This section outlines the purpose of the Open Government Licence and explains public sector bodies need to do to offer their information and data under it.  It applies to all versions of the Open Government Licence.

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What is the Open Government Licence?

The Open Government Licence (OGL) is an open licensing model and tool for public sector bodies to license the re-use of their information and data easily. It consists of a simple set of terms and conditions to which public sector bodies simply point as the relevant licence. Use of information under the OGL is free and allows information to be used and re-used for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes.

Any public sector body can make their information available for use and re-use under the OGL.

The National Archives has developed the OGL to enable the use and re-use of public sector information without charge, including information covered by Crown copyright and database right, under a common open licence. This ensures harmonised terms across the public sector, compliance with the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005 and reduces any administrative burden from public sector bodies in permitting the use and re-use of the information they hold and produce.

Crown copyright

Information owned by the Crown is offered for use and re-use under the OGL by authority of The Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office, an official in The National Archives. The Controller manages Crown copyright and Crown database rights on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

Further information about the meaning of Crown copyright and Crown database right, including a list of Crown bodies, can be found on our Copyright pages

Further information

For more detail about what the OGL covers, including the scope of Crown copyright and database right information offered see:

What the Open Government Licence covers

How to make information available for use and re-use under the Open Government Licence

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