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Please provide the following:
1. Manual of Records Administration 1993. I understand that there were two 1993 versions - January 1993 and a GSD (Government Services Division) August 1993 version.
2. Records Management Standards: Disposal Scheduling (PRO, 1998).
3. Records Management Standards: Documentation of Records Work (PRO, 2001).
4. I understand that there were also earlier editions and references relating to the documentation of, and in relation to, records work and I wish to be shown these editions also please, which were current in 1990 to the 2001 edition (requested at 3. above).
5. In The National Archives Library at No. 355.6 I found editions of the "Ministry of Defence Advisory Panel on Departmental Records" up to 1980-1981 and according to Hansard there were later (more recent) editions. Obviously, as the PRO / The National Archives was and is in regular contact with Departmental Record Offices regarding classes of records, I should like to see more recent editions please, also when and if the Advisory Panel ceased? If that named Advisory Panel ceased, what mechanism or name replaced that Advisory Panel please?
6. The PRO / The National Archives had its own Advisory Council, Chaired for some years by Mr Tim Padfield, when did this PRO Advisory Council commence please? The Advisory Council reports only appear to be online since 2003, although I recall seeing earlier reports and references to the PRO Advisory Council online on the Public Record Office website.




1. There were two versions of the manual of records administration. The first in 1983 and a second one in 1993 with updates of some chapters in August 1993. We have copies of both of these manuals. They are available to view at The National Archives in our reading rooms.

2. The National Archives has a copy of the 1998 leaflet Records Management Standard Disposal Scheduling. This is also not available electronically, though a later version of it is available online (see 'attachments' below).

The 1998 document as with the manuals can be viewed in The National Archives reading rooms upon prior arrangement. In addition, there is a 2004 leaflet on the topic of disposal scheduling that you can view that may be of interest.
3. As with question 2, the 2001 version of Records Management Standards: Documentation of Records Work is not available electronically. There is a 2002 version online (see 'attachments' below). The 2001 copy can be viewed in the reading rooms with prior arrangement.
4. I can confirm from our checks there were no earlier editions of these documents.
5. The National Archives has no connection with any Ministry of Defence advisory panels and as such is unable to provide you with this information as we do not hold it. The Ministry of Defence should hold this information.
6. The advisory council you are referring to is the Lord Chancellor's Advisory Council on National Records and Archives (LCAC). This council is chaired by the Master of the Rolls but the administration and secretariat functions are undertaken by staff at The National Archives, including at one time by Mr Tim Padfield. The Advisory Council was established after the 1958 Public Records Act, and commenced operating in January 1959 (1st report in January 1960). The annual reports of the Advisory Council on Public Records as the LCAC was called between 1960 and 2003 can be found in the reports of the Keeper of the public records office as required by the 1958 Public Records Act. Since 2003 the council has been called LCAC and details of the Council and its activities including past annual reports can be found on The National Archives website, see the Advisory Council Terms of Reference.


Disposal Scheduling (PDF, 0.26Mb)

Retention Scheduling: Information Management Records (PDF, 0.03Mb)

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