When is the training?

Delivering Information Assurance training

Delivering Information Assurance Training is a ‘train the trainer’ workshop in which attendees will be introduced to a pre-packaged training course which they can use to roll out training and awareness raising activities in their own organisations. The materials have been developed by TNA with support from CESG, the Information Commissioners Office, the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure and Cabinet Office. Topics covered include:

  • Building a secure culture
  • The legal context
  • Cyber security
  • Personnel security
  • Information management
  • Understanding information risk

Upon completing the course you will be given access to a range of training materials including:

  • Slide deck with teaching notes
  • Activity packs
  • Handbook for trainees
  • Trainer workbook with advice on running sessions

The materials are designed for flexibility and customisation, allowing you to tailor training to your own organisational needs.

TNA will continue to support you in providing training to your organisation. You will have access to an online network where you can download the latest updates to the material and contact both TNA and other trainers.

This course is only available to staff from central government departments and their arms-length bodies.

4 October 2016: The National Archives, Kew 09:30-16:30

1 November 2016: The National Archives, Kew 09:30-16:30

22 November 2016: Quarry House, Leeds 09:30-16:30

25 January 2017: The National Archives, Kew 09:30-16:30

15 February 2017: The National Archives, Kew 09:30-16


5th Annual Joint Public/Private Sector Workshop

The risks that commercial businesses face in cyberspace are as real and as urgent as those in the public sector and vice versa. Organised jointly by the SASIG and The National Archives, this annual event is an opportunity for the public and private sectors to learn from each other, to share ideas and opportunities, and to showcase a number of successful cybersecurity initiatives that have positively influenced staff awareness and behaviour.

The overarching theme for the 5th Annual Workshop is “Emerging issues and future trends”. As before, the audience will be split equally between SIROs and CISOs. The workshop will consider: what the future may hold in the world of security and information management and will address the following questions:

  • What support is available to the public and private sector as more information becomes digitised?
  • How can the private sector learn from the public sector, and vice versa? Who is getting it right? How can we share experiences, and pool our knowledge?
  • What impact will Brexit have on Data Protection regulations?
  • How can we make the cyber security profession look more like the wider population?

28 September 2016: The National Archives, Kew 10:30-15:30


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Access to our online e-learning course is available to all public sector organisations. Please email us for more information.