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Letter from Nelson to Viscount Keppel, First Lord of the Admiralty, dated 20 August 1783

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Catalogue reference: ADM 1/2223


No 3 Salisbury Street August 20th 1783

My Lord

What now obliges me to address you
is the unfortunate case of a Gentlemen who
was Second Lieutenant of the Albermarle by a
commission from Lord Hood approv’d by Admiral Pigot
but by an unfortunate event. his having been
a Seaman and an Officer is in a fair way to
hinder his getting confirm’d as a Lieutenant. I trust
his Story will make you his Friend from your
generous disposition I expect every thing.

When the Hector Sir John Hamilton was
order’d home from Jamaica, no pilot could be got
to carry the Ship through the Windward passage.
this Gentleman being order’d a passage home in the
Hector and having been for several years upon the
Jamaica Station, Sir John request’d as appears by
His certificate, would take charge of the Ship



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