There are several files on the Hitler Youth - (KV 5/85) 1937, (KV 5/89) 1938 - 1944 and (KV 5/87) 1937 - 1938

(KV 5/85) 1937 and (KV 5/89) 1938 - 1944

Papers in the file deal with the investigation of activities of the Hitler Youth in the UK in the years leading up to the Second World War, in particular bicycling tours by parties of Hilter Youth. The danger of reconnaissance activity was recognized, though initially on the basis of an exaggerated newspaper report about 'spyclists'. On the German side, there was a wish for closer links with the Boy Scouts Organisation. The file contains copies of the Hitler Youth's monthly magazine 'Wille und Macht' and much intercepted correspondence.

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(KV 5/87) 1937 - 1938

This file details the efforts of Herr Hartmann Lauterbacher (Chief of Staff for the Hitler Youth) to foster closer relations between the German Hitler Youth and the British Boy Scouts Organisation. Hartmann's efforts were paralleled by the German Ambassador who invited prominent members of the Boy Scouts Organisation to dinner. Also present at this dinner was Von Ribbentrop, the German Foreign Minister, who spoke to Baden Powell (founding leader of the British Boy Scouts Organisation) about the future of German/British relations and the role of Youth organisations.

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