11 January

Mark Thatcher goes missing in the Sahara during the Paris-Dakar rally.

26 January

Unemployment reaches three million.

23 February

Coal ship St Bedan is bombed and sunk by the IRA.

25 February

ECJ rules that British schools cannot use corporal punishment against parents' wishes.

19 March

Argentine scrap metal merchants land on South Georgia, precipitating Falklands crisis.

2 April

Argentine forces invade the Falkland Islands.

5 April

Royal Navy task force sets sail to re-capture the Falkland Islands. Lord Carrington resigns as Foreign Secretary.

17 April

Canada repatriates its constitution granting full political independence.

25 April 

Royal Marines recapture South Georgia.

1 May

RAF bomb Port Stanley airport.

2 May

Nuclear-powered submarine HMS Conqueror sinks Argentine cruiser General Belgrano.

4 May

HMS Sheffield hit by Exocet missile and sinks on 10 May.

21 May

British landings begin at San Carlos, East Falkland. HMS Ardent sunk.

23 May

British frigate HMS Antelope hit by Argentine bomb.

25 May

HMS Coventry and Atlantic Conveyor lost.

28 May

Arrival of Pope John Paul II in Britain.

29 May 

Battle of Goose Green (Falklands).

31 May

Battle of Stanley begins (Falklands).

8 June

Ronald Reagan becomes first American President to address a joint session of Parliament.

14 June

Falklands War ends as British forces enter Port Stanley and Argentina surrenders.

19 June 

Body of 'God's Banker' Roberto Calvi found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge.

9 July

Michael Fagan breaks into Buckingham Palace and speaks to the Queen.

20 July 

Hyde Park and Regent's Park bombings (IRA).

12 October

Victory Parade for Falklands War in London.

30 November

Animal activists send a letter bomb to10 Downing Street, injuring one member of staff.

12 December

Thirty thousand women form a human chain around the nine mile perimeter fence at Greenham Common.