Who is the training for?

Senior Information Risk Owners (SIROs)

New SIRO briefings

If you are new to the role of SIRO or are interested in finding out more about the role, colleagues from The National Archives can meet up with you for a SIRO briefing. These 45 minute-1 hour meetings can be arranged either at our site in Kew or at a location within Greater London of your choosing. During the meeting you will be introduced to your organisation’s Information Management Consultant and a member of our training and engagement team. The meeting is an opportunity to find out more about the support TNA can provide, the latest news in the area and where further guidance can be found. It is also the your chance to ask any questions you may have regarding the role. Please email us to arrange a meeting.

Management board and audit committees

Management board briefings

These short and concise awareness sessions provide practical advice on risk management and how to challenge existing information risk policies. The briefing takes approximately 30 minutes and can be delivered during a regular board and audit committee meeting. Alternatively, we can provide one-to-one training to individual board and audit committee members. More information on our board briefing programme is available hereEmail us if you are interested in finding our more or arranging a briefing.

Information Governance staff and Learning and Development professionals

Delivering Information Assurance Training

Our new course is designed for people who wish to provide Information Assurance training within their own organisation. We will provide you with all the material you need to roll out training.

You will also develop experience of presenting to groups and delivering objective focused learning programmes.  While a basic knowledge of information assurance may be beneficial, it is not essential. Equally, previous experience of delivering training or presenting to groups would be advantageous but is not necessary.

Visit our when is the training page for more information

All staff

Briefing sessions

Throughout the year we run briefing sessions on hot topics and pertinent subjects within information assurance and cyber security. Previous topics have included: responding to a cyber-attack; fraud; information handling; insider threats; and the threat landscape. We have featured speakers from IBM, CPNI, foreign governments and Facebook.

E-learning courses – Responsible for Information (RFI)

We have created this package specifically to provide a valuable contextual overview and basic grounding in information assurance, roles and responsibilities, information risk management and the first steps in managing an information loss incident for all roles. The course comes in a variety of formats: for IAOs, SIROs, management board members and general users. Access the course via Civil Service Learning.

For non-public sector organisations RFI is available on our website. This course is based on the RFI e-learning course used by central government, with a number of updates to suit the needs of SME employers.

For those public sector organisations who cannot subscribe to Civil Service Learning, please email us and we will provide further guidance on how to access the RFI e-learning course.