Aubrey Solomon Eban, alias Abba Eban

  • Catalogue ref: KV 2/3860
  • Date: 25/01/1939-23/02/1957

Following a post at Cambridge as a Research Fellow in Oriental Languages, the British-Israeli Eban served in the British Army Intelligence Corps in Palestine in the Second World War and in the Special Operations Executive (SOE), training Jewish personnel in guerrilla action in the event of a German occupation. He reached the rank of Major. He then worked as a political liaison officer, but probably with an intelligence role, in the Jewish Agency in London before being appointed Jewish Liaison Officer at the Lake Success talks on Palestine and subsequently head of Israel's delegation at the United Nations.

He was later Israeli ambassador to the USA and Israeli foreign minister. Eban's files include a Metropolitan Police Special Branch report from Northolt Airport where Eban was searched after returning from a UN Committee meeting in Geneva (KV 2/3860). There are also copies of letters sent to Eban and his wife Suzy while they lived in Highgate, London, sent by his father-in-law in Cairo, and a report on his appointment as Israel's ambassador to Washington.

The files span KV 2/3860 to KV 2/3861. KV 2/3860 has been digitised.