Information Principles for the UK Public Sector has been published by the Cabinet Office. The aim of these principles is to 'enable organisations across the public sector to become increasingly aligned in their use and management of information (both structured and unstructured), drawing on their own local strategy and practices from a common set of principles and best practices.' Click on the image (right) to see how the principles build into a hierarchy.

The National Archives is one of many organisations that have supported the development of these principles and they have been endorsed by The Knowledge Council among other bodies.

The information principles are one output from the government's 2011 ICT Strategy. All resources related to the ICT Strategy can be found on the Cabinet Office's website.

Resource base

To support the principles, a resource base of extensive references and authoritative sources relating to each principle has been drawn up. This lists references to legislation, best practice, standards and authoritative sources of guidance related to each of the seven information principles for the UK public sector. It covers resources from within and externally to the public sector. Many of the organisations who supported the development of the principles have contributed to this.

The National Archives has agreed to host the resource base. Click on the each of the seven principles pages below to view the related resources.