July 2012


The National Archives was asked to provide the following information:

1. Whether information on The National Archives website at: www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/foi/job-descriptions-salary was up to date.

2. For details of job descriptions, person specifications and salary bands for specified job roles at the Ministry of Defence




The first part of the enquiry concerns information published through The National Archives' Disclosure log. This log, to quote the website: 'shows requests received by The National Archives for information from our own corporate records.  For each entry we show the request, whether or not it was successful and any information we provided'.

Updated monthly, the log was designed with the purpose, consistent both with the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act and the cross-government transparency agenda, of providing an accurate, contemporary record of information provided in response to Freedom of Information requests. For each request in the log, the information provided was correct at the time of publication. The focus of the disclosure log is on the outcome of our corporate Freedom of Information requests including the information released into the public domain and sent to the requester.

The enquiry was concerned with the information at:  www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/foi/job-descriptions-salary. This information was provided in December 2010 in response to a request seeking access to job descriptions, person specifications and salary ranges for specified roles at The National Archives and organisation charts. The information published on the disclosure log is the same as the information which was provided to the enquirer.

In respect of the information the enquiry concerns The National Archives confirmed that there have been three changes since it was posted. Of the job descriptions listed, two have been amended. These posts are Head of Systems Development and Head of the Information and Communication Technology Department and these remain at the same grade. See copies of the job descriptions for these posts below

The other change concerns the post of Head of Digital Continuity which no longer exists. The purpose of the post was to take the lead on the Digital Continuity Project through its lifecycle from start to finish and so when the project came to an end, the post was no longer required.

Please note that all other information at: www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/foi/job-descriptions-salary remains current.

The information requested in the second part of the enquiry is not held at the National Archives. The information will be held, however, at The Ministry of Defence. In order to request it please contact the department directly. The contact details for the Ministry of Defence are as follows:

CIO Access
1st floor, Zone N
Main Building
London, SW1A 2HB
United Kingdom

Email: CIO-FOI@mod.uk

Head of Information and Communication Technology Department (ICTD) (DOC, 0.05Mb)

Head of Systems Development and Search (DOC, 0.06Mb)

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