See the self-assessment survey results from 2007 to 2010.

Self-assessment 2010

A further national questionnaire was run as planned in 2010. We again made only modest changes to the questionnaire issued in 2008. We altered, in particular, the question relating to digital preservation, to reflect the significant progress that some services have made in this area. We have also taken into account the feedback received on the 2008 questionnaire and have adjusted questions and guidance notes slightly to ensure the greatest possible clarity in the questions. The questionnaire, guidance notes and results of the 2010 self-assessment survey are available below.

Self-assessment questionnaire 2010 (XLS, 0.14Mb)

Results for self-assessment survey 2010 (XLS, 0.04Mb)

Self-assessment 2009

Many services responded to the self-assessment process by introducing improvement plans to respond to the weaknesses in provision revealed by the survey.  To give time for these improvement plans to take effect and be reflected in the results, it was agreed that the next full self-assessment would be run in 2010.  However, services that wished to refresh their results in 2009 were supported through the use of a minimally-revised version of the 2008 questionnaire.

Self-assessment 2008

In 2008, 113 archive repositories out of 124 services made returns. The final results of the survey following the completion of the appeals process are available below.

Results for 2008 self-assessment survey  (XLS, 0.04Mb)

Self-assessment 2007

In 2007, 117 archive repositories out of 125 services made returns. The final results of the survey following the completion of the appeals process are available below.

Results for 2007 self-assessment survey (XLS, 0.00Mb)

Self-assessment 2006 pilot

A pilot for the self-assessment programme was run in 2006, using data collected in confidence from 116 archive repositories. This provided an opportunity to test the validity and appropriateness of the questions asked, the robustness of the guidance notes, and to give the local authority archives sector the opportunity to comment on the process and contribute their experience to its development. The scoring and performance banding, and the appeals process, were also tested in 2006, but the results were not published as the data was collected in confidence, and as there was potential for data from any poorly drafted questions to be misleading.

The feedback on the pilot exercise and the comments of the Self-Assessment Advisory Panel on the process were taken into account in drafting the questionnaire and guidance notes in subsequent years.


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