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Beginners' Latin
Ogmore castle, Glamorganshire. June 1579. Cat ref: MPC 1/49. Copyright of the Chancellor and Council of the Duchy of Lancaster

Lesson 12: Adverbs; numbers and dates; months; useful phrases; dating clauses

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Months of the year

menses anni
mensis, -is (m.) month

Latin word English meaning ‘month of ...’
Januarius, -i (m.) January mensis Januarii
Februarius, -i (m.) February mensis Februarii
Martius, -i (m.) March mensis Martii
Aprilis, Aprilis (m.) April mensis Aprilis
Maius, -i (m.) May mensis Maii
Junius, -i (m.) June mensis Junii
Julius, -i (m.) July mensis Julii
Augustus, -i (m.) August mensis Augusti
September, Septembris (m.) September mensis Septembris
October, Octobris (m.) October mensis Octobris
November, Novembris (m.) November mensis Novembris
December, Decembris (m.) December mensis Decembris

apud Londiniam quinto die Junii anno regni domine nostre tertio
at London on the fifth day of June in the third year of the reign of our lady

Checklist Checklist:
Are you confident with:
Of the endings to the months of the year when you want to say month of?


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