The German Siemens-Halske-Schuke combine (KV 2/3313 - KV 2/3316) 13/11/1915 - 23/07/1954

Before the Second World War this German electrical engineering firm had technical specialists working in Britain many of whom had access to British armaments factories and service establishments in the course of their business.  The Security Service was conscious that from 1936 onwards the Nazi regime had made it clear that service to the Fatherland was obligatory on the part of Germans living and working abroad.  This service was deemed likely to include acts of espionage.  Evidence of spying on the part of Siemens employees emerged during both world wars. Much of the file relates to the hostile activities of Siemens overseas employees during the Second World War. KV 2/3313 contains a British guidance booklet called 'Statutory Rules & Orders 1937. No 1875 "Trading with the enemy" Specified Persons', in which various branches of Siemens' companies appear.

File KV 2/3313 is available to view on Discovery.


Philip JACKSON (KV 2/3319 - KV 2/3322) 05/10/1941- 01/03/1943

A disgruntled serving soldier with right-wing leanings, Jackson was discovered in 1941 trying to contact the German Embassy in Dublin. Letters were sent to him as if from a German representative and meetings arranged.  After the second of these, Jackson was arrested and later court-martialled.

File KV 2/3319 is available to view on Discovery.