We take your complaints, suggestions and concerns seriously. Here is some recent feedback you gave us, and how we responded. Contact us to make an enquiry or to give your comments and suggestions.

Comments and requests updated January 2016

  • What you said What we have done
  • [From User Survey] A printing machine near the microfilm digital scanners would be helpful

    We have reorganised our microfilm area, and the printer is now next to the scanners.

  • [From User Survey] You asked us if we could email you when the reader's ticket is about to run out. This is something we are taking forward with our technical team
  • Prior to my visit, I had tried to get a statement from my bank and was unsuccessful. Their standard policy is 10 working days to process the request and I was visiting before it would arrive, could you add this information to your site. We added 'If you bank online most banks will provide a printed statement on request for free or at a small charge, please be aware that they might take several days to dispatch a statement to you' to the proof of your address section for obtaining a reader's ticket on our website.
  • [From a User Advisory delegate] The additional text box (found under 'Special requirements') in Advanced orders doesn't allow you to add enough text We have increased the character limit making it easier to use this form
  • [From a User Advisory Group delegate] Could you improve the information on easily accessible document lockers in the document reading room?

    We have improved the information on our advanced orders web page about document lockers and access

  • [From a User Advisory Group delegate] It is often difficult to find an available bag locker at comfortable height for users who cannot bend or stretch

    We displayed new signs in the locker room, encouraging those who are able to use the high and low lockers


We receive complaints in a number of ways, including emails, feedback forms and letters, as well as telephone calls and in person. You can also read previous months' complaints.
  • Summary of complaint and date received Background information Action taken
  • The complainant was dissatisfied with the quality of a paid search and the document copies that were received - reference: 9331The complainant was dissatisfied with the quality of a paid search and the document copies that were received - reference: 9331The complainant was dissatisfied with the quality of a paid search and the document copies that were received - reference: 9331

    Users can pay for our staff to carry out research into specific records The correct copy was identified and sent out, the complainant was satisfied with the response to their complaint.
  • The complainant was dissatisfied with the level of service received relating to a lost copy order - reference: 9333

    Users can order copies of our records from our Document Services Department The order had been re-sent but had still not arrived. As two packages had not arrived, the order was re-sent electronically. The complainant was fully satisfied with our response to their complaint.
  • Customer felt staff were not helpful and that our systems and rules led to a frustrating experience - reference: 9356

    Users can ask for guidance or advice on their research and apply for a reader's ticket to access original records We investigated the complaint with the details we had, some comments required further information from the complainant, which we requested. After receiving further particulars, we provided a complimentary search of specific records. The complainant phoned to thank us for resolving the complaint and appreciate the extra mile we went to.
  • The complainant was dissatisfied with responses received regarding their Foreign Office records enquiry - reference: 9368

    Users can ask for guidance or advice on their research, onsite, via email or the Live Chat service We apologised that the complainant had not received a satisfactory answer to their enquiry and offered detailed records advice.
  • The complainant was downloading unit war diaries to their own mobile device using the Wi-Fi. They were dissatisfied that the performance of our Wi-Fi which did not allow for a consistent level of service - reference: 9457

    We are currently working on a 'Bring your own device' project that will allow users to download records to their own device We explained to the complainant the options open to them to access the records and explained that the download option was not a service that we advertised, as we can currently offer only on a 'best endeavours' basis. We are working hard to develop a robust Wi-Fi platform for our users. A comprehensive survey of the Wi-Fi system in the reading rooms is due to be carried out for this purpose.
  • The complainant was dissatisfied that issues with BT 26 published online through Ancestry.co.uk reported some time ago had still not been fully addressed - reference: 9472

    The National Archives uses commercial partners to digitise our collection and increase access to the records We investigated and apologised that the issues raised on behalf of the complainant had not yet been resolved. We are currently working with Ancestry.co.uk to identify the full scale of the issues that were raised and will look to improve the overall service.