The National Archives has developed answers to a number of questions frequently asked about digital preservation from archive services. The following questions are the first stage in a series of questions designed to assist archives in understanding the basic principles and processes of digital preservation.

These questions are intended to be developed and expanded in response to users' feedback. If you would like to suggest a question or provide feedback on the existing information, please complete the form provided and email it to

Digital preservation FAQs - comment and feedback form (DOC, 0.04Mb)



  • Where do I start in understanding digital preservation?
  • Why is digital preservation featured so prominently in Archives for the 21st Century?


  • Digital preservation sounds expensive - do we have to do it?

Digital preservation strategy:

  • What key processes form a Digital Preservation Strategy?

Golden rules:

  • What are the golden rules of digital preservation?

Digital preservation policy:

  • What should a digital preservation policy include?


  • What tools are available to help me preserve digital records?
  • What is digital repository software and when do I need to implement it?

Skills and expertise:

  • Do we need to employ a specialist to do digital preservation?


  • We digitise records in our care - isn't this a type of digital preservation?

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