Manorial record (Gloucestershire Archives catalogue reference: D846/11/1)

09 March 2012

The Manorial Documents Register for Gloucestershire has now been revised and is available online for the first time. The index is searchable by county, parish or manor name.

The completion of the project now allows researchers to find details of the manorial documents which survive for Gloucestershire in one place regardless of where those records are kept. These records still have legal relevance today, safeguarding rights and defining privileges, and give a wonderful insight into the day to day life of ordinary people in the Middle Ages. 

Records have been identified as far afield as Utah in the USA and spread throughout England and Wales.

The revision was completed in partnership with Gloucestershire Archives (part of Gloucestershire County Council) and through the assistance of a number of volunteers, both within and outside Gloucestershire.

Work continues on other counties and will be released as it becomes available.