Knowledge and Information Management Leaders’ Network

In 2014, the Knowledge Council for the senior Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) staff in government was replaced by two groups: the KIM Leaders’ Network and the KIM Heads of Profession Group, which together guide the development of the KIM function and profession across government.

The KIM Leaders’ Network provides a forum for developing an integrated cross-governmental approach to knowledge and information management. It is chaired by The National Archives and is made up of a KIM leader from each main government department and representatives from other groups as agreed.

The objectives of the KIM Leaders’ Network include, to:

  • share learning and good practice in the management of knowledge and information across government
  • discuss and agree shared priorities
  • manage the information created in Government so that it supports business objectives and legal obligations
  • champion improvements to KIM across government, working closely with the KIM Heads of Profession Group


Next meeting: 11 January 2017

14 November 2016: Items discussed included: an update from David Smith, the new KIM Head of Profession, who announced that the next GKIM conference will be held on 30 March; the Office 365 Information Management Working Group themes and membership; information management culture and the need for improved behaviours and cultural change; overview of the forward plan and activity from The National Archives.

4 October 2016: Items discussed included: the proposed governance arrangements for the KIM Head of Profession; overview of the forward plan and activity from The National Archives; current status of delivery and pilots for the Cross Government Records Management Project, including a Government Digital Service led stakeholder group on the Information Management elements of Office 365; recent machinery of government changes; and round table sharing of current issues and projects for information.

11 July 2016: Items discussed included: standardisation of email deletion policies; the Cross Government Digital Records Management project; an update on current priorities from The National Archives including new records transfer frameworks and Strategic Information Management meetings with departments. The knowledge management principles were approved. There was a discussion on the opportunity to review the Head of Profession role for KIM.

12 April 2016: Items discussed included: Cabinet Office Records Management Project; Knowledge Principles and the Government Transformation Strategy; an update from The National Archives including, Information Assurance and Cyber Security embedded as business as usual; the next Digital Transfer Questionnaire; Paper and Digital Frameworks and the new e-Learning platform.

18 January 2016: Items discussed included: KIM Governance and collaboration; Sir Alex Allan recommendations on cross government record keeping and next steps; an update from The National Archives including, the Information Management Assessment programme. KIM meetings with departments, compliance, software trials; support and collaboration available to departments.

8 October 2015: Items discussed included: recent Machinery of government changes; inquiries including IICSA; Sir Alex Allan’s review of digital records; an update on the Digital Transfer Project and pilots; and the Records Transfer Report survey.

20 July 2015 (rearranged from 9 July 2015): Items discussed included: the newly released Record Transfer Report; update on the pilots for the Digital Transfer Project; forthcoming response to the Sir Alex Allan Review.

21 April 2015: Preparations for the pre-election period and archiving of GOV.UK, arrangements for supporting the Goddard Inquiry and an update on the Information Assurance awareness and training for  Boards, Senior Information Risk Owners (SIROs) and Information Asset Owners across the public sector, were discussed.

16 January 2015: The KIM representatives each reported on how they are taking forward the recommendations of Sir Alex Allan’s review of record keeping in government, and shared any new developments in information and records management in their departments.

3 October 2014: At the inaugural meeting the attendees discussed membership, the split of the functions across the two new groups, agreed the terms of reference and the formation of the Network.


January 2015: Government wide KIM update (presentation to Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on the two KIM groups).

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For more information regarding KIM across government see both the Knowledge Principles and Information Principles.