Response sent: December 2010 


1) Having reviewed the transparency data on The National Archives' website I cannot find any transactions for PLAN TEYA. Can you confirm why there are no transactions in the transparency data for PLAN TEYA?

2) The VAT data for PLAN TEYA defined the nature of the expenditure as irrecoverable VAT, can you please confirm what was purchased from PLAN TEYA?

3) Should not irrecoverable VAT relating to PLAN TEYA be included in the transparency data together with the missing purchase costs?

4) I cannot find the website or telephone directory details for PLAN TEYA, can you please provide the website address and head office address of PLAN TEYA?


Partially successful


1) The data on our 'Transparency' page has been prepared in accordance with guidelines received from HM Treasury in July 2010. The requirement is for details of transactions against individual invoices exceeding £25,000 to be presented.  The National Archives has published details against individual invoices exceeding £10,000 and Plan Teya Ltd. is not a supplier that falls under this category, hence no details have been published.

Details for Plan Teya Ltd., among others, were previously published on our website before the guidance from HM Treasury had been finalised and The National Archives  applied its own interpretation of the requirements of the government's transparency agenda. 

2) The supply of contractor services. 

3) No, please see response to question 1.

4) Plan Teya is a registered private limited company and its details can be obtained from Companies House. As such this information is accessible to you by other means and so Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act is being applied on the information held by The National Archives.