This is the 31st Security Service records release containing a total of 157 files and bringing the total number of Security Service records held at The National Archives to 5,295.

As with previous releases, the majority of the records are personal files which relate to individuals (KV 2). The remainder are list files (KV 6). The records cover a range of subjects and span the First World War, Second World War and post-war eras.

Personal files are listed under the following categories:

  • German Intelligence Agents and Suspected Agents (KV2/3846-3859)
  • Other Espionage Cases (KV 2/3860-3861)
  • Subject of Security Service Enquiry (KV2/3862-3896)
  • Soviet Intelligence Officers (KV2/3897-3898)
  • Soviet Intelligence Agents and Suspected Agents (KV2/3899-3916)
  • Communists and Suspected Communists, including Russians and Communist Sympathisers (KV 2/3917-3995)
  • Right-Wing Extremists (KV 2/3996-4000)

List files (KV6/126-128)

Some files have been reconstituted from microfilm of the original document and are therefore in photocopy form. Most personal files include a minute sheet attached to the inside cover, providing a useful index to the file.

Key files include:

  • seven files on British Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm and his activities as a member of the Communist Party
  • more on the remarkable wartime story of British fascist sympathisers and 'Fifth Columnists' exposed by an MI5 agent posing as a representative of the Gestapo
  • the colourful activities of a Spanish agent working in London on behalf of German intelligence during the Second World War
  • three files on the communist sympathiser Robert Oppenheimer who had worked on the Manhattan Project to build an atomic bomb
  • three files on an American husband and wife arrested and jailed in 1957 for their role in a New York Soviet spy ring.