Cartoon on nationalisation of the coal mines (catalogue reference: CAB 21/2207)

26 June 2013

The National Archives has today published a collection of documents for teachers and students relating to Attlee's Britain 1945-51, called 'Planning for the future?'. The collection documents the birth of modern Britain, with the introduction of the welfare state, including the foundation of the National Health Service, and the wide nationalisation of industries. It also highlights post-war struggles, such as rationing and the housing shortage after the Blitz.

The collection allows students and teachers to develop their own questions and lines of historical enquiry on Attlee's Britain. The documents are arranged according to theme, and all sources and transcripts are now also available as zip files for easy use by teachers in the classroom.

The resource has an introduction by Dr Robert Crowcroft, Lecturer in Contemporary History at Edinburgh University and author of Attlee's War: World War II and the Making of a Labour Leader.

Highlights from the collection

Additional resources

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