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Beginners' Latin
Petitioning Mary I and Phillip of Spain, historiated initial. 1558. Cat ref: KB 27/1185/2

Lesson 6: Hic, hec, hoc; third and fourth conjugation verbs

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Third conjugation verbs

Verbs from the third conjugation end ‘–ere’.
When the ‘-ere’ is removed, the stem is either a consonantGlossary - opens in a new window or ‘u’.

cognoscere to know, get to know
concedere to concede, grant, allow
dicere to say
mittere to send
ostendere to show
petere to require, seek, petitionGlossary - opens in a new window
reddere to give back, pay
solvere to pay

To conjugate these verbs

  1. Remove the ‘-ere’ to find the stem
  2. Add these endings
Latin English
-o I
-is you (singular)
-it he/she/it
-imus we
-itis you (plural)
-unt they

Look at our example of concedere to concede

Latin English
concedo I concede
concedis you concede (singular)
concedit he/she/it concedes
concedimus we concede
conceditis you concede (plural)
concedunt they concede


regina totum manerium Westmonasterii magistro Stephano concedit The queen concedes the whole manor of Westminster to master Stephen  
vidue predictas terras filiabus domini non reddunt The widows do not surrender the aforesaid lands to the daughters of the lord.  
nos Edwardus et Johanna tres marcas domino novo solvimus We, Edward and Joanna, pay three marks to the new lord. Johanna, -e (f.) Joanna
predicta vidua reginam novam petit the aforesaid widow petitions the new queen  
Maria dicit quod non habet cartam Mary says that she does not have the charter quod, because, that (after ‘to know’,‘to say’ etc.)

Some third conjugation verbs are called ‘io’ verbs because they have different endings

  • -io for the ‘I’ form (instead of –o)
  • -iunt for the ‘they’ form (instead of –unt)

You are most likely to come across facere     to make, do

novum testamentum facio
I make a new will
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How to decline a third conjugation verb like concedere?


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