Response sent: January 2011


1) Can you confirm that the original data published to The National Archives website was produced on a cash basis please?

2) The Freedom of Information file, Spend over 25K, prepared by your staff, includes input VAT and irrecoverable VAT, the former has now correctly been eliminated from the data on The National Archives website but the latter should be included in the data on The National Archives website and you are looking into why the PLAN TEYA irrecoverable VAT is now not included.

3) The data published on The National Archives website now includes a column titled 'Date', can you please conform to what date this refers, i.e. is it the invoice date?  For complete transparency can you please provide a full definition of how the monthly files are produced including how split invoice transactions are summarised, as in the past different levels of summary have been applied.

Spend over 25k (CSV, 0.03Mb)




1) Both the original and current data were prepared on a cash basis.

2) To avoid multiple lines which could confuse readers of the data, the irrecoverable VAT amounts have been added to the net amounts and presented on a single line in each applicable case. The matter of the PLAN TEYA irrecoverable VAT has been responded to in our response dated 22 December 2010.

3) The column headings are dictated by guidance received in July from HM Treasury to ensure consistency across departments. For The National Archives, 'Date' refers to date of payment.
There is no definition of how the monthly files are produced. This is due to the fact that collating the information and completing the process forms part of several individual's roles and there is no business need to have a definition of the entire process. As such The National Archives does not hold the information. However, all of the finance records are created in accordance with Treasury guidance. The guidance can be found at


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