A screenshot of Discovery, our new catalogue

07 June 2012

Discovery, our new catalogue, has been running in beta for several months, providing our users with a new way to explore our collections. The addition of an image delivery service to Discovery was launched last month, meaning that our customers have been able to search and download records, where digital copies exist, all in one place.

Discovery has been designed to be more intuitive than our current Catalogue, using functionality such as filtering and tagging to reflect much of the search technology that is now becoming commonplace online. However, this means that it looks (and behaves) in a very different way to the current Catalogue, which many of our users have been used to searching our collections with.
We have therefore decided to give our users more time to familiarise themselves with Discovery before we switch off any systems that it will replace, including the Catalogue and DocumentsOnline (our previous image delivery service). This will allow us to fix some minor technical issues, introduce more functionality (including improvements to the browse feature suggested by user feedback) and thoroughly test the system.

We intend to switch off the current Catalogue by the end of September 2012, and will switch off DocumentsOnline within the next few weeks.

Discovery has been developed with input from our wide variety of users and staff, and will be improved iteratively based on their continuing feedback. For more information on Discovery and why we've created it, see our frequently asked questions page and our recent video blog.