The UFO Files by David Clarke cover

13 September 2012

A new edition of The UFO Files, exploring Ministry of Defence files at The National Archives, has been published by Bloomsbury today.

This fully revised edition includes a new chapter on the latest files to be made public, about unidentified flying objects and other unexplained phenomena, as part of the Ministry of Defence's ongoing release programme.

Author Dr David Clarke, a senior lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, was instrumental in using the Freedom of Information Act to request that thousands of previously-secret files be opened. To date, more than 50,000 pages of official documentation on UFOs have been released to The National Archives.

Files held at Kew, many of which are available online, reveal the origins of the UFO mystery and the seriousness with which British Intelligence treated the issue during the Cold War.

Alongside extraordinary sightings by members of the public, The UFO Files includes accounts of close encounters reported by civilian aircrew and military personnel, mysterious phenomena seen on radar and related mysteries such as 'crop circles'. The stories are brought to life by witness statements from the files themselves and supplemented by interviews and rarely seen photographs and drawings, offering a guide to one of the most popular areas of our collection.

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