IFTS principles

To join the scheme, a chief executive makes a personal commitment to information fair trading. The wording of the commitment is based on these six core principles.


An obligation to allow others to re-use information. The default position is that information can be re-used unless there are strong reasons (for example personal information) not to allow re-use.


Simple processes, policies and licences.


Public sector information holders actively remove obstacles to re-use, and facilitate the development of new and innovative forms of re-use.


Transparency of the terms of re-use, including licence terms, where used. There should also be transparency about charges and the details of what information is available for re-use.


All re-users must be treated in a non-discriminatory way for same for the same type of re-use. Public sector information holders should not discriminate between re-users or compete unfairly by virtue of having produced the information.


A robust complaints process to reconsider licensing decisions. The process should include appropriate references to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which will investigate any complaints that the public sector information holder cannot resolve to the customer’s satisfaction.