What resources are available?

Our training materials are made available to individuals who have completed the Delivering Information Assurance Training course via our online trainer network hosted on CiSP.

The National Archives is able to provide speakers for one-off events and conferences on the subjects of information assurance and cyber security. Please email us to discuss.


Responsible for Information

Our e-learning course Responsible for Information is now publicly available for use by Small Medium Enterprises. This training package is used widely within central government and has been updated to suit the requirements of SME employers.


Security Policy Framework, Cabinet Office

Cyber security and insider threat resources

10 steps to cyber security, BIS

Information Risk Management Guidance, CESG

Security top tips, BCS

Cyber research and guides, CPNI

HoMER tool, CPNI

Cyber security and fraud, FSB

Risk and information risk guidance

The Orange Book, HM Treasury

Cyber risk management, a board level responsibility, BIS

Cyber risk, The Insititute of Risk Management

Risk guides, The Institute of Risk Management

Role specific guidance

SIRO handbook, The National Archives – to request a copy please email IATraining@nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk

Newsletter articles

You can read a selection of articles from our newsletters below. Topics include: what to do during a cyber-attack, best practices for data sharing across organisations and borders and the latest updates from Cabinet Office among much more.

We release the SIRO Newsletter monthly covering all the latest in the world of information assurance and cyber security with a specific focus on the public sector.

We welcome contributions from readers and have contributions from, for example, Cabinet Office, CPNI, CESG, BIS, the British Council and the National Institute of Health Research.

If you would like to receive the SIRO Newsletter or to contribute please email us your details.

Increasing engagement with Scottish Government IAOs (PDF 0.07MB)

Personnel Security Management – Security in the civil service competencies (PDF 0.16MB)

SIRO of the Month March: Simon Burton and Andrew Walker (Houses of Parliament) (PDF, 0.20MB)

GCHQ, HMS Belfast and Boris Johnson: Cyber Security Challenge 2015 (PDF, 0.14MB)

Certification of industry IA consultancy is changing (PDF, 0.18MB)

Ultra’s Net EB endorsed as suitable for OFFICIAL (PDF, 0.08MB)

Good practice guide: Chelmsford City Council (PDF, 0.18MB)

Changes to CESG Data-at-Rest Policy (PDF, 0.17MB)

Can we get the nation cyber streetwise? (PDF, 0.18MB)

The Rime of the Ancient Asset Owner (PDF, 0.17MB)

Useful links

Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP)

CESG Certified Professionals Scheme

Get Safe Online Week: Top Ten Tips

Security Week


Information Commissioners Office

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT UK)

Cyber Streetwise