Part of the Digital Continuity Service is a commercial framework of tools and services that will help you to understand and manage your information assets and technical environment. We've created this framework with Government Procurement Service, the UK government's leading procurement services organisation. See our news story on the launch of the framework.

This page contains specific information for the wider public sector about the solutions and services you can use. This framework is closed for new suppliers, please see information for suppliers.

How and when you can use the framework

The Digital Continuity Framework is  hosted on the Government Procurement Services website and offers the following solutions and services:

  • Information management services
  • Data storage consultancy
  • Data conversion and migration services
  • eDiscovery solutions
  • Data quality solutions
  • Digital archiving solutions

Read our at-a-glance factsheet for more of an overview of the Framework and the tools and services it provides.

Digital Continuity Framework factsheet (PDF, 0.08Mb)

Guidance published by The National Archives (A customer guide to the Digital Continuity Framework, below) and Buying Solutions (Digital Continuity Framework guidance notes) cover the specific advantages of using the Digital Continuity Framework. Our guidance can be viewed below:

A Customer Guide to the Digital Continuity Framework (PDF, 0.14Mb)

In addition, the Government Procurement Service website covers everything you need to know about public sector procurement and frameworks.

The benefits of a framework agreement

Frameworks also benefit suppliers and customers. For suppliers they have the benefit of:

  • easier access to the public sector market
  • lower cost of sales through reduced tendering effort
  • support from Government Procurement Service
  • streamlined and standardised processes
  • consistent terms and conditions
  • quicker access to market as OJEU requirements are already fulfilled.

Using a framework makes purchasing solutions and services easier for customers. They can quickly involve framework suppliers in projects.

Who can use the Digital Continuity Framework?

You can use the Digital Continuity Framework if you work in central government, or the wider public sector. This includes central government, local government, health, education, emergency services, defence, utilities and not for profit sectors. It also includes devolved administrations and the local government, health, education and emergency services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can also use the framework if you are a service provider acting on behalf of the above UK Public Sector Contracting Authorities.

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