October 2012


As a project for an academic presentation, I will be giving an overview of The National Archives in the United Kingdom. Some information that I desire, however, I have not been able to find on the website. If you could, I would like the answer to several questions:

How many employees do the Archives have, and roughly many persons are engaged in different types of work (i.e. collection, conservation, translation, etc)

What are some challenges and/or interesting events which the Archives have had to struggle through (I am interested in anything from a weird collection to a particularly difficult maintenance problem)?


Part successful


In response to your first question we have provided a breakdown of employee numbers by department - using the names of those departments as they exist within The National Archives' organisational structure. Please see the following spreadsheet:

Departments and employees at The National Archives (XLS, 0.02Mb)

Your second question does not appear to be a request for recorded information as defined by the Freedom of Information Act, 2000

Some of our publications may be of interest to you, as they provide a brief overview of the work at The National Archives. I can recommend (if you have not already seen) our annual report, as this summarises the achievements from that year, the new challenges and also new areas of work for The National Archives.

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