Miguel Piernavieja del Pozo, aliases Pogo, Pojo

  • Catalogue ref: KV 2/3848
  • Date: 2/10/1940-09/11/1945

Pozo arrived in London in 1940 under cover as a Spanish journalist. He was employed by Spanish and indirectly German intelligence. On his arrival in the UK Pozo quickly made contact with the double-cross agent GW, a sub-agent of Snow, giving him £5,000 in cash. Pozo continued to be interested in the supposed Welsh nationalist operations run by GW, including planned sabotage. Pozo made a name for himself very quickly by giving an interview to the Daily Express stating that he hoped the Germans would win the war. He appeared regularly in the press thereafter.

The files contain details of surveillance and phone taps which reveal Pozo's dissolute behaviour, in particular his association with the Café de Paris and a number of the dancers working there. There are indications of a possible British honey trap operation. Pozo's behaviour led to him being recalled to Spain in early 1941. He went on to win an Iron Cross serving in the Division Azul on the Eastern Front.

The files span KV 2/3848 to KV 2/3853.