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Have fun with Latin. Choose an activity and test your skill. Each activity is associated with a lesson in the tutorial. If you prefer to read the lesson first, click through on the link provided.

Activity 1 - First conjugation verbs - Drag and drop

Introduction to verbs link to Lesson 1

Activity 2 - First declension nouns - Declining nouns

Introduction to nouns; first declension nouns; cases of nouns link to Lesson 2

Activity 3 - Find the Latin words - Word search

Second declension nouns; to be link to Lesson 3

Activity 4 - First and second conjugation verbs - Drag and drop

Non; second conjugation verbs; numbers link to Lesson 4

Activity 5 - First and second declension adjectives - Multiple choice

First and second declension adjectives; ego and nos link to Lesson 5

Activity 6 - Find the Latin words - Word search

Hic, hec, hoc; third and fourth conjugation verbs link to Lesson 6

Activity 7 - Third declension nouns Declining nouns

Third declension nouns and adjectives link to Lesson 7

Activity 8 - Prepositions - Multiple choice

Prepositions; possessions link to Lesson 8

Activity 9 - Changing the tense - Multiple choice

Using the word list for verbs; verbs – past tense link to Lesson 9

Activity 10 - Qui, que, quod - Multiple choice

Qui, que, quod, the family link to Lesson 10

Activity 11 - Fourth and fifth declension nouns - Declining nouns

Fourth and fifth declension nouns; days of the week link to Lesson 11

Activity 12 - Collection of all you have learned - Latin challenge

Adverbs; numbers and dates; months; useful phrases; dating clauses link to Lesson 12