Arathil Candeth Narayan Nambiar

  • Catalogue ref: KV 2/3904
  • Date: 23/06/1945-01/01/1960
Arathil Candeth Narayan Nambiar

Nambiar went to Berlin in 1924 as a journalist and worked with the Indian communist group, visiting Moscow as a Soviet guest in 1929. On the outbreak of the Second World War Nambiar was expelled from Germany but later allowed to return as Subhas Chandra Bose's deputy in Berlin. Nambiar became the German-financed leader of the Free India Movement in Europe when Bose moved to the Far East to join the Japanese. He was also concerned with the Indian Legion, composed of Indian prisoners of war, which in 1944 was absorbed by the SS.

The file includes:

  • copies of letters from Nambiar to Bose recovered from U-boat 234 after it surrendered
  • the long report of his post-war interrogation which contains details of the various military groups set up by Bose for training in Germany
  • many other matters including the setting up of the secret Abwehr transmitting station 'Mary' in Afghanistan (KV 2/3904)

He was arrested Austria in June 1945 and interrogated as a Nazi collaborator. After the war, he worked as counsellor at the Indian Legation in Berne, as Indian Ambassador to Scandinavia and then to West Germany and finally as European correspondent of the Hindustan Times. He claimed this last post was a cover for industrial intelligence collection. In 1959 he was reported by a defector source to have been an agent for the Soviet GRU from the 1920s (KV 2/3905).

The files span KV 2/3904 to KV 2/3907. KV 2/3904 has been digitised.

Jack Soble/Myra Soble

  • Catalogue ref: KV 2/3910
  • Date: 15/06/1948-09/10/1958
Myra Soble

In January 1957, American couple Jack and Myra Soble were arrested in New York on charges of spying for Russia. Both were later sentenced to terms of imprisonment. Jack had been recruited by Soviet intelligence in 1931 and became established in the USA via Japan in 1941. These files contain press reports of the couple's arrest and their subsequent espionage trial (KV 2/3910). In February 1958, Jack attempted suicide by swallowing 1.5lbs of bolts and nuts while serving his seven-year sentence at Lewisburg prison in Pennsylvania (KV 2/3912). Myra later received a presidential pardon from George HW Bush for her conviction.

The files span KV 2/3910 to KV 2/3912.