Augusta Watson (KV 2/3035) 1935-1943

The Security Service's interest in Augusta Watson arose from her early and fervent admiration for Hitler - as early as 1935 she is noted on this reconstituted file as being 'sympathetic to the Nazi regime'. This file contains much intercepted correspondence from her and also reports by informants against her, as she did not take great care to conceal her views. Working as a teacher in Germany, she was forced to return to the United Kingdom by her guardian aunt, who gave her an extremely poor reference. Her case is summarised at serial 69a. However, perhaps the most notable aspect of her file is that it emerges she formed part of Geoffrey Pyke's team undertaking polling to discover German opinion immediately before the outbreak of the Second World War. Pyke, whose file is also now released, was under Security Service observation for his Communist sympathies, but on this file we find him writing a very supportive reference (at serial 48a) for this committed right-wing extremist.