Response sent: October 2011


1. Please provide me with figures on how much your department has spent on green and environmental policies in the past five years, breaking down by year and specific guidelines, booklets, policies that the money has been spent on. Where there are brochures?

2. Please then provide me with the targets set either externally or internally for your department with regards to reducing its energy usage, recycling and all 'green policies' in general for the past five years.

3. Please then provide me with the actual figures for what your department achieved in terms of reducing its energy usage, recycling and all the targets regarding 'green' policies.




1. In the past five years The National Archives has implemented four green policies and these are detailed below.

April 2010 - Environmental policy
Our Environmental Policy Statement (EPS) reflects our values and overall aims in terms of minimising our impact on the environment. It is a fundamental consideration in the way we work and the goods and services we buy. This policy was produced internally and did not incur any costs. A copy of it can be found on the transparency pages of The National Archives website.

June 2010 - The National Archives Green Travel Plan
This plan is a package of initiatives which aim to promote and enable sustainable travel choices. It was prepared in partnership with Transport for London and did not incur any costs.

February 2011 - Biodiversity Action Plan 2010-2015
The National Archives recognise the value of biodiversity, and to ensure compliance with UK legislation and policy, in August 2010 we commissioned a Biodiversity Action Plan for our Kew site. This policy was produced externally by contractors at a cost of £11.5K including VAT.

March 2011 - Carbon Management Plan 2010-2015
This plan was produced in partnership with Carbon Trust and funded by the Central Government Carbon Management Service. Although reducing our carbon emissions is a key consideration when replacing plant and infrastructure and considering changes to working practices, The National Archives have made no expenditure specifically on Carbon-reduction. This policy was produced internally and did not incur any costs.

The last three policies consist of single internal electronic documents outlining the policy aims.

2. and 3. Details of the internal and external targets and the outcomes for the reduction of energy usage, recycling and all green policies can be found on the spreadsheet below. The internal targets of The National Archives are also published via the website transparency pages on a quarterly basis.

Internal and external targets (XLS, 0.03Mb)

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