Olivier Marie Joseph MORDRELLE (KV2/3410) 20/11/1944 - 02/05/1946

A Breton nationalist Mordrelle was condemned to death by French military authorities for activities in the Breton Separatist movement. He became a paid agent of the Abwehr (a German intelligence gathering agency), and returned to France as a collaborator. He later trained as a saboteur for the Scherheitsdienst (SD) (the Nazi Party's intelligence organisation). Mordrelle was captured by the Allies in Bolzano, Italy in May 1945 and, under interrogation, told an extraordinary story about Nazi post-war plans to create 'world disorder'.

Mordrelle said he had attended a conference in Deisenhofen near Munich in April 1945 presided over by an Obergruppenfuehrer in full SS uniform, comprising 15 representatives from countries west of Germany, including Italy. At the meeting, plans to promote post-war unrest were discussed. Ample funds had been planted in South America (mainly Argentina) and trustworthy bankers had been sent to live in Spain and Switzerland. The agents were told to lie low after the war before organising 'national movements' to stir up unrest and make the Allies' post-war task as difficult as possible, so that the Nazi party could reappear in a suitable disguise and build up a Fourth Reich.

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