E 101/44/30 muster rolls

03 February

Last night BBC4 aired episode one of 'Bullets, Boots and Bandages'. This is a new historical series looking at how soldiers were fed, clothed and looked after in order to fight in the required battles.

The documents researched for this episode were E 101/45/1 and E 101/44/30. These are muster rolls and lists of sick soldiers from the time of Henry V, during the Hundred Year's War between England and France. Both are open series and available for viewing for all members of the public with a reader's ticket.

These two rolls in The National Archives record approximately 1,300 sick and wounded men who were shipped home to England after Henry V's siege of Harfleur in 1415. The rolls would have been drawn up to record those who had been given permission to return home - this was to avoid any danger of desertion by the able-bodied.

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