Watercolour of White Star Line Titanic 1912, catalogue reference: COPY 1/362 f125

13 April 2012

Do you have a question about Titanic? Are you stuck with your research and need quick and easy advice on where to find the information you need about the ship and her fateful voyage? Do you want to find out more about the passengers and crew on board Titanic?

Following the 100 year anniversary of the disaster, we are holding three live chat sessions next week so you can ask your questions online directly to our Titanic records specialists.

The service will be available from 14:00 to 16:00 on Tuesday 17 April to Thursday 19 April. Go to our Records website and click on the 'live chat' button during this time to begin. Live chat is an instant messenging service where each 'chat' is one to one, allowing you to get the information you are looking for about Titanic there and then.

Find out more about Titanic

To read the personal stories of some of the passengers and crew, go to our Titanic: 100 year anniversary online exhibition. You can also view images of the ship before she set sail, photographs of the survivors being rescued by the Carpathia, and portraits of some of crew members and passengers in our Titanic image library showcase.

Listen to our podcast on Titanic: the official story which takes you through the history of the ship using a selection of documents from The National Archives.