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Beginners' Latin
King (Henry IV), historiated initial. c.1402. Cat ref: DL 42/1 f 51. Copyright of the Chancellor and Council of the Duchy of Lancaster

Lesson 7: Third declension nouns and adjectives

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Third declension adjectives

These have the same endings as third declension nouns except that adjectives have

  • ‘-i’ for ablative singular
  • ‘-ium’ for genitive plural
  • ‘-ia’ for nominative, vocative and accusative neuter plural

There are two main forms of third declension adjectives

1. Masculine and feminine are same; neuter is different.

Masculine and Feminine Neuter

Case Singular Plural Singular Plural
Nominative omnis omnes omne omnia
Vocative omnis omnes omne omnia
Accusative omnem omnes omne omnia
Genitive omnis omnium omnis omnium
Dative omni omnibus omni omnibus
Ablative omni omnibus omni omnibus

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communis , -e commonGlossary - opens in a new window
fidelis, -e faithful
finalis, -e final
legalis, -e lawful
parochialis , -e parochialGlossary - opens in a new window, parish
totalis, -e total
summa totalis sum total (used in accounts)

hec est finalis concordia this is the final concord
lego terram ecclesie omnium sanctorum I leave the land to the church of All SaintsGlossary - opens in a new window

        2. Masculine, feminine and neuter are the same in the NominativeGlossary - opens in a new window
Declined in the Grammar tableGrammar table - opens in a new window

ingens, ingentis huge
presens, presentis present
sapiens, sapientis wise
vetus, veteris old

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The nominative and genitiveGlossary - opens in a new window forms of these are given in the word list.
They take the same endings as omnis.

confirmamus hac presenti carta domine
Mathildi ius curiam tenere
We confirm by this present charter to the
lady Matilda the right to hold a court.

Did you notice the use of tenere to mean ‘to hold’?

Checklist Checklist:
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Which three endings are different in third declension adjectives and nouns?

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