Why is the training important?

Information loss and cyber-attacks can have huge consequences on government organisations in terms of cost, reputation and trust so it’s important your team is trained to mitigate against these risks.

The Information Assurance and Cyber Security Engagement Programme is funded by the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance in the Cabinet Office and forms part of the National Cyber Security Programme. It is important that public sector organisations understand information risk and that staff have sufficient training to prevent breaches and information loss.

The benefits of attending our training:

  • staff will be able aware of threats and risks and how to work to prevent them
  • understand best practice and case studies from other public sector organisations
  • help build awareness amongst your staff that information assurance and cyber security are more than just concerns for your IT department
  • understand the legal and policy context of information assurance roles
  • protect your organisation and its information assets
  • training for IAOs and SIROs in central government is mandatory
  • all our training is free to government organisations

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