Titanic books showcard

19 March 2012

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc has published The National Archives' first branded children's books, about RMS Titanic, now available to buy online in our bookshop.

This is the first collaboration with Bloomsbury in our co-branded publishing programme.

In Titanic Unclassified, author Alex Stewart helps children to uncover the events relating to RMS Titanic and the investigation which followed, using real-life artefacts and original documentation. The book includes feature spreads on life aboard the ship, and its construction.

Our first fiction book, Titanic: Death on the Water by Tom and Tony Bradman, is a novel for children aged nine years and older, telling the story of the tragedy of Titanic from the point of view of a young boy who works on the ship.

The books have been published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Titanic's sinking, and the authors of both books will be taking part in a book signing at The National Archives on the day of our Titanic conference on 14 April.

Visit our bookshop to order your copies now.