After 2 yrs. of low figures, rise to 60.000.  Total now 300.000 & projects to 1½m. in 20 years' time.  Housing posn. is serious now : even at 40.000 p.a. it will frustrate slum clearance problem.  Health : small but awkward problem on t.b. and v.d.  Public order : not too bad, & contained.
Apart from principle of mother country & discrimn. v. coloured, two special problems i) bill of rights in S. Rhodesia : we are making rather a point of this.  ii) W. Indies independence conference : legn. on this subject mght. cause them to leave C'wealth.
Motion by Osbourne M.P. on 17/2.  Oppn. amendment.
Line suggd. by R.A.B. - watching sitn. : diffies. of principle : welcome expn. of Parlt.'s opinion : i.e. a stalling answer.  Ministers to abstain on both motion & amendment.


W. Indies : intend to proceed via conference to independence as soon as internal diffies. resolved.  Fraser seems to be persuading them to do this.  Immigration is peculiarly Jamaican problem : & if they stood out of Fedn. it wd. collapse.  Specially awkward moment for this.


Agree with K.'s concln..  Cdn't announce legn. tomorrow.  But there is strong feeling in Party. Glad tht. I.M. is prepd. to support legn. at some stage.  Possibly requirement of labour permit wd. suffice.
On vote tomorrow, try to vote down Labour amendment.


Might be able to talk it all out.

Taken from C.C. 7(61) - Meeting held on 16 February 1961