/01/1935 - 23/09/1960

Mynatt was a member of the German Communist Party and an alleged secret courier for Moscow before coming to London in 1934. She was a long-standing member of the British Communist Party (BCP) and suspected of being involved in espionage. She was dismissed from the Czech Refugee Trust in 1940, worked for the Soviet Tass Agency radio-monitoring station in Whetstone North London in 1951, was manager of the BCP bookshop, Central Books, and then became a director of Lawrence and Wishart in 1960. The file does not get to the bottom of her secret work. 

Maurice Hugh Frederick WILKINS (KV 2/3382 - KV 2/3383) 01/10/1943 - 18/10/1955

New Zealand-born British scientist Wilkins is best known as one of three scientists awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962 for the discovery of the structure of DNA. This file details how, having worked on the Manhattan project in America during the Second World War, Wilkins was investigated from 1951 to 1954 as a possible candidate for a spy of antipodean origin who in 1945 had passed scientific information to the American Communist Party. An informant described him as, 'a caricature of a scientist, in that he seems to be both incapable of dealing with ordinary human situations, and apparently uninterested by them', and by another as 'a very queer fish'. (KV 2/3383). The Security Service's investigation produced nothing to implicate Wilkins.

Files KV 2/3382 and KV 2/3383 are available to view on Discovery.

Cyril Wolf MANKOWITZ (KV 2/3384 - KV 2/3385) 13/06/1944 - 17/09/1958

Mankowitz was a British writer, playwright and screenwriter who famously wrote the screenplay for the James Bond film, Casino Royale (1967). In 1944, he was reported to be a Marxist and was investigated by the Security Service. Mankowitz served in the Royal Army Service Corps during the Second World War and a brief synopsis of his life is included in KV 2/3384. The file KV 2/3385 includes pictures of Mankowitz apparently taken covertly. Later in life he claimed to be an anarchist rather than a communist.

Files KV 2/3384 and KV 2/3385 are available to view on Discovery.