German espionage; the German Secret Service; Abwehr photo album

  • Catalogue ref: KV 3/436
  • Date: 01/01/1945 - 01/12/1945

This folder entitled Germany (Photographs) was compiled during the latter part of the war and contains photos of German intelligence officers.

Jewish Terrorist Activities in the UK

  • Catalogue ref: KV 3/437
  • Date: 22/03/1945 - 22/12/1947

This file details threats to sabotage public buildings and to assassinate public figures made by Jewish terrorist organisations including Irgun and the Stern Group, and precautions taken to deal with the threat. KV 3/437 contains discussion of a number of threats made by these groups against leading British figures such as Field Marshal Montgomery and Hugh Trevor-Roper and against Jews who had been willing to participate in the 1946 London Conference on the future of Palestine.

KV 3/438 details the investigation into an explosion at the Colonial Club and an unexploded bomb planted in Dover House, Whitehall. The bombs were linked to the Stern Group based in Paris.

KV 3/440 details threats made to British officers including Captain Roy Farran, who was believed to have been involved in the death of a Jewish boy in Palestine. It goes on to discuss two parcel bombs, one of which detonated, killing Farran's brother and another, which failed to explode, which was received by General Evelyn Barker. It also contains some details of a failed bomb attempt in Parliament Square. 

The files span KV 3/437 to KV 3/441. KV 3/438 and KV 3/440 have been digitised.